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Artificial intelligence ChatBot.

The world is enthusiastic about the so-called ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) developed by an artificial intelligence research laboratory called OpenAI. Google also did not want to be left behind by developing their own version called Google Bard. Both are powered by artificial intelligence technology. There is a lot of news about this technology, which I think, at least for now, is over-reactive. Like the assumption that artificial intelligence technology will exceed human intelligence (its creator), and moreover, replace humans themselves. On the other hand, Elon Musk warned that this technology could cause a "catastrophic outcome" for humanity if not controlled. He even called a temporary halt to its further development. Considering he was one of the main donors to this project, I found it odd. I don't know if this is a marketing trick to blow up investors' interest. After all, ChatGPT, Google Bard, or artificial intelligence is just a computer pr

Five Pillars of Strong Country.

The strong country I mean is a country that is able to protect and prosper its people, and is able to provide assistance and influence to regional countries politically, economically or militarily. Indeed, a country's territory, natural resources, and population also need to be considered. But in this post, I want to highlight the five main pillars for becoming a strong country, namely: Political maturity and stability. Legal certainty and supremacy. Money / economic power. Mastery of high technology. Strong and self-sufficient military. Pillar no. 1: Political Maturity and Stability. This is the core which will provide the basis for building the next pillars. A country that is busy with political instability, domestic conflicts, riots, rebellions, military coups, will NEVER become a strong country. Their resources, time and minds are drained just because of power struggles. Like walking in place, no steps forward, always starting from zero. Note: consciously or not, a country must