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Dilemma in vaccination

COVAX is a WHO program to ensure the availability and accessibility of the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide in a fast, fair and equitable manner. As we know, only a few countries are capable of producing the Covid-19 vaccine. This initiative sounds ideal for many poor and developing (and non-producing) countries. Presently Covid-19 vaccine has become something contested by many countries, much more valuable than any drugs. Because it can be used as the " game changer " in economical and political matters. Will the producing countries are willing to provide adequate amounts of vaccine for other countries while their people really need it . Well, how do you think about that? I think, if the herd immunity only occurs in a few countries, then this pandemic will not end, which at the end will worry you constantly in doing business activity with other countries. You can not alone, righ? Please read the news about the worries of rich countries hoarding Covid-19 vaccine and the wealthy