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Christmas Contemplation When The Bell Ringing

A few days ago, I visited a mall to buy something. The atmosphere was very rousing with Christmas decorations and I believe also occurs around the world. Producers take advantage of Christmas moment to compete and increase sales with tempting offers, such as: discount 20%, 30%, 40%, buy one get one, etc. Parents are busy thinking of what gifts should be purchased, and children imagining of what the gift they will get. Many people calculate their money for the best holiday package. That's NOT wrong! But... when the bell is ringing.... Before: Christmas is the birth of Savior! Now: Santa, where is my gift? Before: That is the beginning of the redemption of our sin. Now: Let's be happy for welcoming Christmas and new year. Before: Jesus has come in simplicity. Now: Let's go holiday ! I'm just imagining the genuine spirit of why we celebrate Christmas has gone. And... in this opportunity, I want to tell you that the Christmas bell resounding the call to the soul to follow t

In Memory, my beloved brother

Actually, I do not think to make this post. But at one night, suddenly I look at his photo and remembered all his kindness and beautiful memories when he was still with us. Since December 23th, 2007, my beloved brother Rudiansyah Guyana has left us forever. He was a kind-hearted man, helpful to others, a man who love his family, an independent person, hard worker, and always want to go forward to reach for his dreams in order to be success in life and marry using his own money. I still remember when I was in hard conditions, he always gave genuine support. I never forget when I get married... he by sincerely gave some money to me by saying "For anything". Although a very little amount, but in sincerity I felt touched, moreover I knew he got it with very hard. And now... despite I'm a manager who have sizable income, I have no way to reply his kindness because he already went to the other world, forever. Feels like facing the door that was closed for me. For my lifetime I

The Future In Our Hands

Have you ever heard about the end of the world (doomsday)? Let me share the list of human predictions towards these issue. Unfortunately, all predictions are wrong. My friend ever said: "There are many faithful peoples in this world, and their prayer will prevent it". Apart from the matter above, in this opportunity I only want to share a video that attracted my attention. The author only give the initial name as "fwywarrior". Click " The Future Of Our World " to play. This post also inspired by the global issue that we are facing now, such as global warming (climate change), ozone layer depletion (or ozone hole), several animals that was extinct, new disease that appear in human life in this century. Many scientists spend their time in effort to fight climate change. At least we also think to our own grandchildren. What can we do to help prevent Climate Change? Personally many things that we can do to appreciate the scientists effort. If you care about

HIV / AIDS - Shame Or Disease

The first known case of HIV in Indonesia was from a foreign tourist in Bali in 1987, and now has reached a level that is very concerned. According to State Minister of Development Planning / Chairperson of the National Development Planning Agency (Indonesian : Menteri Negara Perencanaan Pembangunan/Kepala Bappenas), Paskah Suzetta, in 2004, AIDS cases are only found in 16 provinces, but at the end of the year 2007 the same case was found in 32 provinces in Indonesia. There has been many studies on the obstacles in dealing with HIV disease. But in this post I will see it from the viewpoint of social stigma in eastern culture. There are paradigm (in this case from my personal observation in Indonesia) that should be overcome particularly to the matters related to sexually transmitted disease, that is: Feel ashamed if infected by HIV because that was considered as venereal disease, therefore the sufferer tend to close himself. Feel ashamed to be considered as committing adultery. There

Musing Of The Pornography Law

On Thursday, October 30th 2008, People's Representative Council of The Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian: Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia / DPR RI) has been legalize the draft of anti-pornography law. The definition of pornography in that law are (original text in Indonesian): BAB I, Pasal 1 (1): Pornografi adalah materi seksualitas yang dibuat oleh manusia dalam bentuk gambar, sketsa, ilustrasi, foto, tulisan, suara, bunyi, gambar bergerak, animasi, kartun, syair, percakapan, gerak tubuh, atau bentuk pesan komunikasi lain melalui berbagai bentuk media komunikasi dan/atau pertunjukan di muka umum, yang dapat membangkitkan hasrat seksual dan/atau melanggar nilai-nilai kesusilaan dalam masyarakat. BAB I, Pasal 1 (2): Jasa pornografi adalah segala jenis layanan pornografi yang disediakan oleh orang perseorangan atau korporasi melalui pertunjukan langsung, televisi kabel, televisi teresterial, radio, telepon, internet, dan komunikasi elektronik lainnya serta surat kabar, ma

