24 September 2009

Spiritual vacation and my cousin's engagement

Two weeks before Eid ul-Fitr, I was with my first brother went to Surabaya then to Bali and Tuban. The goal is to attend my cousin's engagement in Surabaya. My congratulations to Erlin and Bernard, wishing you become happy couple.

Then together with my third brother who lived in Surabaya we continued to Bali to see the 10th anniversary of a prayer's place owned by Jro Putu Saya. Based on the reference of my second brother who lived in Bali, Jro Putu Saya is a person who have advantages in the spiritual matter, in other word, he have supernatural power, perhaps can be called a psychic.

When I entered this prayer's place for the first time at night (about 21:00 o'clock), I felt mystical atmosphere around, calm and peace. I saw many people went to this place for worship, some from out of town, with a variety of requests such as fortune, business success, recovery from chronic illness where doctor has raised hand. What impressed me was this prayer's place is open to all religions and beliefs. As I know there are the altar of worship for Lord Shiva, Gautama Buddha, Laughing Buddha, Goddess of Guan Yin (Avalokitesvara), Deities in Balinese society, Lord Guan Yu. After prayers, some visitors approached Jro Putu Saya or his wife for consulting or asking something, similar like go to the doctors. At that night, I watched his wife body was possessed by the power of Lord Shiva and serving visitors by answering their questions or requests and sometimes she also give some directions to be done. While her husband Jro Putu Saya was busy served other visitors at the other room.

When I and brothers have the opportunity face to face with Jro Putu Saya, he advised my third brother and me to cleanse our mind and body by bathing in Tirta Empul. The water at Tirta Empul was directly out from the land, clean and cold. Balinese society believe that the water at Tirta Empul can heal various of diseases. Believe it or not, I tried it together with my brothers. Upfhh... the water is cold.

From Bali, we continued on to the most popular temple in Tuban, that is Kwang Sing Bio temple, the only one temple in Indonesia that using crab symbol on the gateway, not like other Chinese temples which it using dragon as the symbol.

Unfortunately I forgot to bring a camera on this trip. End of words within this post I also want to say Happy Eid ul-Fitr to all Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. May God bless all of us.

02 September 2009

Unbelievable thing

While looking for something on YouTube, I found a collection of unbelievable photographs. Something difficult to be explained with common sense, science or even religious. I guess you will say: this is supernatural, psychic, abnormal, or unbelievable, etc. If so, perhaps, the real truth is still out there and this world still containing many mysterious thing to be explored. Just look at the video below with relax.

I myself ever see a true story from one of my employee who have a chronic disease that can not be cured by modern medical science, then tried religious healing (also failed), but then it can be cured by a shaman/paranormal. I don't know whether this case can be said a miracle or a magic?? So I think, that is why for those who are unable to resolve the world mystery through science and/or religious, will be heading towards the paranormal, or have a tendency to engage to the supernatural thing.

Sorry if this post rather contradictory thinking. That is still interesting to see how science and/or religion can provide a comfortable explanation against this phenomenon. Can you?