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Chinese New Year 2560 - Gong Xi Fa Cai

On January 26th 2009 (Indonesian time) the Chinese people around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year 2560th (old enough I think). It's sometimes called the Lunar New Year . Following tradition, at the night one day before the first day of new year, all family members gather together for dinner. The chosen venue usually at the home of the most senior member of the family or at restaurant. After dinner, usually followed by giving the red envelopes ( Hongbao in Mandarin; Angpao in Indonesian) from married couples or the elderly to unmarried juniors, and the junior member give respect by saying the hope for health, happiness, and long-aged to the elderly. Prayer at the temples and visiting the other elderly relatives is the next schedules. In Indonesia, I noted that since the era of President Abdurrahman Wahid (also known as Gus Dur), the Chinese culture such as lion dance (Indonesian called Barongsai), the use of Chinese characters and Chinese red paper lantern for decor

HIV / AIDS and Social Contact FAQs

This post aims to help and provides some proportional information about social activity or contact with people having HIV / AIDS, because in society there is still negative social stigma. Sufferer tend to be excommunicated in their community. Have you ever imagine about handshake, kissing, sharing toilet, live together with sufferer? You may be interested in some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) below: Is deep kissing a route of HIV transmission? Deep or open-mouthed kissing is a very low risk activity in terms of HIV transmission. HIV is only present in saliva in very minute amounts, insufficient to cause infection with HIV. There has been only one documented case of someone becoming infected with HIV through kissing; a result of exposure to infected blood during open-mouthed kissing. If you or your partner have blood in your mouth, you should avoid kissing until the bleeding stops. Can I become infected with HIV through normal social contact / activities such as shaking hands, toile


In this post I only quotes the things associated with the two words above. Please use your sense and read carefully to find and feel the fundamental differences from it. VETO According to Wikipedia : A veto, Latin for I FORBID , is used to denote that a certain party has the right to stop unilaterally a certain piece of legislation. In practice, the veto can be ABSOLUTE (as in the U.N. Security Council, whose permanent members can block any resolution). In the United Nations Security Council, the five permanent members (the United States, Russia, the People's Republic of China, France and the United Kingdom) have veto power in substantive matters, though NOT in procedural ones. If any of these countries votes against a proposal, it is REJECTED , even if all of the other member countries vote in favor. According to Global Policy Forum : "The five permanent members of the Security Council (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States) ENJOY the privilege of veto po

NEW YEAR 2009 - Just Sharing

Although 2008 has passed, it does not mean that all problems has been passed, such as war, hunger, refugees, and the most dangerous is climate change which will destroy our earth slowly like a cancer. Yes, slowly but sure! Let take action to slow its change. At the other hand, maybe young people will be happy, perhaps they feels has become adult and proudly says "I am not a child anymore". Feels like holding "VISA" to access all things labeled "For 17 years above". But I say you will facing more burden and responsibility in future. It same like me when became adult and got marriage. Older people maybe says "Soon I will pension and enjoy the life because all my children has been marriage". But the life problems always belong to you as long as you are in this world. At least you will feel sad if your children fail in their life. During my life, I ever met people who follow atheism and said "I do NOT believe the existence of God. Life is 100% o