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What was in my mind regarding same-sex marriage

The escalation of same-sex marriage sometimes intrigued me to think about this phenomena. Often I think of an analogy of a micro-organism that mutating for resistant against antibiotics, so I'm imagining whether human gene is also mutating for resistant against the complexity of love in order to find alternative way. Along with the development of this phenomenon, scientists which I think stand in neutral position need to do a "laboratory research" to find a new formula like this : Chromosome X + X = resulting a baby. Chromosome Y + Y = resulting a baby. Usually supporters of same-sex marriage always using a keyword "Human Rights" to get their right. Hmm... human itself creates "Human Rights" and then this "Human Rights" is being used to get the another "unusual right". In this opportunity let me share my own statistic forecast which was in my imagination, that is: If the trend of gay marriage is go up then the trend of plastic surge

Global warming and smoking

The effect of global warming is like the effect of smoking. Both of them no immediately impact. The impact of smoking will slowly but certainly will reduce your quota to live. Maybe the impact of global warming / climate change will not immediately or directly affecting present generation but I believe it will inherit a huge disaster (like time-bomb) for the next generations, that is our own descendants. Human habit is likely not concern to (neglect) the matters that has no fatal impact immediately, like discard old batteries in the gutter, the use of bombs or potassium cyanide to catch fish, as well as drinking alcoholic beverage and smoking habits. If the effect of global warming has its direct impact immediately on human life, then I'm sure those cynical groups on this issue will come together with us. I'm aware that this post is just a small contribution to raise the awareness of global warming issue. I have inspired by Neil who already create a special page on his blog wi