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Money For Nothing But For Financial Crisis

Money for nothing
What is money? Many joke about money. For me, an ordinary man, says "Money is my payment's tools to get some goods and services". Conversely for those who receive my money. So simple and beautiful. Probably you said that is conservative models, but I say this is THE REAL TRADING.

I have a very rich friend and I know he like to observe the figures in the stock exchange through the computer, because he also the stock exchange player. By chance we met in a restaurant and he ask me for gather together. Most of our discussions are about the global financial crisis, because that was the hottest issue. From the fall of the share price and index figures in several world stock exchanges to the reaction of several countries for rescue it. From all of our discussions, there was an interesting part which I want to share in this article (translated in English):
Me : "Still playing the share in stock exchange?"
He : "Scarce at lately because the situation was uncertain"
Me : "How is your view for the share at stock exchange now?"
He : "Huh... like swimming in turbid water, difficult to see its direction"
Me: "Ever had bitter experience?"
He : "I lost almost Rp. 5,800,000,000 in several minutes", he said lightly.
(Wow... a fantastic number for me, huh...)
Me : "Then, what has you get with such money?"
He : "Hm... nothing, just disappear like the wind" he said while breathing.
Me : "Please stop, your wealth could be finished", I said with joking.
And... he gave the amazing answer, like this:
He : "I thought, I did not disrupt my family life. All the family needs has been fulfilled, moreover I opened a deposit account in a bank which its interest more than enough for them. I only using my excess money because I liked the challenge"

Long time I imagine for what he said above. The group of people like him (I calls it the "gambler group") spent money not for anything, only to play the "figures" at the stock exchange computer (I calls it the bookie). On the other hand, the country spent its public's money only to rescue the "figures" too. It's crazy! Gambler lose + bookie panic = rescued by public's money. Incredibly! The fluctuation of stock exchange index figures also was determined by the "gambler group". No certain formulas for determining the "value" of trading in the stock exchange. All by estimating the supply and demand then mixing with lustful + greed + gambling spirits. Did this group of people plays a big role in global financial crisis? Please musing it!

My friend, if you read this article, you know that I'm not write your name.
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  1. wow! I wish I had that lots of money

  2. Hi thanks for sharing that post btw nice site.


  3. Dear Johnlazy,
    If you had it, then what's your plan?
    Dear Icymar,
    Thank you.

  4. MOney is a blessing. It's for us to use, and not abuse. There's no problem in wanting to have more money.
    If money is in excess, your rich friend could also give to those who are in need. It's a gamble which nobody would lose, i believe.
    Thanks for the article. It's nice.

  5. Tikno you article is right on spot. We bailed out a group of white collar gamblers.

    Unfortunately, several years ago (I think it was sever (7) years), our congress made it legal for them to speculate on the market. I know they never knew the ramifications of their actions. That is why it is so important to know your history.

    Had they known why the law was created in the first place, we would not be repeating the state of world affairs that we are in today.

  6. What a fantastic story, Tikno. It captures things so well.

  7. Dear Tikno,

    Thank you for reminding us that the recent financial catastrophe affected people all around the world.

    I agree that the stock market is gambling, and the recent problems were caused by "greedy gamblers".

    There will always be people who cheat others but they are at a low level of evolution. They obviously don't understand the concept of Karma, or the Hereafter, or whatever one chooses to call consequences.

    Your friend sounds like he was smart enough to take care of basics first, before he risked a LOT of money.

    But I agree with Pearl, any extra money I have goes to improve and maintain our animal sanctuary, or to help other needy people.

    Thank you for a thought-provoking post!
    Well done!

  8. Rich like him should donate to those people who don't have anything instead of gambling.. But of course its his money..

    Very nice post!

    Congrats on your PR by the way..

    following your blog now...

  9. people like stability.
    Without it, they'll tend to wander somewhere else to find it.

  10. Nice posting...I like it

  11. In Indonesia money means DUIT (Read Do It), so, if you wanna get money you just Do (read HardWork) It. For rich people they don't need money, they just need to eliminate their stress. Regards. Seno.

  12. comment pake bhs indo boleh kan ni?? hehe..
    ck,ck,ck.. kaya bgt ya tuh orang.. mpe bengong dulu ngeliat angka segitu ilang masi santainya.. dasar orang kaya..

  13. Money is a game...
    Some people rich always say it..
    For me...Money is live..
    Hm....I like this opinion.. english is not better..he..he.

  14. Money can make the world go round. Some are just lucky to have plenty and they are entitled to spend it the way they want to.

    Finally fixed the problem in my blog, i wasn't able to view it for over a week..

    See You!

  15. Dear Pearl Josue,
    Actually, I agree upon your hope. If it could happened, we will live in brotherhood. But in these era, there are more individualism like the word says "do yourself and I do myself and it's up to you". This world needs much people like you.

    Perhaps, you and Brennan, have the same background or interests in education.

