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Islamic law - whether it is about a choice

Before you continues to read this post, please read the brief history of Aceh, until Tsunami disaster happened and finally get a special autonomy right from Indonesian central government.

For years the Indonesian military has struggle to fight against what we call Gerakan Aceh Merdeka / GAM (English: Free Aceh Movement) who want to establish an Islamic state and impose Sharia law in Aceh province. This proves that Indonesia do not wanting Islamic state system because Indonesia is a country based on the laws (national law), democratic, consist of various ethnic groups, has 6 official religion, with national motto: Unity in diversity, not an Islamic state that implement Sharia law.

However, this war has caused many casualties and was not offering the civil order, harmony, and security for millions of civilians in Aceh. I say thousands of victims as a side effect of war, not just a matter of the position of a woman as reported by Jakarta Globe with the title "Women Unfit to Lead, sa…

Condemns the Koran burning plan

Terry Jones, a pastor who leads a tiny church called "The Dove World Outreach Center" in Gainesville, Florida, U.S. plans to burn copies of Koran on September 11, 2010, as reported on New York Times with the title: A Bonfire in Danger of Spreading. The reason of this action is to commemorate the event of terrorist attacks on 9/11. Gosh, for me it's really a crazy plan. I warn you that your plan, if it really happened, will spreading the new tensions around the world and very possibly this event (burns the Quran) could be used by extremists as a justification to act further. I also condemn the creator of a Facebook page titled "International Burn A Koran Day" and urge the owner of Facebook to aware and immediately remove such page because the contents of this page just showing emotional debate, hatred and also stupid.

Any negative actions will produce another negative reactions as opposed to you. If we really want to give a small contribution for peace and harmon…

Between logic and unlogic - science and faith

Maybe this post can be used as a reflections of how you deal with logic and faith (unlogic). After that, let people know of what you think. Just see how you react to this post.If you're very religious people (almost fanatic) then I guess your reaction will be very different to those who think more logical in response to various occurrence in these universe or even to your daily life. Take an example on a plane crash. Logical approach would yield the answer that lead to "human error" or "engine failure" and then find ideas to fix it. Religious approach will yield the answer that lead to "God's will (fate)". Or... perhaps you are in between them which it called moderate.

Can you compare or even combine the two of the flowchart above? If you can, then I will say you are being in best efforts. Why? Because... even sophisticated computer was run based on the combination of two signals namely positive and negative. What distinguishes human from robot is…

What a PhD mean for you

What is Ph.D.? Yes I know it is a prestigious academic degree. Only that? Hmm... I think NO. It's hard to describe it in words. You better focus on the illustration below:

And... the things that made me fall silent is what was said by Matt, below:
If you zoom in on the boundary of human knowledge in the direction of genetics, there's something just outside humanity's reach. My wife and I chose to start funding these graduate students after we learned that our son has a rare, fatal genetic disorder. It may be too late for my son, but it's not too late for other children. Even one child suffering is one child too many. The only way to end this kind of suffering is science. And, the best way to do science is through graduate students.

What a beautiful thoughts that touched my heart.
Note: This work was originally from The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D. by Matt Might.

The way I see the independence of a country

Indonesia will celebrates its 65th Independence Day on August 17, 2010 (means today). Many event like game competitions, ceremonial, decorations, and excitement happening on all over the country to welcome this special day, making the atmosphere felt more patriotic.

I do not know why current atmosphere spurred my thoughts to ponder a simple question like this: "What is the meaning of independent ?" This question is in the context of a country. It is also possible to reflect the meaning of independence for a country out there, not only for Indonesia. In popular sense, the meaning of independence is being free from colonialism. That sense was popular at the time of World War I and II, but for present century I tend to use a different approach.

So to ponder the question, I take an example of a smallest entity of a state, namely a family. A family (assuming a father as the head of a family) can be said to have been independent if :
Independence to give love, peace, and harmony eq…

Night entertainment business during the fasting month

Starting on (Indonesia time) 7 August until 14 September 2010 the night entertainment venues (such as pubs, bars, cafes, discotheques, karaoke), massage parlors and whorehouses (brothel) must be closed temporarily almost in most regions in Indonesia. The reason of this closure is to respect and to provide serenity for the Muslims during the fasting month (Indonesian: Bulan puasa). Generally each city government use the formula: From H-3 to H+3. Means three days before the first day of fasting until three days after Eid ul-Fitr (Indonesian: Idul Fitri). This is approximately equal to one month plus one week for no activity of such companies. This maybe a consequence because Muslim is majority in this country. The circumstance is definitely different in the countries with majority non-Muslim.

