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Mr. Money is not guilty

This is a special guest post. The grievances and notice from Mr. Money that share it in sorrow to readers. Please read carefully below: My name is Mr. Money (sometimes called Dough). My face is just plain, and my physical appearance is also weak, but I can overhaul the world order. I'm able to change the behavior of human nature because humans idolize me. For my sake, many people change their personalities, betray friends, sell their bodies, or even abandon their faith. That's not my command; note that! I really do not understand the difference between pious and depraved people, but humans, using me as a benchmark, determine who is rich or poor, honorable or lowly. Blame it on humans, not me! I am not a devil, but I wonder why people often do abominations for my sake. So I ask for justice: who is the real devil? I'm not the third person who makes them divorce or makes children and parents quarrel. I beg the judge to re-examine this case. It is very clear that I am not God.

Messages from golden wedding anniversary

The wedding anniversary was historically derived from Roman Empire tradition, where a husband crown his wife with a silver wreath on their twenty-fifth anniversary, and a gold wreath on their fiftieth anniversary. In the present, generally, it is called the silver wedding anniversary for 25th years of marriage and the golden wedding anniversary for 50th years of marriage. Many people dream of their wedding will be lasting, but many of them also fail. For those of you who dream of it, then there is a philosophical message from a modest golden wedding anniversary, a piece of dialog between MC (Master of Ceremonies) and the bride, as follows: MC: (jokingly) "What is the most annoying thing from your husband?" Bride: "As many as the stars in the sky, unable to count them." MC: (shocked) "Well, but your husband's kindness is also abundant, right?" Bride: "A little, like the sun in the sky." MC: (curious) "Then why could you live with him for