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Children of War, Kurdistan, Iraq, Iran

First, I apologize to you all because no update for a long time. I'm very busy lately because I have to give time and thoughts to the company, for the life of many people involved in it, and to achieve our big goal. In this post I want to share a video clip that I found on YouTube. This video has touched my heart even though I do not understand its language, a proof that the art (picture, song or video) is universal. Many people said that a picture can reveal a thousand words, moreover a video. And I use this video as a MISSILE to shoot into your heart. So, DO NOT close your eyes and hopefully it can reach into your HEART. What? Human rights you said? Where is it? Ohh... I call every war is the stupid war whatever its reasons. And the most shocking video is a Palestinian father challenged Israeli soldiers to kill his young son. Proof that the war only leaves hatred .