Flood In Samarinda City

From Friday, November 7th 2008 (Indonesian time), the flood was happened at several places in Samarinda city, and four days next (November 11th) has overflowed into more areas. Close to afternoon the electricity around the city has switched off by the electric company. At one place, a student Roby has died because the flood's water containing electric current derived from the traffic light pole. That's the reason why the electricity cannot be switched on until they find its problems. Local newspapers had reported that in several places the flood's height is about 40 to 100 cm and flooding over hundreds houses. Schools and shops in serious flood location has been holiday. From obtained news, the flood was caused by the high rainfall, dam water overflow, the river water was rising and was aggravated with the shallow riverbed. In the area of the Unmul botanical garden, as many as thirteen crocodile was wandering because the guardrail was broken as a result of being bashed by t

A Post For Voiceless Refugees

The suffering. Perhaps, we could says that the poor life is suffer. Yes, they are suffers financially, but they are still having loved family. Living in uncertainty, being marginalized, without adequate access to health and food. They are also human like you. Then, how the sufferings of someone who lost the loved ones and didn't know where to stay because of no countries accepting them officially. Can you imagine it ? According to UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), Article 1 A (2) of the 1951 Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status Of Refugees , the term "refugee" shall apply to any person who: As a result of events occurring before 1 January 1951 and owing to wellfounded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or

President Barack Obama - a musing from USA

While on other still hear about : 1) Majority VS minority. 2) Yellow, brown, black OR white. 3) How the REAL democracy. 4) How to ACCEPT defeats. 5) How the NATION above of personal. 6) How ABILITY above of appearance. 7) How the election ending ELEGANTLY. With Barack Obama being the President of The United States, they have been prove it to the world. No talk but action.

Give Your Voice For Refugees

On November 10th, 2008, thousands of bloggers will write about the various challenges faced by the 11 million people who have no country to call home and the 40 million more who have been displaced because of war, conflict and natural disasters. It's hoped the world of blogosphere will unite to raise their voices on behalf of millions voiceless refugees. To ask the world to face the atrocities to humanity. To increase the awareness of human rights. Participating is easy and for more information please visit Bloggers Unite . There, you will find various badges and even source material for write a post. By being participating, you also helping Refugees United , a non-profit, independent, non-political, non-religious & non-government organizations, that helps refugees in their search for lost loved ones (family or friends) through the use of the internet, and to end the torture of not knowing where relatives are in this world. Possibly your beloved person who was lost within the w

Money For Nothing But For Financial Crisis

What is money? Many joke about money. For me, an ordinary man, says "Money is my payment's tools to get some goods and services". Conversely for those who receive my money. So simple and beautiful. Probably you said that is conservative models, but I say this is THE REAL TRADING. I have a very rich friend and I know he like to observe the figures in the stock exchange through the computer, because he also the stock exchange player. By chance we met in a restaurant and he ask me for gather together. Most of our discussions are about the global financial crisis, because that was the hottest issue. From the fall of the share price and index figures in several world stock exchange market to the reaction of several countries to rescue. From all of our discussions, there was an interesting part which I want to share in this article (translated in English) Me : "Still playing the share in stock exchange?" He : "Scarce at lately because the situation was uncertain&

Capital Punishment Against Bali Bombers

Last night when I was watching TV, I was attracted by the news about capital punishment against the main perpetrator of the Bali Bombings incident. According to "TV One" (one of the Indonesian TV broadcasting), on October 24, 2008 (means today), the Indonesian attorney general will announce the execution plan for them. In response to the announcement, their family will submit a reconsideration through their lawyer team next week. Yes, according to the law, they were guilty and must be punished. But the capital punishment is equivalent with splitting the soul from the body . My big question is "Whether these world must have the capital punishment?" I don't know! Photo: The Bali bombing memorial on the site of Paddy's Pub. Taken from

The Essence Of Blogging

Previously... when I am browsing on the internet, I often faced with the passive site, which it only gave one-way communication. Read and finish, afterwards gone to other site (also read and finish). The only things that could be done was, click "Contact Us" and sent a message to the author. Then... emerge the messenger's technology, like mIRC, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Messenger, etc. (referred to "chatting"). Indeed this was the two-way communication, but still not enough to keep tons of our thought and idea permanently. Now... by using the service from Blogspot, Wordpress, TypePad, LiveJournal, Facebook, Twitter, etc. it create a cyberspace with more live and enjoy. Anyone could share their thoughts, idea, story, and interact with each other in manner of two-ways. Moreover there are those who wrote "Welcome to my home" in a blog. I feel like visiting my neighbor although they were very far from me. I thought cyberspace has been get up from the the si

