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In Memory, my beloved brother

Rudiansyah Guyana
Actually, I do not think to make this post. But at one night, suddenly I look at his photo and remembered all his kindness and beautiful memories when he was still with us. Today, December 23th 2008, exactly one year ago, my beloved brother, Rudiansyah Guyana, leave us forever. He was a kind-hearted man, helpful to others, a man who love his family, an independent person, hard worker, and always want to go forward to reach for his dreams in order to be success in life and marry using his own money.

I still remember when I was in hard conditions, he always gave genuine support. I never forget when I get married... he by sincerely gave some money to me by saying "For anything". Although a very little amount, but in sincerity I felt touched, moreover I knew he got it with very hard. And now... despite I'm a manager who have sizable income, I have no way to reply his kindness because he already went to the other world, forever. Feels like facing the door that was closed for me.

For my lifetime I never forget the moment when he lay dying in the hospital after the accident. At that time I thought of as mentioned in the Bible, Jesus raises the dead, so... I prayed by begging to Jesus to save my brother out of this critical situation. That was the deepest supplication in my life to prove His greatness. But He did not grant it.

No one can replace my brother. Like the Chinese proverb said: "Your parents is like your head, your brother/sister is like your arm, your spouse is like your clothes. There is NO former parent or former brother/sister in this world !!"

I let this post stay forever here as a remembrance for my beloved brother, with the hope one day, while browsing on the internet, my children will find and read it, knowing the feeling of their father to their uncle. May God be willing to accept all the good deeds that he had done in this world, Amen!

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  1. Tikno,

    What a beautiful remembrance of your brother. I am sorry for your loss of him last year...he sounds like he was a great person. I'm glad that you have the good memories of him, and they will always be a part of you.
    May God bless you and your family. Happy holidays!

  2. Hm, Doakan beliau. Moga ia damai di surga sana. Amin :)

    sukses selalu

  3. May his soul rest in peace. We can never replace a good person like him. Regards

  4. i'm sorry to hear that. I hope ur beloved brother has been on the side of God "overthere", and was pleased by saying : " Oh,,my younger brother is person who boasts me. Give him a Power, God ..... Amen."

    Keep Spirit mas Tikno !!!!!

  5. i believe so much he was a great person. and will never and wish never had to send my parents (or parents-in-law) to panti-jompo.

  6. A very moving post. Even though my sister died many years ago -- she was 11 -- it is something you never forget. -- Neil

  7. I am truly sorry for your loss!!! Thoughts and prayers to you and your family during these difficult times. Your brother is really proud of you.

    “ Happy Mother’s day to all Mom! “

  8. We cannot forget the faces whom we have loved from our bottom of the hearts.

    Naval Langa

  9. Hi Tikno,
    I couldn't say anything about this but feel empathy for your loss.
    A person is not lost in your life because they died, they lost when you have no memories of them.

    May God bless you, Tikno.

  10. lagi rindu sama kakak ya Mas? kakaknya Inspirator Man banget pantesan sangat berkesan dihati

  11. lagi rindu sama kakaknya ya mas

  12. Semoga arwah beliau diterima di sisi Tuhan, amin....
    Be Strong!

  13. Why a good people always be gone early from our life?

  14. That is true... no former brothers, no former parents, no former sons....

    They're merely a part of our life...
    Even was separated by death, they're still a part of us.

  15. It's always hard to face and accept the loss of loved ones, but thinking that there is a purpose of everything, though we it's hard to comprehend, everybody will pass through such and that is part of God's plan. The memories is what we can hold on and help us to keep on moving on. We just have to be grateful for the life they shared with us.

  16. may his soul rest in peace. it's such a nice way to commemorate his death and the good things that he has done to you and your family.

    happy holidays!

  17. have the same feeling about my lil brother who died two years ago, so this is my second xmas without him...

    just be happy coz ur brother and mine have the privilege to spend joyful xmas in heaven. :)

    ps: i got the same title as yours in my blog. it just like a deja vu when i read your title here. :P

  18. I'm sorry for your loss, tikno. though it's hard and painful, I know that there's a sense of happiness in you knowing that your brother was resting surrounded by peace and light

  19. I am glad you decided to write about it after all. This is what blogging is all about. Your post about your brother is very touching and the comments and the Chinese proverb about family are also very effective. Keep doing more of these Tikno!

  20. Dear Tikno,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories of your brother.

    Reading your blog always lifts my spirits, even when the message is a sad one.

