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If One Why Different

Unity in diversity
On Sunday, August 31, 2008, i heard a debate from my friends about religion. Each person maintained the opinion that his religion was the most relevant in this century. Wow... like never ending story. Then i asked to each of them: how many God in this universe, according to you? For a moment they were silent, and then partly answered "ONLY ONE". A person among them wanted to debate my question, but i stayed persisting with my question. Then he also answered "ONLY ONE". Then i replied to them "If one, why we must be different and this is my BIG question to you all for debate"

Think about the Greenpeace organization. They cares to our earth, our grandchild's future and does not see about your nationality. Also about Mother Teresa from Calcutta-India. She really cared to the poor, no matter where they came from or what its nationality.

I'm dreaming of ONE-DAY... NO VISA, NO PASSPORT, NO DIFFERENCE, NO POLITICAL INTRIGUE, NO WAR, because we are human who own this earth together. Why not? Like John Lennon said on his song Imagine: "...You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will be as one". Sounds idealistic unrealistic? Maybe."

And one matter more... human has exist before any religions emerged in this earth. The universe has exist before the human. And... God has exist far before the universe, human and any religions. Think, who is the owner of my soul, your soul, their soul, and all creatures in this world? If only ONE owner, then why we must be different? This is THE FUNDAMENTAL BROTHERHOOD OF HUMAN. The only problem was... did me ALONE?


  1. There are some beautiful thoughts here. It's good to be reminded that we are all members of the same human race - no matter where we are.

  2. Wow! I read this post many times and I really like the thought of the writer. It's a big thought to think about by each and everyone. I think when God let go of satan to test the people of their faith to HIM the people started to be divided some turn against him some stayed strong and follow what's righteous. What I am saying is even if we are different in races it doesn't matter as long us we do what is right, we treat everybody right and we do righteous things. Don't need to look upon what kind of religion you have. go for it. Respect each other's belief. Follow the ten commandments then the world will be as one.

  3. wow, what a collection of beautiful thoughts. Very nice post and realistic. Malou is right, it doesn't matter who we are, what color of skin we have and whichever religion we are in, as long as we're doing what the Lord wants us to, we're on the right path. Racial differences shouldn't be a concern when it comes to God. We should be one!

  4. I love this thought. We are all one - that is a concept that has much love and joy associated with it. One of an ideal world. A great hope for this world.

  5. Love Ely, you are a great dreamer and I truly hope that your dream comes true.

    Let me leave you with another thought. You and all your friends came to the conclusion that there is only one God. I believe, nay know, that there is only God. Can you figure that one out my friend?

  6. I love your beautiful thought. We have the same opinion about how beautiful the world would be if we became one. I know there are so many differences among human, but let us live in harmony and talk about our similarities rather than differences. Peace!

  7. Hello love ely, love reading all your readers shared opinions here...

    by the way, i have an award for you.. Just check it out if u have time.. It is called awesome site award

  8. Hi Love-Ely - that's a great dream! I'm looking forward to when there are no countries or religions too - well, arguments over religions, anyway.

    Cheers - Robin

  9. @ Brennan Kingsland
    Thank you very much for sharing wise-word. This is a good statement for unity. Your site have many good reference for education. My congratulation to you.

    @ Malou
    Do the right way, not look at the differences and be respect each other. This is another wise thought from you for sharing.

    @ Ckulit
    Nice words for unity. Yes, i agree with you. As we can see on football games with the slogan "No race"

    @ Lanceman
    Thank you for your kind words. Your site also have many nice thought.

    @ Rummuser
    I think, this is not only my dream. You may see all people hope with their comment here. i really appreciate your hope to us. My little brain as a human, in fact could not depict the God with perfect literally, but with sense. Well, if you asked for me to depict, as a human i will answer: The Owner of the universe and at the same time all the available spirit inside, including yours and my. Your site also have many wise thought too.

    @ Juliana Dewi Kartikawati.
    Thank you for sharing your thought about live in harmony. It is another good thought for unity.

    @ Ckulit
    You make me felt touched. All that i can says is thank you very much for the award from you.

    @ Robin
    Hi... Robin, you welcome and thanks for your effort to looking forward.

  10. Ely as always, this is a beautiful post. I do believe that now, more than any time in history, our world is realizing that we are one.

    "What you do to the least of mine, you do to me."