Blog Action Day 2008 - Spirit To Fight Poverty

The problem of poverty has become global issue and often was used as main material in various debates and discussions. Thousands of programs have been created to oppose poverty, from the levels of individual, government and internationally. Will poverty end? Today, October 15, 2008, millions blogger around the world, including this blog, creates post about poverty and hope will rise an awareness towards that issue. There are many definitions about poverty, but I gazed at poverty from three points of view : 1) Absolute Poverty. If someone unable to fill up the main needs for food, clothes, residence, health, education. 2) Relative Poverty. Someone that has been at position above from absolute poverty but below the capability of the community around. 3) Cultural Poverty. This tightly related to the attitude of someone or community who did not want to try (lazy) to improve the standard of living although having efforts from others that wanted to help. Below is my view to fight poverty

Open Letter To All The President

Dear The President around the world, I write this open letter because feels sad towards various frightening problems throughout the history of human life, like war, conflict, terrorism, racialism, global warming, and global financial crisis at this time. I only could using this blog as a media to reveal the feelings. Below was my hope and dream to all The President around the world: 1. The Country Without Military. Imagine how big the budget for military all over the world? Imagine its effect if it being used for research and programs for food, health, education, environment, including to overcome the global financial crisis at this time. I am sure the results will be more beneficial for the life of human. Why military weapons still being produced and why present generations did not yet regret. The creator of atomic bomb has regret on his creation. I'm dreaming there are only one military force that is commanded by The United Nations and used only for maintain world peace. Comple

Happy Eid ul-Fitr / Selamat Idul Fitri

Happy Eid al-Fitr to all Muslim brothers and sisters in Indonesia and around the world. I beg you please to forgive me from your inner and outer soul if I have made any mistake to you. At this occasion of Eid ul-Fitr, let our heart be opened each other for FORGIVENESS. Greetings to you all, may God bless all of us. In Indonesian : Selamat hari raya Idul Fitri kepada semua saudara / saudari umat Muslim di Indonesia dan seluruh dunia. Saya memohon maaf lahir dan bathin jika saya telah berbuat salah pada Anda. Pada kesempatan Idul Fitri ini, marilah masing-masing dari kita membuka hati untuk saling MEMAAFKAN. Salam untuk Anda, semoga Tuhan memberkati kita semua. *** PEACEFUL / PENUH KEDAMAIAN ***

Abuse of The Indonesian Migrant Worker

I often heard the tragic story of the Indonesian female migrant worker who worked overseas. Not only Indonesia, there are also many migrant worker from the other developing country. In Indonesia, female manpower that was sent to overseas was known as TKW (abbreviation of Tenaga Kerja Wanita). However the term of TKW was often connoted with the servant or maid or the blue-collar worker. Apparently they were in the weak position, perhaps because of a woman, many tragic and sad incidents that were experienced by them, that is: Salary was reduced and even not be paid by their employer. Illegal levy by the person who was not responsible or tricked by the illegal TKW agency. Receive the salary that below the standard payment in the country where they worked. Sexual insulting even get raped until pregnant. Tortured, even there are those that became paralyzed or dead, etc. Everyone certainly wishing a better job. Then why they're willing to become TKW or the blue-collar worker? Some fa

Cause and effect - an musing

Why I write this post?? Because I see a lot of enmity actions, ugly debate, until the human tragedy that is the attack on the twin tower of World Trade Center (often referred to as WTC 9/11). Also flood disaster in China, India, United States, Indonesia and other countries. There were many horrifying incidents throughout the history of human life until today. What the wrong? Okay... okaaay, you can says that is the foolish question. Here, I write several happening which I worry about. According to you whether it is true of the cause and effect below: CAUSE -- EFFECT -- CAUSE Global warming. Cause: gas emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). I ever heard a joke: Too many human cause human body also produces warm. Just feel in a room (3x4 M) with 1 person and with 20 person. Flood and landslide. Cause: cutting down the forest carelessly. Conflict, war, terrorism. Cause: egoism, claim on the truth. Pssst... I rarely heard the claim on the mistake (ha..ha..). Rac

