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Google host and own this blog platform, so the Google Privacy Policy may apply to you. The email that you have submitted to get new posts via email is maintained by FeedBurner (15 July 2008 - 29 May 2021) and (30 May 2021 - present), and of course also listed as this blog subscribers in my account there. I do my best to keep your data private on my side. Nevertheless, the platform and service providers may have access to such information. The email that you have entered to follow new comments in a blog post is managed by the Blogspot platform, so I don't have access to that email except for reader comments.

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You may use, translate and/or re-publish my posts in any medium as long as attribution is given to the author and a link to the original post, and let me know via comments on the post. I try my best not to plagiarize other people's work. Conversely, I don't want this plagiarism case to happen again. Some images in this blog are not mine, as I got it from internet somewhere. Please let me know if you are the copyright holder of the material and ask me to remove it. The Blogger Content Policy also applies here.

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Comment moderation is activated due to a lot of spam comments attacking this blog. I guarantee your genuine comments will be published, even if you disagree with me. Feel free to disagree, criticize or argue in the comments politely. Comments containing racial hatred, personal attacks or advertising are strictly prohibited and will be removed without notice. Spam comments will be added to the spam list.

*** Updated on August 1, 2023 ***


A musings about friend and enemy

A story about enemy (an essay). When the fierce battle between two group of armies has ended, there's someone who still confused and then asking two question to each soldier on the both side: "Did you know anyone who you kill?" Then, each one on the two group answered NO. "Well, did all your victims on this battlefield ever make any mistake on you?" Again the answer is NO. So my question to readers of this blog : Who is your real enemy? A story about friend (true story). Long time ago I had a friend who was rich and charitable. I know he had a lot of friends when he still in good condition. But then he was often sickly and most of his wealth has depleted due to medical treatment. One day I met him at his house. I felt like he live lonely. Along with our talk, I suggest him to call his friends to gather together with the hope he will feel good after that. Did you know of his answer to me? He said: "I feels most of my friends just like stay in my memory. They

Waiting In Line.

What? Talking about waiting in line? Yeah! Why not? Maybe you think this is a useless, trivial topic. But I witnessed several incidents of scrambling over the distribution of free basic food. Either the aid was from the government or from the UN. Even some people died as a result of being trampled under foot. It could be that the distribution method is not done correctly. But I think it's more about people's patience. In many cases, maybe you have heard stories about the method of bribing officers so that their wishes can be processed more quickly without having to queue. I have not found a study/research about which countries are the most disciplined in queuing. But from what I have heard and read so far, it is Japan. Changing the character of an adult (or an old person) is not easy. It's easier to educate children from birth. I'm talking about this topic not because I'm better than you. I'm just thinking about how to shape the character of our children as the

Between logic and unlogic - science and faith

Maybe this post can be used as a reflection of how you deal with logic and faith (unlogic). After that, let people know of what you think. Just see how you react to this post.If you're very religious people (almost fanatic) then I guess your reaction will be very different to those who think more logical in response to various occurrence in these universe or even to your daily life. Take an example on a plane crash. Logical approach would yield the answer that lead to "human error" or "engine failure" and then find ideas to fix it. Religious approach will yield the answer that lead to "God's will (fate)". Or... perhaps you are in between them which it called moderate. Can you compare or even combine the two of the flowchart above? If you can, then I will say you are being in best efforts. Why? Because... even sophisticated computer was run based on the combination of two signals namely positive and negative. What distinguishes human from robot is a