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Email subscription changes

Starting in July 2021, Google has announced to stop the email subscription service powered by Feedburner. As we know that the "Follow By Email" widget on Blogger is powered by Feedburner which is owned by Google. That means any new post published on Blogger platform after June 2021 (including from this blog) will not be sent to the subscriber's email automatically. For that reason, I moved the email subscription service on this blog to " ". Please click the Subscribe menu at the top to proceed. After that, an email will be sent to you asking for confirmation (please check your inbox). This is to ensure that you are the owner of the email and not mistype the email address. The RSS or Atom feed is still working, so you are still can get update via the feed reader you are using. Hopefully Google is still kind enough to keep it up. Here is the default feed address for this blog: Atom 1.0 = RSS 2.0 = https:

Human patience threshold

That is the title that need to be ponder together in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic. Do you like that your personal freedom constantly being restricted in the name of health protocols? Sane people will say diplomatically it's not a matter of liking it or not. It is for your goodness, your family and others. So true. But to be honest in our heart, including me, frankly don't like it. Basically, human are social creatures who want to interact with other people. We all already know how great the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on human life. The economy slumped, many companies went bankrupt, unemployment increased. Even the Covid-19 vaccine has become the best-selling merchandise that is being fought over by many countries. There are two things I imagine. The first is the group of those who are still viable financially (hopefully still can). Maximum they will reach the limit of psychological patience which is experiencing tremendous boredom, if not called stress. Perhaps a psychol

Understanding political from human nature

When Soviet Union was strong, they were labeled with all negative things that is related to socialism (stigmatized). Perhaps because the "eastern" European power were seen as a threat to western domination. No political attack at all on China at that time because China still weak, poor, called as bicycle country, so not considered as a threat. But when China began to advance rapidly, moreover approaching USA, they began to be perceived as a threat to western domination. The revival of the "eastern" world in Asia which was firstly represented by Japan, then South Korea, was not considered as a threat because both of them willing to follow western styles and patterns. Unlike China who want to stand out with their own distinctive style and patterns. This was considered as a threat to western domination. The game of thrones . Yes, that is true. History has recorded abundant stories of power struggles that ended in blood. Just look at it. No intense competition between t