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President Barack Obama - an musing from USA

Barack Obama
While on other still hear about :
1) Majority VS minority.
2) Yellow, brown, black OR white.
3) How the REAL democracy.
4) How ACCEPTED the defeat.
5) How the NATION above of personal.
6) How ABILITY above of appearance.
7) How the elections ending elegantly.

With Barack Obama being a President of The United States, they have been prove it to the world. No talk but actions.


  1. Thank you, Tikno. It's exciting to hear the world's reaction. It's thrilling to feel like the UNITED states again. We have much hope for the future.

  2. i'm excited about president-elect obama's upcoming policy in dealing with US economy and fixing US' tarnished international image after the iraq war

    i now believe everything is possible in america. even a minority can lead dan run the country. yes, we can!

  3. Every once in awhile, we here in America get it right. lol

  4. One thing to remember though... It's just a beginning of a long hard journey.
    We may put our hope in Obama, but he can't do it alone... Let's begin a new journey with him.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Mr. Obama got a lot of the world's sympaty for his present.Hopefully he can bring into realily of his tought...!

  6. Obama is charismatic person and also im proud of America presidential

  7. I don't know what to say to him, he's absolutely fantastic.

  8. hi Sir, everyone talk about Obama in their blogs. and in this posting you also write it. but I like it ^-^
    Btw, we also have to proud because we know that he ever stayed in Indonesia when he was a child...

  9. Dear Petrea,
    I'm glad to hear your reaction too (by commenting to this post).
    Until now, I like Obama as a "personal" and how your country prove it (against the issue of minority and race). I don't know what going on after he lead USA officially. I believe he must co-operate with Congress and Senate and give the precedence of your country's interests first.
    Dear Nita,
    I'm amazed to USA for how they appreciating minority and color differences.
    About Obama's upcoming policy...?
    Like Erkoritsumeikan said "hopefully..."
    Dear Mitch,
    Yes, until this moment, I don't know for the next.
    I amazed to your writing speed on your blog.
    Dear Aldhis,
    Hm...very interesting comments.
    Thank you.
    Dear Erkoritsumeikan,
    Hopefully... !
    I also thinking like you.
    Dear Anna,
    Yes, he is a charismatic person, but until now I think as a "personal".
    Dear Fajar Indra,
    Hm... may be you right. But... what his fantastic according to you?
    Dear Cucuharis,
    Yes, congratulation to Mr. Obama too.
    Dear Niar,
    I'm not focuses to Obama or presidential election, but intend for a musing towards the issue of minority and color differences.

    Pssst... please not to call me Sir. Just call my name oke?

  10. hi tikno, we don't know yet what will be going to happen for US for upcoming years, but at least OBAMA has made US big history...

  11. Hi Tikno,
    Aldhis is right. Obama inherits America with many problems. He can't solve them on his own and we must work with him to help.

    I think you're right, he will start with the American financial crisis. He made promises to the voters. Unlike other politicians, I believe he will try to keep them. But he will have to do many things at once. He's a man of the world, and through him we see ourselves as part of the world. There is no going back, only going forward now.

  12. siip!!!tinggal menunggu aksinya bung obama. o iya, makasih udah ngelink ke blog funny humor saya.Have a great day!!

  13. Barrack Obama is invisible impresses many parties. However, we do not know how he further action

  14. Dear Dede,
    Yes, you right, at least he is phenomenal.
    Dear Petrea,
    I do hope he will bringing "the wind of change" and keeping his promises along the election process. Thank you very much for your attentions.

    I like your blog "Pasadena Daily Photo" and "Overdog". A lot of great picture there. By the way, are you a photographer?
    Dear Ivana,
    Have a great day to you too.

  15. Dear Anthony Harman,
    Like Petrea (from USA) said "He made promises to the voters. Unlike other politicians, I believe he will try to keep them."

    I believe as an American citizen she know Obama more than us (Indonesian people)

  16. The whole world is watching Barack Obama and we all have opinions about him. Anthony is right that many different people find him impressive. Only the future will tell us if he's as great as he seems to be. I hope so! We need greatness to help us now! Just because I believe he will keep his promises doesn't mean he will. But we all hope so.

    I'm glad you like my blogs. I'm an amateur photographer.

  17. Hoping that this great man, this powerful speaker, can help lead the most powerful nation in the world toward a better tomorrow. He was honest about the fact that it will be difficult to accomplish his goals in one term, and said it would be an uphill battle. He also said that we can do it together, as a nation, and as hardworking people who care about our future and our children future.

  18. Dear Petrea,
    One certain matter, your country already inspiring the world about the issue of color's differences and the issue of minority. That is the first change off "wind of change". The change influences from Obama
    Dear Iron Woman,
    I pray for his goals could become the reality and creates a better world.

  19. just 3 word : I LOVE OBAMA...

  20. Dear Tikno,

    Once again, I must take the opposite position of your other readers.

    I would happily vote for an African-American as President, but I voted against Obama because of his support of infanticide!

    It is unbelievable that in a country as big as the USA, babies are forced to die if they survive an abortion.

    Too many precious children are dying all around the world, due to famine, disease and war, yet Mr. Obama wants to fund MORE abortions - not only in the USA - but across the world. (Get rid of all those nasty "mistakes".)

    It is interesting to see the support that the man is receiving around the globe.

    Just remember, nearly 50% of the people here in the United States detest him for his moral (sic) viewpoints and the corrupt elements who financed and managed his campaign.

    In the region of the USA where I live, many Democratic voters refused to vote rather than support him. Unfortunately, they could have used their vote to support his opponent (an ethical man) but chose not to vote because of partisanship.

    People in the USA who value human life and individual freedoms are watching to see how much damage Obama will do to those lives and freedoms in this great country of ours.

    The USA has overcome great catastrophes in the past, including natural disasters and terrorist attacks. We can only pray that it can survive an attack from within.

    No matter what the rest of the world may think, this is a sad day for America.


  21. Dear Welly,
    Hmm... another fanatic supporter for Obama.
    Dear Brennan,
    Your comment brings an other sight, that possibly was contrary to many opinions here. It seems that Obama's mania was influencing on many place around the world. A phenomena of a person who represent sensitive issue, sometimes will attract many sympathy. But you don't have to worry. However Mr. Obama have to co-operate with Congress and Senate.

    Warm regards,


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