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Open Letter To All The President

Dear The President
Around the world

I write this open letter because feels sad towards various frightening problems throughout the history of human life, like war, conflict, terrorism, racialism, global warming, and global financial crisis at this time. I only could using this blog as a media to reveal the feelings.

Below was my hope and dream to all The President around the world:

1. The Country Without Military.
Imagine how big the budget for military all over the world? Imagine its effect if it being used for research and programs for food, health, education, environment, including to overcome the global financial crisis at this time. I am sure the results will be more beneficial for the life of human. Why military weapons still being produced and why present generations did not yet regret. The creator of atomic bomb has regretted on his creation. I'm dreaming there are only one military force that is commanded by The United Nations and used only for maintain world peace. Completely remove the military force in all countries, so as all the countries did not need to worry towards the military threat. I'm sure everyone in this world will be happy.

2. Statement of Togetherness Globally.
Human exist before any religion emerged on this earth. The universe exist before the human. And God, Who is The ONE, exist far before the universe, human and any religion. Muse it, who is the owner of my soul, your soul, their soul and the soul of each creature in this world. Only had one owner or many? If one why we must be different??? Discussions or debate that give umbrage to an ethnic, race, religion, physical or gender differences, were an insult towards the creation of the God.

3. Statement of Responsibility To The Next Generations.
A lot of responsibility at present generations of bequeathing a world that was still beautiful to the next generations. One of them are responsibility for environment. Look at the list of animals or plants that were extinct in these century. It is hoped our grandchild directly can be still seeing a panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) or komodo (Varanus komodoensis). How with the nuclear waste, global warming, etc. I realized that this not an easy matters, must be supported globally.

This open letter is coming from my heart and dream and also for The United Nations. Forgive me if having impolite words or incorrect grammar that make some misinterpretation, because English was the second language for me.

With love and pray,
Open letter


  1. thank sudah mampir :)

  2. nice post, i appreciate it. You have a good thinking about the life. Anyway, how old are you?

  3. Dear Tony,
    Thanks for your comment.

    Dear Lorian,
    Thank you for the kind words. Now, I'm 37 years old.

  4. i hope all presidents read this letter.
    Nice posting

  5. hmm..interisting post here indeed :)

    to: mr. president

    have you read this good post??

  6. Dear Blogendeng & Blogger Addicter

    Thank you for supporting this letter. Wishing you to spread these letter in your community.

  7. Hi Tikno! Don't worry about your grammar. You got your points across very well.

    Be well!

  8. Oh yes! there would come a time that God will wipe out every tear in our eyes where hunger, food shortages, wars and death will be no more. The paradise that was lost (where Adam and Eve live) will be restore. GOD promise that man and beast (wild animals) will live in peace. The peace and security that we so long for will be a reality and HE promise that we will experience such peace until the moon is no more and we know that the moon will never extinct.

    Just leave me a message if you want to learn more of God's promises.

  9. Tikno, this is a beautiful and profound post. I am truly touched by your concern with which, as you probably know, I completely identify. I hope that this post gets a very wide audience.

  10. i m not sure if the presidents would get this massage or not but we hear u man... and we feel the same way

  11. Hi Tikno,
    I can tell that your words are coming directly from your heart...beautiful! Just know that God has a plan for you, a plan for good and not for evil!

    Blessings to you!

  12. Menarik banget kalo semua presiden di dunia baca postingan ini.

  13. Dear Mckay K,
    Thank you for your kind words and support. I only not sure for my English grammar.

    Dear Wyne,
    Amen! and yes, I will learn more from you. See you later.

    Dear Rummuser,
    Thank you for the compliment and supporting this letter (post). Hopefully, you help me to spread this letter.

    Dear Irtiza,
    I'm glad to know you feel the same way. For this letter to get its address, please help me to spread it in your community / country. Thank you.

    Dear Lori,
    Thank you. I believe HE have a plan for everyone. HIS order has been given to this world. Depending to we how to translate it.

    Dear Anthony Harman,
    Thank you for your hope.

    Note: The spirit of this letter depend on all of your support, NOT only by me. -PEACE-

  14. Wow love ely, I do hope that presidents of all countries can take a glimpse of this letter, it would be nice...

    Your grammar is completely fine!

  15. I support you for this cause love ely... Very nice post!

  16. I like your realization about things, I just don't think its possible that countries will give up having troops for protection.. But I salute you for your sincere analysis about things!

  17. Do you know that God will set up a kingdom? That kingdome will stand forever and such kingdom will not be given to any other man, instead, it will crush all existing kingdoms and government where human rule. So you dont have to worry about the problems that such selfish individuals caused.

  18. I hope president read this letter...

  19. Dear Joops,
    Thank you for your hope to this letter. Your support will increase the spirits of this letter.

    Dear Chubskulit,
    Thank you. Your support will increase the spirits of this letter

    Dear Rose,
    It will be possible with global agreements and good-will. If all countries removes its military forces then all the countries did not need to worry towards the military threat. It's enough for the police to protect internal security.

    Dear Connie,
    Thank you for sharing your nice comment.

    Dear Hendrawan,
    I hope so. Thank you for your support.

  20. can we live without military?
    I think that military also become a vital things for the country
    we still need military, but it's depend on how to manage it.
    if just US has military, and its function for maintaining world's peace, I think that it's utopist (impossible to be done)
    I am salute of you who care about our circumstances,

  21. Dear Niar,
    Yes, we can.
    I'm NOT says the only US who having military. I said that only The United Nations (NOT United States). Please check it again.

  22. Saya sebagai Presiden Endonezya memang tidak memakai militer di negara kami....

  23. Dear Tikno,

    If only everyone could share your attitude about the Brotherhood of Man. As a USA citizen, I am unhappy with much that the UN does, but that does not mean that I don't want people of different countries and cultures to work together for the betterment of all.

    I wish there was some way ordinary people could talk to the presidents of the different countries, but, of course, we would also have to overcome their thirst for power.

    Excellent blog!
    Your friend,

  24. there are many that believe in more than one God - about 25% of the worlds population.

    What do we do with them?

  25. Dear Endonezya,
    Wow... that's good. Thank you!

    Dear Brennan Kingsland,
    Thank you! Please help me to spread these letter.

    Dear "Anonymous"
    Don't do anything as long as they not disturb you.
    If you feel that they more sinned than you, perhaps, please give wise advice to them.

  26. Your call will be seconded by people who want peace to reign in their hearts and lives. I am with you in this quest--PEACE! :)

  27. Dear Bai Maleiha B. Candao, thank you so much.

  28. I also hoped for the countries without military. If treated for all I believe everyone will happy.

  29. Dear Budi, I agree with you.


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