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Christmas Contemplation When The Bell Ringing

A few days ago, I visited a mall to buy something. The atmosphere was very rousing with Christmas decorations and I believe also occurs around the world. Producers take advantage of Christmas moment to compete and increase sales with tempting offers, such as: discount 20%, 30%, 40%, buy one get one, etc. Parents are busy thinking of what gifts should be purchased, and children imagining of what the gift they will get. Many people calculate their money for the best holiday package. That's NOT wrong! But... when the bell is ringing.... Before: Christmas is the birth of Savior! Now: Santa, where is my gift? Before: That is the beginning of the redemption of our sin. Now: Let's be happy for welcoming Christmas and new year. Before: Jesus has come in simplicity. Now: Let's go holiday ! I'm just imagining the genuine spirit of why we celebrate Christmas has gone. And... in this opportunity, I want to tell you that the Christmas bell resounding the call to the soul to follow t
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Tacit knowledge

Frankly, this is the most difficult topic for me to write about. This is something abstract, not easy to express or formulate in written or verbal form. But I tried to express it in this post. When I was in junior high school, I was told that knowledge consisted of two main branches, namely exact and non-exact knowledge, as I mentioned in a previous post . Simply, I refer to it as logical and illogical knowledge, the two inseparable abilities which actually united and embedded within humans as I mentioned in the other previous post . I think those two posts can stimulate our minds on how to understand Tacit knowledge. There are two main realms. The first realm refers to the science of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer programming, etc., which can be coded/formulated, where the result is logically certain. The second realm refers to social sciences, politics, psychology, philosophy, art, etc., which cannot be coded/formulated with a definite formula. Lately I have heard the term

Waiting In Line.

What? Talking about waiting in line? Yeah! Why not? Maybe you think this is a useless, trivial topic. But I witnessed several incidents of scrambling over the distribution of free basic food. Either the aid was from the government or from the UN. Even some people died as a result of being trampled under foot. It could be that the distribution method is not done correctly. But I think it's more about people's patience. In many cases, maybe you have heard stories about the method of bribing officers so that their wishes can be processed more quickly without having to queue. I have not found a study/research about which countries are the most disciplined in queuing. But from what I have heard and read so far, it is Japan. Changing the character of an adult (or an old person) is not easy. It's easier to educate children from birth. I'm talking about this topic not because I'm better than you. I'm just thinking about how to shape the character of our children as the

Artificial intelligence ChatBot.

The world is enthusiastic about the so-called ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) developed by an artificial intelligence research laboratory called OpenAI. Google also did not want to be left behind by developing their own version called Google Bard. Both are powered by artificial intelligence technology. There is a lot of news about this technology, which I think, at least for now, is over-reactive. Like the assumption that artificial intelligence technology will exceed human intelligence (its creator), and moreover, replace humans themselves. On the other hand, Elon Musk warned that this technology could cause a "catastrophic outcome" for humanity if not controlled. He even called a temporary halt to its further development. Considering he was one of the main donors to this project, I found it odd. I don't know if this is a marketing trick to blow up investors' interest. After all, ChatGPT, Google Bard, or artificial intelligence is just a computer pr

Five Pillars of Strong Country.

The strong country I mean is a country that is able to protect and prosper its people, and is able to provide assistance and influence to regional countries politically, economically or militarily. Indeed, a country's territory, natural resources, and population also need to be considered. But in this post, I want to highlight the five main pillars for becoming a strong country, namely: Political maturity and stability. Legal certainty and supremacy. Money / economic power. Mastery of high technology. Strong and self-sufficient military. Pillar no. 1: Political Maturity and Stability. This is the core which will provide the basis for building the next pillars. A country that is busy with political instability, domestic conflicts, riots, rebellions, military coups, will NEVER become a strong country. Their resources, time and minds are drained just because of power struggles. Like walking in place, no steps forward, always starting from zero. Note: consciously or not, a country must

Fentanyl Crisis.

Fentanyl is one of the drugs known to relieve aches and pains, and it can be addictive. At the same dose, fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine. That's why fentanyl is more dangerous than other opioid drugs. Lately, the the American public has been shocked again by the fentanyl crisis. Over 100,000 people died from drug overdoses between August 2021 and August 2022. This fact makes me sad. At first, I thought this was an American domestic problem. Just like how the American government deals with cases of mass shootings due to the possession of firearms. Just like drug addiction cases that occur in any country in the world. Who do you accuse if your child is addicted to drugs while your neighbor's child is fine? What caught my attention is that this case is turning towards the desire for sanctions and political fervor . This is exacerbated by hyperbolic sentences from the biased media. US Senator Chuck Schumer wants to push for legislation that would sanction China for i

I love her first

I publish this post as a father of my only daughter. I don't write much here because my writing can be very long. You will be bored to read it. But, the two video clips below are sufficient to represent of what is in my mind. Both video clip below was from the link in my old email archive sent by a friend. In the video above the father said: The first one to embrace her was me. The first one to kiss her was me. The first one to care for her was me. Still, I hope you will be the one who accompanies her for life. But if there ever comes a day when you don't love her anymore... Please don't tell her. Tell me. I will take her home. The song that the father sings is called "I Love Her First" by Heartland. Look at the two of you dancing that way. Lost in the moment and each other's face. So much in love you're alone in this place. Like there's nobody else in the world. I was enough for her not long ago. I was her number one. She told me so. And she still mea

Racist habits

I write this post because a reader via the contact form asked my opinion on why racism persists in modern society. Well, I think it's all about labeling, directing opinion and hate. There are five pillars that contribute to these circumstance. Family. What is talked in a family, including casual chat, indirectly shapes the child's opinion (consciously or not). Early education in family plays the most important role in forming the mindset of our children. I am pessimistic if their parents also racist. So watch your mouth! Religious leaders. Some religious leaders are fanatical and then simply articulate verses in the holy book literally (verbatim) without understanding the context of the circumstances when the verse was written, or just quoting a snippet by ignoring the context as a whole. So watch your understanding! Politicians or public figure. One example is the deliberate use of the term "Chinese virus" to provoke discrimination, also for political interests. So w