  11. I believe now that so many people have access to the internet we can see each other as we truly are and not as we are told by MEDIA and Governments... We can choose to see for ourselves what the world is really like... Make better informed dicisions about who we are and how we act... The internet is helping to break cultural barriers that have been put into place by others who want us to think and believe one way... I have learned a great deal about others by blogging and playing games online... Yes playing games with other peple around the world does have its benifits too... I have made many friends in games same as blogging...The internet is a good tool if used properly... Maybe gods way of uniting souls in one place... Thank you for your great post...

  12. @ Mckay K
    I'm glad you joining to this thought. Therefore i'm not alone. Your site also have many great post & reference about health.

    @ Jk
    Nice words from you Jk. You right, the internet is helping to break cultural barriers and the country's limit.

  13. Hi Ely,
    Thanks for directing me to your blog and this post in particular. I'm not sure if we'll ever find the answer you and so many others seek. If we are all one (race) and created by the great Creator...then why such vast differences in our beliefs. Take Christianity for example. Within that one faith, there are so many denominations (which by the way means division) that's an automatic set-up for separation. You have Catholics, Evangelicals, Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians....the list is never ending. Yet, we serve the same God...believe in the same Messiah...etc. I just hope in the end God agrees with the quote that we use on a daily basis to justice our imperfections..."to err is human; to forgive is Divine"

  14. It is people who seporate people... Not God... God has giving us a freedom of choice... Some of us choose to live or lives peacefully and care about others.. Some of us care how we act and do our best to live right everyday trying not to hurt others... Some of us feel bad if we make others feel bad and we try to correct our actions... Others live in greed and chaos and that is what will always make it hard to unite eveyone because the greedy will always make waves and chaos... But it is easier to do now that we can all voice our beliefs here... We are al human and one race just some of us dont act civilized...

  15. @ Blog Queen
    Like that was said by you, still served the same Lord and believe to the same Messiah. The interesting question was whether the God Command (The Bible) is different or exactly same. Like an analogy that the human-wisdom is as large as a hole that can be diged as best they can, but the greatness of the Lord was over the universe. If being aware of the limitations, then don't make the difference according to the analogy personally or literal. Come to love to one another.

    @ Jk
    Hi... Jk, it's nice input from you.

  16. thank you so much... I sense your heart is filled with love. and I have added your blog in my bloglist! And your post is really worth a comment here... It is wonderful! Keep in touch... If possible, please follow my blog and subscribe to it so that you can share your thoughts constantly with the evolving religion.

  17. and ya,if you find my blog is worth, please add my link to your bloglist, so that the thoughts can be propogated...

  18. Thank you and sure will add your link in my friends list.

  19. We are all one. But God created us differently--each one having his/her own unique DNA because God wants us to live us in harmony. Another thing is, different personalities, traits and backgrounds can serve different purposes to one another here on earth.

  20. Dear Bingkee
    Yes, each of us are a unique person. Musing about our body that formed from many unique part: heart, brain, intestine, bone, eye, etc. and spirited by soul. All the unique part formed ONE body.

  21. This post got me thinking, why are we so different when we are actually so similar. Like you, I hope this world would find peace someday.
    Great post!

  22. Dear The Motivator,
    Welcome to our thought. The more people like you to join... will making our world more peaceful. Thank you!

  23. Thanks for inviting me to visit your blog and so it is my honor to have you visited my blog as well.
    I'm surprise with your question who's God I'm referring to. I believe that their is only one Supreme Being though different church denomination calls Him different one from another. That too is not supposed to be something to argue about.

    This article is something people need to ponder about. I agree there are different races and so are the beliefs. But even then before the olden time it is taught that 'One ordinance shall be both for you of the congregation, and also for the stranger that sojourneth with you, an ordinance for ever in your generations: as ye are, so shall the stranger be before the Lord. (Numbers 15:15) So it means that it is God's wisdom for us to be united in faith regardless of our races. In Cor 1:10, Apostle Paul said, "Now I beseeach you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye shall speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment." I hope this is clear enough to think that there should be a universal faith as we have one God and Maker. This is just my view about faith and regardless what people think about it it's their our proposition and I respect the same. Just as what others have said here, as long as there is peace, we should just at least respect each others beliefs as the least that we can do.

    Thanks again and have a nice day...

    Happy smiles.

  24. Dear Whiteshadow,
    Thank you so much for the nice answer. I will muse it.

  25. Humans tend to be different because they have a lust for power. I still believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. It does not matter to me if people agree with my view or not as long as I know for myself that it is a fact.

  26. Many roads lead to Rome. No matter which way you chose if all go to one place, why not?

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