Unwritten Law

Two days ago I experience a small accident on the road. A mother by taking her child by a motorcycle suddenly crash with my car. They fall beside of the car's tire, crying and shout out for help. Several people around us, including me, immediately help them. In fact the mother's wound was not serious, only a little scratch on arm and her child is fine. Her motorcycle has a little crack at splash guard part. Several people around ask me to be responsible (wow... though I am on the right side). They said, "Who bigger (car) should yield to the small (motorcycle)". Their intentions is who own the car should yield against who own the motorcycle. "What the crazy? Her motorcycle that hit my car, not me to her", I said with mumble in my heart. Here, I often found irrational opinion on several case of the road accident if crashes to an pedestrians. If you who drives the vehicle (car or motorcycle) then you who must be responsible anyway, even if you are true. But...

Thank You So Much

Since began blogging on July 15, 2008, I felt how beautiful it is to share the opinion with each other around the world. I could express my thoughts and also could read various information from the other person. Really beautiful. I posted this for all that gave the warm touch in my life. I want to say thank you so much to: 1) Someone who buzzes one of my post on BuzzCritic site . BuzzCritic is a buzz aggregation service who's goal is to track what's buzzing around the interweb. 2) Tamora Hatton Tracy , to help voicing one of my post (an issue about the insurance against the orphanage children). Her blog is concern to the issues about health care. 3) Faye Wattleton, the President of the Center for the Advancement of Women, for the warm touch by sending an email to me . 4) Jk/Nancy , by giving me the flower of Someone Special Online 5) Rose , by giving me the Awesome Site Award. 6) Pau-Pau , by giving me the Kind Blogger Award 2008. 7) Malou , by giving me the White Rose. And

If One Why Different

On Sunday, August 31, 2008, I heard a debate from my friends about religion. Each person maintained the opinion that his religion was the most relevant in this century. Wow... like never ending story. Then I asked to each of them: "How many God in this universe, according to you?" For a moment they were silent, and then partly answered "ONLY ONE". A person among them wanted to debate my question, but I stay persistent with my question. Then he also answered "ONLY ONE". Then I replied to them: "If one, why we must be different and this is my BIG question to you all for debate". Think about the Greenpeace organization. They cares to our earth, our grandchild's future and does not see about your nationality. Also about Mother Teresa from Calcutta, India. She really cares to the poor, no matter where they came from or what is their nationality. I'm dreaming of ONE-DAY... NO VISA, NO PASSPORT, NO DIFFERENCES, NO POLITICAL INTRIGUE, NO WAR, bec

Mother and Child - An Essay

WHEN YOU WERE A KID She feed you, but in return to her... you spew out your food and dropped the plate. She bathes and cleanse your body, but in return to her... you always bed-wetting. She guide you how to walk, but in return to her... you run away when she call you. She teach you A-B-C-1-2-3, but in return to her... you scribbling the wall. She buy beautiful clothes for your, but in return to her... you soiled her clothes. She accompany you go to kindergarten, but in return to her... you shouted NO.. NO..! She paid your study, but in return to her... you often absent. She forbid you to watch TV show for adult, but in return to her... you wait until she go out and quietly turn on the TV. WHEN YOU WERE A TEENAGER She paid your sweet seventeen party, but in return to her... you continue the party until daybreak. She drive you go to school but... you feel shy when the car stop in front of school gate. She asked when you came late at night, but in return to her... you said "Oh Mommy,

Joint Blog Action Day 2008

I know about this global action from Georganna and thanks for share it. What is Blog Action Day? Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. Their aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion. In 2008, the Blog Action Day theme is Poverty . Please joint with millions blog around the world (Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, etc) to creates an extraordinary lens to view through these issues. I join, how with you? For more information please visit Blog Action Day site.

Indonesian Independence Day

The Indonesian declaration of independence was officially proclaimed at 10.00 a.m. on Friday, August 17, 1945, by our first president, Soekarno. Today, August 17, 2008, Indonesia my beloved country, celebrates the 63rd independence day. The official theme from the government was (sorry, I did not translate it in English to avoid wrong interpretation): Dengan Semangat Proklamasi 17 Agustus 1945, Kita Lanjutkan Pembangunan Ekonomi Menuju Peningkatan Kesejahteraan Rakyat, serta Kita Perkuat Ketahanan Nasional Menghadapi Tantangan Global. The good news at this celebration moment was the country's poverty rate has decreased from 17.7 percent in 2006 to 15.4 percent in March 2008. This was the lowest poverty figure during the last 10 years. If you was here, you may see various unique races to celebrate it, like: Lomba Panjat Pinang (pinang climbing competition), Lomba Lari Karung (sack running competition), Lomba Makan Kerupuk (cracker eating competition), etc. The neighborhood associati

Were They Covered by Insurance?

