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Mother's Day - A Tribute for Mother

Mother's job is 24 hours job, not paid, no days off, seldom appreciated, and impossible to resign , but still proud to be a mother. Welcoming Mother's Day on these May, DO NOT send your mother to nursing home. Before you want to do that, hold on! read this first! So... will you like to bring her back to your home-sweet-home for sharing the love, at least for these great moment. It's depend on you. Post Update 1 : Below, I quote a part of comments from LaVonda R. Bailey within this post which I think is her call to us: "... Women and children are always raped, killed and abused as a part of war and history proves this fact to be true. I have a problem with the government dropping bombs on women and children in Pakistan, because those are women who love and care for their children just like I do and it would be wrong for a country to drop bombs on my neighborhood and kill my children and we as women should believe and and work to stop war around the world so another wom

Reflection From Hunger For Us

I found a video through Mel Avila Alarilla's blog . This video is truly very touching and with humility I want to share with you, a tragedy of humanity. Chicken A La Carte - written, photographed and directed by Ferdinand Dimadura. A short story about the hunger and poverty brought by globalization which shows a forgotten portion of society. The people who living to survive from human trash but still grateful. During life, do you ever felt hungry? How it feel? Did you stomach ache? A simple question for reflection! Maybe in your heart will say that I can only make this post and doubting to the real act. Well, I want to say that in the blogging world, here's what I can do and differ from what I have done in the real world, especially because I ever had experience where I only could eat once a day when still young and living in a city far from family. Felt hungry and ashamed to request from parent because I have grown. That was my unforgettable memories , never forget it. So, no