    I received an interesting question about education from "anonymous" visitor in my post "Blog Action Day 2008 - Spirit To Fight Poverty". Perhaps you and Brennan could give a better solution to him/her.
    Dear Mckay K,
    I was hesitant against countries that follows capitalism and free-trade will be able to stop it.
    Dear Jim Belshaw,
    It's not a fantastic story but the sad story. In this post, I could only let my irritated feeling to fly, because my business was affected by its impact too, moreover when imagining to what my friend said. Maybe our office calculator has not enough digits to calculate the number of "derivative" trading. You may see it at :
    Dear Brennan Kingsland,
    Glad to know you use money wisely, like helping other needy people. Perhaps, Pearl has the same interest with you, that is education.
    Dear Chubskulit,
    Yes, I agree with you, but not all rich people willing to do that.
    Thank you so much, Chubskulit.
    Dear Clarisse Teagen,
    Yes, you right, including the country also needs stability. Very good thought.
    Dear Ches,
    Thank you, I will learning English more on your blog.
    Dear Seno,
    But... ha...ha... you presenting a fresh comment to everyone here. Thank you, Seno.
    Thank you for your comment.
    Dear Yopan Prihadi,
    No problem. My English also not so good.
    Dear Joops,
    Yes, that their right. I just writing about "derivative" trading with simple thought, where personally I think one of the cause for present crisis, and inspired from my friend experience. I'm glad knowing your blog has been fixed. I will visit there.

  16. Hi Ely, Yes it would be nice to have money to get by when we need... Realistically we are not all rich money wise... I would rather be rich from the love of my family then money any day... Sure money has its advantages but it also has its down falls... I went in debt and i mean big time debt because I loved my wife and I did what it took to keep her a live as long as I could... I spent evey penny I had... I would do it again in a heart beat... So Rich or poor money is not everything... I have a rich friend and he has no time in his life for anyone or anything but his money... He will probably die a lonely soul...

  17. I guess it is helpless if everyone with that capability still holding on the capitalist's view.
    If they spend their money, time and knowledge to make the "figure" grows, i guess that would be more constructive than just a "gambling game"..

  18. wow, menarik sekali..apalagi kalau punya uang yang sengaja buat dihambur2kan...hahaha

    sayangnya tidak akan pernah..hehehe

  19. Dear JK,
    Thank you so much for your wise words. Yes, you right. Money is not the only things to feed our life but the most important is LOVE.
    Dear Ipung,
    I also feel hesitant that they have the feeling of responsibility to rise the "figure". They only focused for how to play.
    Dear Blogger Addicter,
    If you feel interesting to have a lot of money then what will be done by you ??

  20. Sorry I am a bit late Tikno. Had a long relaxed Diwali cum week end time with lots of goofing off.

    This is a great post. You have voiced the feeling of many people who have paid the price for the avarice of a few.

    This too will pass. Not to worry.

  21. on one hand, we cld say that the poors' needs wld have been met with that sort of money.

    on the other hand, the rich made their money and they have the right to spend it as they worked hard for it (but somehow 'lost' it back to nowhere)

  22. Back here again Tikno.. A reward is waiting for you at my hose, please come and grab it.. see you man, thanks!

  23. Dear Rummuser,
    Thank you. Like you said will pass.
    Dear Johnny Ong,
    Both side of your comments are TRUE if refers to the individual's right. This is not about the poor and the rich, but about "derivative poison" which it slowly but sure, will happening again and again. Anyway, you give the wise comment and carefully.

    By the way, I like your blog about scholarship, it very informative.
    Dear Joops,
    Thank you so much. I will keep it in my heart, forever!

  24. Years ago many people ask if money is the root of all evil? I just thought that it depends on how you use it. Money is powerful as it can buy power, authority, luxuries and pleasure, but there are things that are more powerful that the money can't buy. But with money things will be easier to attain them. But it's not that money is the answer for everything. I believe there are lots of people who are satisfied with what they have and those who have lots of money are the one who wants for more. With or without money, it is better not to set your heart in it and use it for what is more worthwhile and for a good cause.

  25. Dear Whiteshadow,
    Your comment is very welcome and I hope it will inspiring everyone. I like your blog especially its post with the title "Abortion Word Games"

  26. They are the porkers who gamble people saving and retired funds and walk away with their handsome income and bonuses. For me they are just greedy crooks who put the entire world at risk, they don't mind to gamble others people hard earned money for their own interest.

    Thanks for sharing!

  27. Dear Daniel, thank you for an interesting comment.

  28. Absolutely agree. Good post with interesting report of your conversation. Where people make money out of nothing, others lose out despite hard work.

    Keep up the excellent writing!

  29. Dear Russel Cavanagh,
    Thank you.

  30. Very good post. I also think that this "gamblers group" play a big role.

  31. Dear waletrumah, thank you!


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