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Musing Of The Pornography Law

Controversy on anti pornography law
On Thursday, October 30th 2008, People's Representative Council of The Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian: Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia / DPR RI) has been legalize the draft of pornography law. The definition of pornography in that law are (original text in Indonesian):

BAB I, Pasal 1 (1):
Pornografi adalah materi seksualitas yang dibuat oleh manusia dalam bentuk gambar, sketsa, ilustrasi, foto, tulisan, suara, bunyi, gambar bergerak, animasi, kartun, syair, percakapan, gerak tubuh, atau bentuk pesan komunikasi lain melalui berbagai bentuk media komunikasi dan/atau pertunjukan di muka umum, yang dapat membangkitkan hasrat seksual dan/atau melanggar nilai-nilai kesusilaan dalam masyarakat.

BAB I, Pasal 1 (2):
Jasa pornografi adalah segala jenis layanan pornografi yang disediakan oleh orang perseorangan atau korporasi melalui pertunjukan langsung, televisi kabel, televisi teresterial, radio, telepon, internet, dan komunikasi elektronik lainnya serta surat kabar, majalah, dan barang cetakan lainnya.

Try to translate in English:
Chapter I, Article 1 (1):
Pornography is sexuality material which made by human in the form of the picture, sketch, illustration, photograph, writing, voice, sound, moving picture, animation, cartoon, poem, conversation, body movement, or the other form of communication message through various forms of the communication media and/or performance in front of public, which could generate the sexual desire and/or violated the values of morality in the community.

Chapter I, Article 1 (2):
The pornography service is any kind of the pornography service that provided by personal or corporation through the direct performances, cable television, teresterial television, radio, telephone, internet, and other electronics communication as well as the newspaper, magazine, and the other printed matter.

Discussions towards this bill has been begun since 1997 in the People's Representative Council, and until now (after being legalized) there are still many sides who reject this law. When the session for legalize the draft law, often happens interruptions, even two faction, PDIP and PDS, carried out the walk out action. In fact, pornography law have the good intention, to fight pornography which is quite rampant at this era. Many younger generations ever had sex in the early age or was pregnant without married. A phenomenon of the moral value which quite make parents feel restless. According to BBC News, in England, plans to change the law to make it illegal to pay for sex also have attracted criticism from a number of groups.


My personal musing to this issue are:
1) Fortunately, in the pornography law also mentioned that the production, dissemination, and the use of sexuality material can be done for the interests of and possess the value of: art and culture, customs traditions, traditional ritual. If not, the culture (traditional clothes from several ethnic groups), the art (female painting which rather vulgar, naked statue), the science (picture/statue of human body anatomy), could contravene pornography law. I do not know whether bodybuilding contest (sport) also violate these laws.

2) The story about adultery has been exist since the epoch of the prophets until now. According to you how many similar laws in this world that has been created to combat the matters related to pornography. Is pornography become lessen or rampant? Therefore I'm not sure this law will drastically reduce the pornography. Moreover, according to Forbes news, the industry of pornography is an industry billions of dollars.

3) I still believe that the establishment of the human moral will be more effective if done since they born through the education from families and religion, not after they become adults.

4) However, about pornography, the law can only see the outer part through eye and ear, moreover must with the prove, NOT to the inner side (our mind). How if I became passionate when seeing a sexy woman? Can you say I'm porn? Biologically that is very normal and natural (no problem). According to the religion it's a sin, but the pornography law cannot see it. Hmm.... only me.

If you have time, please also read the other sides of true story about night worker ladies, between pity and cost of living. I wanna ask your opinion after read it. Immoral? Social disease? or more realistic? They did not need the feeling of pity or sermon from you. Can you help them financially or give the actual way out?
(Picture taken from


  1. Definitely agree with point no 3!
    The source of porn (instead of pornography only, because it only related with 'porn graph' as the origin of the word mean - and even by this, we have use the wrong word in the bill) is the corrupted mind of ourselves.

    I have seen an illusion of 9 dolphins (or naked woman). It said that an innocent child would see it as dolphins while adult will see it as naked woman. Now how the law could deal with this material?

    I agree that we have to reduce the porn in our society, but having this law is do no good at all.

  2. I don't have answers. Love and sex are natural. Exploitation is not.

    I read your other entry about the "night worker women." This tragedy exists all over the world, and I don't have the answers for it. Education for all, including the teaching of self-respect. Wouldn't that be nice? If only it were so easy.

    Tikno, I'm glad to hear you're all right. We had a heavy rain in southern California last night. We have needed it.

  3. great posting, thanks visit mine too

  4. hi Tikno,
    pornography is a something that difficult to avoid. like you wrote, it's has growth from the prophet era. and the lust of somebody sometimes really strong and cannot be controlled. although it;s not chowed by their body surface. i think by voices or gesture can create a sexual abuses and rape...
    But, I am support with this law who endeavor to reduce the effect of it..lets support this..
    by the way, I leave you comment in your second blogs...
    good posting

  5. my stand here is that im against it because it has corrupted a lot of people's minds. a lot of people know sex more than love.

  6. 3) I still believe that the establishment of the human moral will be more effective if done since they born through the education from families and religion, not after they become adults.
    that's right... i agree.

    thank for sharring... :)

  7. Thanks Tikno for taking on this very controversial topic.

    I honestly believe that morality is something that we are taught. It is as simple as learning to respect yourself and the rights of others.

    Morality can be reinforced in the school system. But, if it is not learned at home, I wonder if it is possible to learn it later in life. For, morality is a way of life.

