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Capital Punishment Against Bali Bombers

Bali bombing memorial
Last night, when I watching TV, I be attracted with the news about capital punishment against the main performers of the Bali Bombings incident. According to "TV One" (one of the Indonesian TV broadcasting), on October 24, 2008 (means today), the Indonesian attorney general will announce the execution plan for them. Faced that announcement, their family will put forward the re-consideration through their lawyer team next week.

Yes, according to the law, they were guilty and must be punished. But the capital punishment is equivalent with splitting the soul from the body. My big question is "Whether these world must have the capital punishment?" I don't know!

Photo: The Bali bombing memorial on the site of Paddy's Pub.
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  1. Hi sir, TV one often present the reportage about Bali blast since many days ago. And I saw when it shows the Bali bom occurence some days ago. It's really made my heart melt to see the victims...
    I agree that they must be get capital pumishment

  2. segala cara kekerasan harus dihujat. Apalagi pake bom-boman. Siapapun pelakunya harus dihukum seberat2nya dengan alasan apapun..

  3. I don't think capital punishment achieves anything. They could be put in jail for life.

    Robin (Australia)

  4. Like Robin, Tikno, I am opposed to capital punishment. So I do not want the Bali bombers executed. Many Australians hold different views to Robin and I. However, while I recognise all the arguments, I have been opposed for a very long time on moral grounds.

  5. Dear Niar,
    I think... we are NOT the owner of the human's soul. I agree with Robin, they could be put in jail for life -OR- until they want by themselves. Thanks for your vote (agree).

    Dear Blogendeng,
    Yes, any guilty people must be punished. But you not yet answered the big question explicitly, agree or not. Thank you for your comment

    Dear Robin,
    Yes, I agree with you.

    Dear Jim Belshaw,
    Yes, I agree with you. The most important is... we are not the owner of any soul.

  6. I must disagree with the popular opinion here. If ever, the perpetrator gets free, he will kill again.

  7. i remember the bali bombing. it was tragic. the news focused on the bombing as it damaged many lives.

    thank you for the update on this case. i think life sentence is still the best punishment.

  8. Dear Rummuser,
    Like Robin said, they could be put in jail for life. I think it can prevent the perpetrator to kill again. It mean by replacing capital punishment with life sentence. I see Niar same with you to agree the capital punishment.

    Dear The Dong,
    Your vote added the amount of those who not agree to capital punishment. Thank you.

  9. Islam not terorism, Islam love peace. Iam disagree bomb against western.....peace for all

  10. wuih... bunda mudheng sedikit..yang jelas.. bunda mendukung hukuman seadil2nya.. (karena bagaimanapun mencabut nyawa adalah urusanNya)

  11. Dear Mikekono,
    Yes, I agree with you too.

    Dear Bunda Rierie,
    Nice words.

  12. I just belive that life and death is God's prerogrative...nobody has the right to kill others,
    warm regards

  13. some people might say that capital punishment doesn't belong in civilized society, but despite this fact, i think we still need it as an instrument to deal with extremely dangerous criminals such as terrorists and murderers

  14. sedikit ribet dan susah jika bilang harus ada "hukuman mati" karena seperti bunda ririe bilang urusan mencabut nyawa merupakan urusan-Nya. skg pertanyaan ely sangat erat dengan itu, kenapa manusia membuat hukum seperti itu padahal sudah jelas kalau hak seperti itu cuma Tuhan saja yg memiliki (dalam hal ini mencabut nyawa)??

    dan saya cuma bilang, kenapa agama dipakai untuk tameng dalam perbuatan itu?haruskah dengan jalan kekerasan seperti itu?apakah semua orang bersalah dan harus dihukum dgn jalan seperti itu?

    saya yakin agama islam tdk seperti itu, dan saya percaya semua agama itu baik dan mengajarkan hal yg baik pula, itu hanya ulah sebagian kecil orang2 yg salah arah dalam mempelajari agamanya.

    jika untuk urusan hukuman mati, saya saya lebih setuju dengan jawaban bunda ririe, jawaban yg bijaksana menurut saya.

