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Dilemma in vaccination

Vaccination programs to fight Covid-19 pandemic currently facing a bit dilemma in Indonesian Muslim community regarding the issue of Haram . Even a friend of mine refused to be injected with AstraZeneca due to the issue. Moreover the news about AstraZeneca side effects also makes the atmosphere worse. Sinovac vaccine also get similar negative issue but slightly. I think all drugs and vaccines have side effects. If the benefits are so much greater, why not? It depends on how we use it properly according to the doctor's instructions. Regarding AstraZeneca side effects, you better read the proportional statement from WHO , which I quote its two points as follows: "Vaccination against COVID-19 will not reduce illness or deaths from other causes." "At this time, WHO considers that the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine outweigh its risks and recommends that vaccinations continue." Regarding the issue of Haram, that is because in the production process of AstraZeneca
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I do not know who create this song. I do not understand its lyric. I just know that this song really touched my heart. I listened to it over and over. Eventually I tried to find out the meaning of the first 3 characters of the lyrics, and found its meaning: 为什么 = WHY. My friend told me that the question was answered in the lyrics: 因为我 = BECAUSE OF ME. Let me go through this post begging you fellow Christian brother please return to the beginning of Christianity, let's back to the Bible. My religious consciousness told me that Jesus did NOT teach you to create many denominations of Christianity. If Christianity begun from one person, that is Jesus, then why I see many denominations to this day. Let this world only know one Christianity, one faith, one communion, one congregation. I am begging you, please! Update 24 March 2021 : The greatness of God (infinite) is beyond human knowledge (finite). Please remember the story about St. Augustine and a child by seaside whose want to pour t

COVID-19 teachings.

Motherland Angry I made powerful weapon helpless. I made superpower speechless. I changed the war news to humanity. I show you wealth and power is useless. I am Motherland already tired. Let fresh air blow. Let clear water flow. Let earth be pure again. Allow me a short break. Let humans in a cage for a while. Air, earth, water, sky, just fine without you. If I am Motherland have recovered, remember ! You are guest here, not my lord. Don't forget COVID-19 teachings.

Signs of COVID-19

Humans panic. Handshake, hug, cheek kissing now replaced with shoe or elbow touch. Be suspicious of each other, maintain a distance. Economy collapse. Stock market fall out. Marriage & death ceremony abolished. Mother give birth in trouble. Hospital & medical overwhelmed. Worried, afraid, sad, hit humans. The cause?? Gosh... just a weak micro creature, a virus, which is pressed by finger surely dead but its strength is incredible. Mecca, Medina, Vatican, Wailing Wall, Buddhist Monastery, Hindu Temple, and almost all worship places around the world was closed for human during this pandemic. Billions of people retreated to their cage. The world feels lonely, silent, empty. Maybe God is angry. As if want to say : "Go away you human, no need to look for me anymore" Maybe God is getting bored seeing our behavior, which is always wrong and proud of sin. Or nature begin to be reluctant to befriend us. Hopefully in this quarantine period, human can aware and apologize to Him

Message during COVID-19 pandemic

STOP blaming and taunting each other. Any negative response will trigger another negative responses as opposed to you. The virus does not recognize national borders, race, ethnicity, rich / poor. It can appear from anywhere, anytime. History has recorded the bird flu virus, MERS, Ebola, HIV, originating from various parts of the world that we shared. So what are you fuss about? Both side playing "the blame game". Who care? So what is the REAL game now? Governments that are sensitive and take rapid action to overcome the corona epidemic. Who is succeeded in reducing the spread of the virus and the death rate is the real winner. Who is the golden winner of people's heart? People who come at your side and giving help when you are in a difficult situation, sick helpless, no matter what is his political view, race or ethnic even a stranger. This is the human's basic instinct that will rise up anywhere against all cynical comments on humanitarian assistance. Words like sanc

Sincerity mathematical formula.

I am classify science into two: exact and non-exact science. I am sure you have known mathematical formulas to calculate area, volume, profit and loss in business, etc. This field is known as exact science which requires logical thinking. Beyond exact science such as philosophy, theology, social, politic, in my opinion there is no exact formula. Am I correct? Well, what if we make a mathematical formula to calculate the level of sincerity. Can it be? Let's try it. For this one I made the following illustration. I am aware that the hypothesis above has not yet been scientifically tested, therefore I allow the researchers to test it. For readers of this blog, please understand and prove it yourself from your own viewpoint. Perhaps you are imagining the formula above is a form of bill to calculate the expected result of your good deeds with God. Ohh... that is up to you because I am not forcing you to do that.

Show of force in the game of thrones

Is the world now heading to a good direction? This is a big question that we need to realize together. I am not an analyst who is an expert in the political, economic or military fields, nor a great speaker. So in this post I only present what I hear from the frenzy and uproar that occurs in our world. Of course from the viewpoint of a layman. If you scrutinize the news then the following is its frenzy : 1) USA vs China trade war. The United States is one of the countries that once supported the free market, but is now very protective for the main reason because of the trade deficit. Naturally all countries tend to take protective measures if their economic growth is threatened. Usually this is normal for small and developing countries. I'm just shocked this is done by a country that has the number 1 economic power in the world. This is a kind of anxiety that China will compete with the US economy in the future. The first point demanded by the United States from China is the protec