In the 9th anniversary of the company where I worked had create various events. One of the agendas that attracted my attention was the social activity to the "Panti Harapan Anak" (in English: Orphanage of children hope). Various social problems that caused them living there. Unethical if I say their cause, but I think was similar with in your place. The interesting question is whether they were protected by the insurance, especially the insurance for their life and education. Did you know what was my wife said when I show the photo above? She said: "About three years we wish to have a child from our marriage, but was granted by God after the 3rd year. I'm wonder the cheating couple can quickly get a baby, then throw their baby away to orphanage home." Did you know, when I bought an insurance policy for my daughter (child education insurance), at that time by joking I asked the insurance agent : " Are you or your company interested to provide a free insuranc

Fuel Price Rising = Spring Rolls Cake

On May 24, 2008, the Indonesian government announces the rise of fuel selling price. This caused the demonstration and protest in most places. The price of goods and cost of living increased. This made my wife, Feli, increasingly determined to sell spring rolls cakes (hmm.. this was his expertise). The main reason was that she wanted to increase family income, for the future. Beforehand, I one refused her wishes by saying: "Our baby still need your perfect care". But this time, I supported him only with one thought, that is, we have to prepare the best future for Ely, our next generation. The reality that could not be ignored that the best food nutrient and best education are expensive. Then, what do we want from Ely, our next generation? We only hope she will always remember her parents, for the rest of his life. Only that!! How about you? Please share your view to me and others.

Night Worker Ladies between pity and cost of living

I use the term "night worker ladies" (nightclub ladies) for women who work in the night entertainment business (pub, discotheque, nightclub, etc.) with the task of accompanying the guests to drink alcoholic beverages for pleasure and making them "happy" . Several venues in Indonesia use the term escort ladies or just "ladies". My friend from China called them 喝酒的女孩 (Hējiǔ de nǚhái). Their income is based on the number of hours gathered from accompanying their guests and tip money. At that time, I worked in one of the best nightclubs, with a position on the managerial level. I often saw several of them (night worker ladies) get reprimands from their superiors (usually called Momy) because they were absent. At one time, I asked one of them (who is often absent) just to know what the problem was. Our conversation was as follows (translated into English): Me: "Why are you often absent? I care for you. That's why I talked to you." (She looked dow

One Hour with Family

At one time I found a text-file in a computer that was used together. The file contents was as follows : A man back home from work, late, tired and irritated, and find his 5 years old son waiting for him at the door. Son : "Daddy, may I ask you a question?" Daddy : "Yeah sure, what is it?" Son : "Dad, how much do you earn for a hour?" Daddy : "That's none of your business, and why do you ask such a thing?" (daddy said with angry). Son : "I just want to know. Please tell me how much do you earn for an hour?" Daddy : "I make Rs. 500 an hour, so what the problem!" Son : "Ohh..." (the little boy replied, with his head down) Daddy : "Look up" Son : "Dad, may I please borrow Rs. 300?" The father was furious, and said : "If the only reason you ask to borrow some money is to buy a silly toy or other nonsense, then quickly go to your bedroom. Think why you are being so selfish. I work har

Chinese proverb about MONEY !

This is the proverb about money that I like the most. With MONEY we can buy a house, BUT NOT home-sweet-home. With MONEY we can buy a clock, BUT NOT time. With MONEY we can buy a bed, BUT NOT sleep-well. With MONEY we can buy books, BUT NOT knowledge. With MONEY we can buy good hospitalization, BUT NOT health. With MONEY we can buy a position, BUT NOT respect. With MONEY we can buy blood, BUT NOT life. With MONEY we can buy sex, BUT NOT love. I received this proverb by mail from my friend Steven. As a workaholic, I begin to wonder if money is something superior in this capitalist era, where many people are deifying money. This is in line to the saying: "money is the king". If you have read it word by word, then it is possible that this proverb has inspired you. Indeed, life needs money, but I think life more need the love of people around us especially family. Perhaps you also know many rich people whose life feel empty. Easy example of a couple who do not have children.