  15. Excellent commentary! I use to be very pro capital punishment; however, my Christian belief has changed my perspective. I agree; it is not up to us to decide the final punishment. It is up to God to judge the soul. I think our most important thought should be protecting society, not getting revenge. Therefore; jail without any chance of release and without any contact with the outside world or anyone else would be my “worldly” decision. Let them sit alone and think about what they have done until God takes them.

    Also, thank you for visiting my Blog and leaving a nice comment! Bless you and Take Care! If you are ever in the USA, you have a fiend in California.

    Scott McQueen

  16. Dear Tikno,

    I'm afraid I must disagree with you and most of your readers, on this issue.

    If there really was a GUARANTEE of life in prison with no chance of parole, perhaps I might feel differently, but too many "lifers" have been released back into society for me to believe there is safety in imprisonment. There are too many loopholes that allow evil people back into society to harm others.

    I am a professing Christian, and I do not believe that the soul is destroyed with the body. Whether death comes from accident, murder or old age, the soul survives.

    If Bali law says that murder is punishable by execution, then the bombers KNOWINGLY decided to kill others, knowing what fate COULD await them. Their victims did not have that same freedom of choice.

    To execute murderers under the law is NOT revenge, it is justice.

    Also, I feel no obligation to pay for supporting a murderer in prison for the rest of his/her natural life. Especially since so many manage to find freedom through escape or legal duplicity - only to continue killing.

    We have seen many, many cases of murder in the United States, that could have been prevented if the murderer had NOT been eventually set free.

    Old enough to have seen it happen,

  17. Hello there! well the game is simple. You just needed to guess where I was. To see the question you should pass the mouse over the sentence, that was a trick. Have a look back there and realise there is indeed a question if you select the text with your mouse. =) See you back there soon :)

  18. Bali was such a nice place and it was so sad that somebody ruined it.

  19. Hi Grace. While I have been reading, I wasn't going to comment further in this discussion. However, I do want to pick up one point.

    I understand the feeling behind your comment and know what you mean, but it is I think important to recognise that the Bali bombers did not ruin Bali.

    There are close relations between Australia and Bali. This is one of our major holiday destinations. Australians really like the Balinese.

    Of the Australians killed, 20 came from Coogee, the Sydney suburb in which we used to live, some 8 from one local football team. There is a memorial in Coogee, there was another annual memorial ceremony recently.

    When the bombings occured, there was a sharp drop in tourism to Bali. The Australian Government issued an official warning against going. In response, some Australians moved their holidays forward to go to Bali, others actually changed holiday destinations to go there.

    Bali was a tragedy first for Indonesia, then Australia and for all those involved. But I think it important to recognise that Bali is still there, that it has not been ruined.

    Grace, please don't think that I am being critical. I understand the feeling behind your words. I just wanted to re-affirm Bali.

    In the midst of the sometimes dsitorted discussion about current terrorism issues, it is important to remember that terrorism is not new.

    I went to London a number of times at the height of the IRA bombing campaign on official business and as a tourist. Of course I knew that there was a risk - the British minstries I visited had bomb-blast curtains, I was conscious in the streets of some risk. However, it was important not to let this affect day to day asctivities.

    My apologies for a post that has become something of a sermon, but I do worry about the way that the activities of certain individuals affect the rest of us.

    Congratulations Tikno, by the way, on such a good comments stream.

  20. A tough question. Although I am generally against capital punishment, I can see both sides of this issue.

  21. Dear Tjonjo,
    Warm regards to you too.

    Dear Ernita,
    Thank you for your comment. Perhaps, comment from Scott Mcqueen could answered you. Thank you Scott Mcqueen.

    Dear Blogger Addicter,
    Wow... you support Bunda Rierie.

    Dear Scott Mcqueen,
    My opinion also same with you. Thank you for the warm welcome. I will contact you if I go to California.