    I know that your brother knows that you miss him and are proud of him.

    Joy and Peace,

  21. May his soul Reat In Peace....

  22. Thank you so much to all of your comments. I really appreciate it.


  23. Just want to say Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have fun and enjoy.

  24. Tikno, I agree with you wholeheartedly. No one can replace a loved one, especially a brother who meant/means so much to you. May this Christmas season bring him even closer to you and your family.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Happy holidays!

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  25. I know your bro had rest in peace. The most touching lines I've read for today.

    Merry Xmas!

  26. I'm sorry for your loss.

    May God bless you and your family.

    Merry Christmas.

  27. That is a nice write out for your brother. We really must treasure our love ones.

  28. Very touching post.

  29. Sorry to hear about your lose.

  30. Thank you very much to you all.

  31. So sorry to hear that .May his soul rests in peace till eternity.His memories would always live with you though he is nomore .

  32. Hi Tikno,
    I enjoyed reading this generous memory of your brother. I wish you the very best in the new year.

  33. Thank you, Bikran and Petrea. Merry Christmas to you and family.

  34. That is a beautiful sentiment about your brother. His spirit is always with you. Love knows no boundaries. It travels and transcends spirit, physical and other worlds.

  35. Dear Liara Covert, I'm amazed of what you say. Thank you.

  36. Salut dengan perjuangannya mas. Memang kadang kerinduan itu tiba tiba menyeruak dalam hati kita

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. hi tikno, I am sorry for your loss of him last year..Thoughts and prayers to you and your family during these difficult times. Your brother is really proud of you.

  39. How sad to lose your own brother.... and a good one. I hope he is free from pain and sufferings.
    *pats tikno*

  40. My condolences on your and your family's loss.

    As time passes we might not be able to cherish the person any longer but we will always be able to cherish the memories, good and bad, that were shared.

    Thus, the importance of always being true to yourself and your loved ones so that we have no regrets about things being left unsaid.

    I have only just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading it so far. This was a touching and sincere post.

  41. May he find eternal solace.Take care.

  42. Dear Dede, thank you so much.
    Dear EastCoastLife, thank you so much.
    Dear Rob Baiton, thank you so much.
    You are right, always being true so we have no regret later.
    Dear Sameera, thank you and I wan to say Amen!

  43. Don't be sad Tikno, say prayers often for him and do charity merits in his name. He will benefit from your good deeds I am sure.

  44. Dear Twilight Zone,
    Thank you very much. You use the Buddhist way in this matter. I love it, and sure will follow your suggestion.

  45. definitely ur brother will bless u all happiness frm god in this new year

  46. Dear MyBlog, thank you so much.

  47. tikno, no person will ever replace your brother. He left a unique mark on your soul. When you love a person and that being loves you back, this creates an energy connection that is invisible to the naked eye. Yet you feel it. You know it exists when you are in the same physical place as that person, and when you are not. Love never dies, only physical bodies.

  48. Dear Liara Covert,
    Absolutely I agree with you.

    May I ask you a question?
    Do you believe that love and/or what we think in prayer will go to another dimension. This question refers to Chinese tradition (ancestor worship).

  49. tikno, I sense love is a universal language. It is timeless and travels through dimensions. It is not only expressed and understood in the physical world by humans. What you describe as "ancestor worship" may also be dialogue with spirit. If you believe the spirit lives forever, then when the body dies, the soul of a person lives on. Not everyone sees it, but you can be aware of the presence and feel it.

  50. Dear Liara Covert,
    Thank you very much for the reply. Hopefully God always bless you with good health.

  51. He sounds a special brother, I'm sorry he is no longer with you.

  52. Dear Ellee Seymour,
    I feels very special. Thank you.

  53. I was very touched and feel sad for your loss.

    What especially adds relevance was the sentence "There are no second-hand parent or second-hand brother/sister in this world"

    Altough we sometimes call our friends 'brother'..or sometimes quarrel with our real blood brother..but the statement holds all the truth.

  54. Honestly, this is a moving piece. I can relate with you for I HAVE loving brothers too.

    On the aspect of a human being being a "second hand", I guess my view is that every person is unique, and no matter what a person was in the past, it has nothing to do with the present. Every man and a woman,if true and sincere, must be loved for his or her worth and not be judged for his or her past. :)

  55. Dear Bai Maleiha B. Candao,
    You right, each person is unique.
    True love can become a strong bond.


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