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I am Tikno, a simple man living in simplicity anywhere. I like minimalism and something that gives an airy feel. Fans of epic music, classical instrumentals and rock. This is a personal blog written by myself but I don't post regularly. Therefore, I suggest you to subscribe this blog to get new posts by email so that you don't feel disappointed when you come here without finding new posts. Or you may add this blog to your favorite feed reader. Actually the initial title of this blog is "Love Ely" using dark theme with white letters. Then I changed the title to "Love Ely and Alex" using white background theme. Luckily I have saved some old school screenshots as a memento. Maybe early visitors of this blog will recognize this screenshots:

Old screenshots of Love Ely blog

Old screenshots of Love Ely blog

I really like the image of a black circle on white background. Very simple isn't it? So I use it as my profile picture and logo for this blog. Maybe some visitors are wondering why I don't use my real picture, where I live, what is my job?. Hhmm... =%@#*+#-?= (speechless)


  1. Why are you speechless? Is there any secrets about yourself? Just curious :-)

    1. No secrets at all, Ross.
      I just don't like reveling my private things to the public. I just want people know me through my writings. Thank you for your surprising question.


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