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Christmas Contemplation When The Bell Ringing

A few days ago, I visited a mall to buy something. The atmosphere was very rousing with Christmas decorations and I believe also occurs around the world. Producers take advantage of Christmas moment to compete and increase sales with tempting offers, such as: discount 20%, 30%, 40%, buy one get one, etc. Parents are busy thinking of what gifts should be purchased, and children imagining of what the gift they will get. Many people calculate their money for the best holiday package. That's NOT wrong! But... when the bell is ringing.... Before: Christmas is the birth of Savior! Now: Santa, where is my gift? Before: That is the beginning of the redemption of our sin. Now: Let's be happy for welcoming Christmas and new year. Before: Jesus has come in simplicity. Now: Let's go holiday ! I'm just imagining the genuine spirit of why we celebrate Christmas has gone. And... in this opportunity, I want to tell you that the Christmas bell resounding the call to the soul to follow t

In Memory, my beloved brother

Actually, I do not think to make this post. But at one night, suddenly I look at his photo and remembered all his kindness and beautiful memories when he was still with us. Since December 23th, 2007, my beloved brother Rudiansyah Guyana has left us forever. He was a kind-hearted man, helpful to others, a man who love his family, an independent person, hard worker, and always want to go forward to reach for his dreams in order to be success in life and marry using his own money. I still remember when I was in hard conditions, he always gave genuine support. I never forget when I get married... he by sincerely gave some money to me by saying "For anything". Although a very little amount, but in sincerity I felt touched, moreover I knew he got it with very hard. And now... despite I'm a manager who have sizable income, I have no way to reply his kindness because he already went to the other world, forever. Feels like facing the door that was closed for me. For my lifetime I

The Future In Our Hands

Have you ever heard about the end of the world (doomsday)? Let me share the list of human predictions towards these issue. Unfortunately, all predictions are wrong. My friend ever said: "There are many faithful peoples in this world, and their prayer will prevent it". Apart from the matter above, in this opportunity I only want to share a video that attracted my attention. The author only give the initial name as "fwywarrior". Click " The Future Of Our World " to play. This post also inspired by the global issue that we are facing now, such as global warming (climate change), ozone layer depletion (or ozone hole), several animals that was extinct, new disease that appear in human life in this century. Many scientists spend their time in effort to fight climate change. At least we also think to our own grandchildren. What can we do to help prevent Climate Change? Personally many things that we can do to appreciate the scientists effort. If you care about

HIV / AIDS - Shame Or Disease

The first known case of HIV in Indonesia was from a foreign tourist in Bali in 1987, and now has reached a level that is very concerned. According to State Minister of Development Planning / Chairperson of the National Development Planning Agency (Indonesian : Menteri Negara Perencanaan Pembangunan/Kepala Bappenas), Paskah Suzetta, in 2004, AIDS cases are only found in 16 provinces, but at the end of the year 2007 the same case was found in 32 provinces in Indonesia. There has been many studies on the obstacles in dealing with HIV disease. But in this post I will see it from the viewpoint of social stigma in eastern culture. There are paradigm (in this case from my personal observation in Indonesia) that should be overcome particularly to the matters related to sexually transmitted disease, that is: Feel ashamed if infected by HIV because that was considered as venereal disease, therefore the sufferer tend to close himself. Feel ashamed to be considered as committing adultery. There