Last year in some cities like Jakarta, Manado and the cities in the province of Bali and Irian Jaya, the night entertainment venue were not closed totally but the city authority limiting their ope…

Someone has stolen my article - plagiarism

A user of with the initials "Pinoy" has stolen my articles titled "Long journey for alcoholic beverage in Indonesia" without my permission nor mentioning the source of original post (my article). I call this plagiarism or cheating. He/She has completely copying (stole) my article into his/her blog and then submit that article to using his/her blog as the source with user name "Pinoy".

Firstly I found my article was published at with the URL:

And below is the captured image from Zimbio page, where my article has been stolen by Pinoy. Click the image to enlarge and look at the red arrow or visit its link to dig more.

You can see that the source of article was written from "" (plagiarist blog). Out of curiosity then I clicked on the link and found my article are also stolen and co…

Good news for transition to clean energy technology

As I have mentioned in previous post titled "Oil spills and its impact - what you think" that we should not only focus on the incident, its causes or its impacts, in association with the use of unfriendly energy to environment. I also mentioned that scientists and the government involvement through regulations and international agreement can play a role and necessary. So, in this post I want to share the good news for those who care about clean energy.

Good news on July 19-20, 2010 quoted from the website of Clean Energy Ministerial :
The first-ever Clean Energy Ministerial will bring together ministers and stakeholders from more than 20 countries to collaborate on policies and programs that accelerate the world's transition to clean energy technologies. The meeting will provide an opportunity for groups of governments and other participants to announce actions to accelerate deployment of clean energy technologies. The agenda of the Clean Energy Ministerial will focus on…

Oil spills and its impact - what you think

Who can ensure that oil spills, like BP oil spill, will not happen again. The oil companies certainly will takes responsibility when oil spills happen and promise to increase safety on production and distribution process. Yeah that's good. But how about its impact to our environment?

In the future let's not focus too much to just discuss the causes of the incident, its impact, and how to handle it. Better focus on the use of alternative energy such as solar energy or electrical energy that derived (generated) from geothermal heat, hydro power or sunlight. Maybe I'm just easy to say but that's what I think after watching these video. How with you?

== Post Update == Comment from Looney to this post has sparked my attention, so I think it's good to copy his comment and my reply to him below:

I am all for alternate energy, but not not if the government picks the technology and then pours billions of taxpayer money into it, or forces people to buy products through…

STOP the hatred war in the social networking site

Lately, I feel very worried by unscrupulous users of Facebook who already out of the spirit of Facebook motto namely "Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life". Some of Facebook users who use this site only for uploading pornographic images and shared it using private setting to certain people (not shared to everyone) and the other using it for spreading the hatred feelings, like a Facebook Group calling for Obama's death.

Although a very controversial Pages on Facebook namely "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" which it created by Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris has been closed by Facebook after receiving protests from various parties including protests from the Indonesian government, the most recent controversy is the two opposing group on Facebook who mocked each other namely: "Everybody Draw Mohammed day (Indonesian version)" and the other one is "Everybody Draw Jesus day (Indonesian version)". As I observed on its la…

My congratulations to Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Starting on June 1, 2010, Indonesia's Finance Minister, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, will officially take his new position as Managing Director of the World Bank. Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has officially agreed to a written request from the President of World Bank Robert B Zoellick to appoints Sri Mulyani as Managing Director. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono also considers it is a strategic position, important and honorable position, namely as the second person on the World Bank. According to a press release No:2010/379/EXC from The World Bank, Sri Mulyani Indrawati will supervise three regions: Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, and East Asia and Pacific.

"I am delighted to announce the appointment of Sri Mulyani Indrawati. She has been an outstanding Finance Minister with in-depth knowledge of both development issues and the role of the World Bank Group" said Mr. Zoellick.

"Ms. Indrawati brings a unique set of skills an…

Long journey for alcoholic beverage in Indonesia

Two sides of the wish.
Circulation of beverages containing ethyl alcohol (alcoholic beverage), such as Beers, Tequila, Vodka, Martell, Johnny Walker, Hennessy, Wine, etc, seems to still be a prolonged debate in Indonesia as the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia / English: Indonesian Ulema Council ) as the highest Muslim authority in Indonesia has issued a Fatwa that stated "Haram" (Haraam / forbidden) for these type of drinks. I believe that all religions in Indonesia (Islam, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu) including all good parents do not want their children to be a drunkard. In this case, I think, Muslim community is more extreme against this alcoholic beverage.

