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Privacy Policy

This blogging platform is hosted and owned by Google, so it is related to the Blogger Content Policy and Google Privacy Policy. The email that you have submitted to get new posts via email is maintained by FeedBurner (15 July 2008 - 29 May 2021) and (30 May 2021 - present), and of course also listed as this blog subscribers in my account. The email that you have entered to follow new comments in blog post is managed by the Blogspot platform, so I don't have access to that email except readers comments. I do my best to keep your data remains private on my side. Nonetheless, the platform and service providers may have access to such information.

Content Policy

You may use, re-publish or translate my posts in any medium as long as attribution is given to the author and a link to original post. My thanks if you let me know in posts comments or by contact form. I try my best not to plagiarize other people's work. Conversely, I don't want this plagiarism case to happen again. Some images in this blog are not mine, as I got it from internet somewhere. Please let me know if you are the copyright holder of the material and ask me to remove it.

Comment policy

Comment moderation is activated due to a lot of spam comments attacking this blog. I guarantee your genuine comments will be published even if you disagree to the posts here. Feel free to disagree, criticize or argue in the comments politely. Comments containing racial hatred, personal attacks or advertising are strictly prohibited and will be removed without notice. Spam comments will be added to the spam list.

Thank you so much for visiting this blog.