    Dear Brennan Kingsland,
    No problem, I appreciate different opinion. Thank you for describe your answer and I still musing it. You always be my friend although we have different opinion.

    Dear Lorrie,
    I tried your game many times but can't find the answer. Thanks for coming.

    Dear Grace,
    Like Jim said, I agree with him.

    Dear Jim Belshaw,
    Thank you so much for the wise thought. I quote your sentence "it is important to remember that terrorism is not new". Excellent!
    I hesitant that the capital punishment will end terrorism, and believe, that is not the only way.

    Dear Petrea,
    You gave a very careful answer. Thank you for giving your vote: "generally against capital punishment"

    I appreciated all the differences of opinion here. Till at this time the issue of the "capital punishment" still being a debate, because of the different point of view. Partly saw from the angle of religion and partly from the angle of justice.

    Personally, I only want to distinguish the matters that became the human's right and the matters that became the God's right (our CREATOR).

  22. According to me, the death penalty should exist. And I think, a long time to decide fate of the perpetrators of the Bali bombing, is enough to ensure that the government does not take any decision in.

    That is my opinion

  23. Hi thank for your message.
    Keep writing and enjoy your life

  24. Sounds a little wonder, why should the long jatuhi mukuman death. In the event has been long. It seems deliberately made slow ... maybe

  25. Mas Tikno maaf komentar saya pakai bahasa indonesia yah..maklum bahasa Inggris saya kurang baik.
    Hanya satu opini saya dalam menyikapi masalah ini :
    Saya tidak melihat setuju atau tidak setuju, layak atau tidak layak, Bagaimanapun juga pada akhirnya sebuah kepantasan yang akan didapatkan oleh seseorang dari setiap perbuatannya.
    Barangkali inilah hukuman kepantasan yang dimaksud.

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. Tikno, I have often wondered what I would do if I found myself on a jury and capital punishment was a possible sentence. I now know that I could not make the decision to take someone’s life. I do not believe that is a right that has been given to any of us. It is certainly not a deterrent to crime.

    On the other hand, I think if someone is sentenced to prison, they should work for their food and shelter. Body building does not count. There are many jobs that can be performed by prisoners and I think they should get up each morning and work on one.

    So, Tikno my answer is no to capital punishment-no matter what the crime.

  28. Dear Anthony Harman,
    Thank you for the vote = agree
    Dear Zhejiang Shuguang lamps Co,Ltd,
    Thank you for coming.
    Dear Pangki Fernandes,
    I guess you also "agree". Welcome to you.
    Dear Yopan Prihadi,
    An interesting answer from you. You see from an angle of "appropriateness". But, I think it's difficult for measuring, because it depending on each person's feelings. Anyway, this is another thought to be mused.
    To whom comment was deleted,
    I beg you please not ridicule to the personal, although has been guilty. Please answer whether you "agree" or "not" with your own description. I'll be happy waiting it.
    Dear Mckay K,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You know that I proud of you, your strength to fight in life and your noble heart to share to everyone.

  29. I sent my condolences to the bombing victim. I agree when people said that it's one of the biggest terrorism in the Indonesian history. It's not about Islam, but it's all about the people with their "unique" interpretation about Islam.

    @ the early of November, they will be executed. But I'm not sure it will be the final moment of terrorism. I believe that (may be) mostly people in the world curse these activities



  30. Dear Fajar Indra,
    Yes, I think so. That's not the ending story. Thank you for your comment

  31. Capital punishment makes no sense, and is foolish and cruel. For example: Why do they kill people to show that killing people is wrong?

  32. Dear Static Brain,
    A thought-provoking question. Excellent !

  33. All of these websites concerning the capital punishment have often been a controversial. The most outstanding doubt is whether capital punishment is a method for torturing or just a punishment for dangerous criminals.

  34. Hi the Author of Viagra Online,
    Are you addressing the life sentence to torturing and the death sentence to punishment?
    Seems like you still doubt to choose.


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