On the other hand, Pancasila is the philosophical fundamentals of the state, and the national motto is "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" (Unity in Diversity). The country need to protect pluralism and diversity in the society under "one umbrella". It's c…

A musings about friend and enemy

A story about enemy (an essay).
When the fierce battle between two group of armies has ended, there's someone who still confused and then asking two question to each soldier on the both side: "Did you know anyone who you kill?" Then, each one on the two group answered NO. "Well, did all your victims on this battlefield ever make any mistake on you?" Again the answer is NO. So my question to readers of this blog : Who is your real enemy?

A story about friend (true story).
Long time ago I had a friend who was rich and charitable. I know he had a lot of friends when he still in good condition. But then he was often sickly and most of his wealth has depleted due to medical treatment. One day I met him at his house. I felt like he live lonely. Along with our talk, I suggest him to call his friends to gather together with the hope he will feel good after that. Did you know of his answer to me? He said: "I feels most of my friends just like stay in my memory. They…

What was in my mind regarding same-sex marriage

The escalation of same-sex marriage sometimes intrigued me to think about this phenomena. Often I think of an analogy of a micro-organism that mutating for resistant against antibiotics, so I'm imagining whether human gene is also mutating for resistant against the complexity of love in order to find alternative way. Along with the development of this phenomenon, scientists which I think stand in neutral position need to do a "laboratory research" to find a new formula like this :

Chromosome X + X = resulting a baby.
Chromosome Y + Y = resulting a baby.

Usually supporters of same-sex marriage always using a key-word "human rights" to get their right. Hmm... human itself creates "Human Rights" and then this "Human Rights" is being used to get the another "unusual right".

In this opportunity let me share my own statistic forecast which was in my imagination, that is:
1) If the trend of gay marriage is go up then the trend of plastic su…

Global warming and smoking

The effect of global warming is like the effect of smoking. Both of them has no immediately impact. The impact of smoking will slowly but sure will reduce of your quota to live. Maybe the impact of global warming / climate change will not immediately or directly affecting the present generation but I believe it will inherit a huge disaster (like time-bomb) for the next generations, that is our own descendants.

Partly of human habit is likely not concerned to the matter that has no fatal impact immediately, like discard old batteries in the gutter, the use of bombs or potassium cyanide to catch fish, as well as drunk and smoking habits.

I'm aware that this post is only a very very small contribution to raise the awareness of global warming issue. I have inspired by Neil who already create a special sub-page on his blog with the title "Climate change is real, real, real…". Three times for "real" as you see.

The inner voices when I am get old

One day in January 2010, I visited my grandfather (father of my mother) and my grandmother (grandmother of my wife). I could feel how happy they are with my presence, as well as myself. I can see despite their spirit remains alive but I can not deny that their physical abilities has decreased naturally. So I start to think how if I'm getting old like them. While thinking of it, suddenly my mind remembered a touching story that was discovered by my family, Yenny Ang. Whatever I had felt and imagined, I pour it into this post. Hopefully your love to the elderly and your parents will be more.

When I'm get old.

When I spilled vegetable's gravy on my clothes,
when I no longer remember how to tie a tie,
when I no longer remember how to tie shoelaces,
remember the time how I teach and guide you to do that.

While I am senile and constantly repeating the word that bores you,
please be patient to listen to me, do not interrupt me.
At the days of your childhood, with affection I kept …

Gus Dur, I love you

Former President Abdurrahman Wahid (known as Gus Dur) has died on December 30, 2009 at 18:45 in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) Jakarta, because of illness. This is the most shocking news in Indonesia. Why? Because, Gus Dur is a teacher of the nation, guardian of democracy and justice, always emphasize the importance of togetherness between the majority and minority, inter-ethnics and inter-religious, so that Indonesia become a great nation. If you have more time, please also read this.

I am a Chinese who lived and has became an Indonesian citizen since my grandfather, and what I said about him is NOT because he has gone, but truthfully from the deepest of my heart. Mr. Gus Dur, the leader of my heart, I pray your soul rest in peace. My tear is for you and I love you full.

Remember...! Charisma of a leader is a gift from God. Unlike the leaders who want to look "authoritative" because that is something that can be conditioned, so that impressed as (look like) authoritati…