    Thought provoking post.

  8. I tend to believe that any time a country tries to legislate morality, trouble is just around the corner. Sure, there are some absolutes, such as protecting children, but when government gets into things adults decide they want to do for themselves, it gets ugly. Good luck with however this law comes out.

  9. Setuju....
    success selalu ya
    salam kenal

  10. Dear Aldhis,
    With deep thoughts, I agree with you.
    Dear Petrea,
    I only showed another reality of the human life which cannot be solved theoretically or easily. I like to know whether in your country USA also have the same or similar law like these.

    Unlucky, two days ago the flood was happened again in my city and more high than before. Take care for you and family there, Petrea.
    Dear Tridabizz,
    Thank you.
    Dear Niar,
    I don't have the second blog. The post about night worker ladies is the older post in this blog.
    Dear The donG,
    That law is more to the publisher and producer. I think the families and religions are more responsible for establishing people's mind with well. Is your country, Philippines, also have similar laws?
    Dear Hellen,
    I also think like you.
    Dear Mckay K,
    I understand and agree with you.
    I just think whether the country should take over for the establishment of the good moral, while the education from family, religions, and schools was the most responsible parts for that problem.
    Dear Mitch,
    I agree for protecting children is the absolute part. That's why this law more intend to publisher or producer.
    Dear Cookies,
    Thank you.

  11. This has been an issue from a very long time now.It's high time the regulations are made more stringent.

  12. Good topic. I've been thinking of posting a related topic since last week but decided to post the preparedness after what I have seen over the news about the food supply status of some countries. Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment in my blog.

    And for the issue about pornography,that is the sad part about our government. They are trying to ban and discourage people to engage in pornography but why they allow big businesses to download and create porn sites over the internet? Even with the movies, and a more shameful is when you see them on tv as one of the commercials. They could have done better than that. That's why I agree to the statement that says: "Pornography are better protected than those people on the street."

  13. you definitely has a strong point tikno... This is corrupting the minor's minds too..

  14. I agree with dong ho... more and more people tend to have sex because of this pornography materials...

  15. Tikno, I'm not an expert on the law here, but in the U.S. I know there's a fine line between the pornography laws and our right to freedom of speech. "Consenting adults" are allowed to do as they wish, as long as they're not causing harm to others. This is often up to interpretation in the courts.

    Pornography (obscenity) is not allowed in public places, or on television, where children can see it. Children are protected from pornography by legal age limits, but that doesn't always work.

    It's very difficult to regulate. A tough question.

  16. Dear Sameera,
    Welcome from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I'm very interest on your comment above: "It's high time the regulations are made more stringent." Could you share to us, how stringent it should be? Please share your country regulations against this issue.
    Dear WhiteShadow,
    I know you concern in faith and moral issue. I like to know whether you agree the government should take over these matter?
    Dear Joops,
    As a member of US Navy, please let me know whether there are similar laws such as this? Perhaps, you more realistic.
    Dear Chubskulit,
    I think pornography materials is not the only cause.
    Dear Petrea,
    Thank you for sharing. After the law has been legalized, I think not seeing the distinction of age again. All pornography materials (except for the interests of and possess the value of: art and culture, customs traditions, traditional ritual) violates this law.

  17. Thanks for the warm welcome!

    Actually I am an Indian expat living in Dubai.As for regulations here,I do not know the legal ones here in the UAE.There are no public demonstrations of anything even vaguely related to porn(such as statues,pictures,movies etc).All x-rated sites and x-rated videos(on sites like you tube) are blocked,and even the social networking sites and twitter are blocked here(though that is a bit too extreme).

    However,for all the strict regulations here,one can find x-rated tv channels,which totally beats the purpose!

  18. Dear Sameera,
    On there more strict than here... but interesting on your last sentence.

  19. Passing legislation on pornography is futile. The industry or activity will simply go underground breeding corruption. Whether you have the laws or not, humans will not be denied their titillation if they want it.

    You are lucky that you do not have a morality brigade like we have in some places in India. These guys, frustrated individuals really, will go in gangs stopping things like sale of valentine cards, closing down night clubs etc apart from disturbing young couple sitting and chatting together. If you do have them, particularly in a country with so many Muslims, you can have greater problems. Today's BBC comments about the practise of throwing acid on women's faces by frustrated men in Pakistan.
    This is a dicey subject to tackle at any level as there will be hundreds of opinions on it.

    Coming to the ladies of the night. We can generate all the sympathy and compassion for them but, educatiing them to take precautions so that they do not fall prey to AIDS and other STDs is more realistic. Their problem is economic and their customers suffer from the need for sex due to various reasons, such as being away from homes, unresponsive wife and so on and so forth. This is the oldest profession in the world. No matter what we do, we cannot wish it away.

  20. Pada prinsipnya saya setuju bahwa pornografi tidak di buka secara vulgar didepan umum.
    Namun disisi lain ada cara pandang yang berbeda tentang subjektifitas pornografi itu sendiri...Ini yang menjadi dilema.
    Satu lagi yang membuat saya tidak setuju dalam hal ini :
    Haruskah pornografi diatur oleh undang-undang?
    Haruskah moral manusia diatur oleh undang-undang?
    Bukankah masih banyak masalah bangsa yang harus diselesaikan dengan undang-undang dan itu lebih penting daripada menyangkut mitos moral bangsa akan rusak oleh pornografi.
    Sorry mas Tikno, komen saya pake bahasa Indonesia.

  21. Yang paling mendasar adalah pendidikan dalam keluarga. Jika setiap Orang tua mau peduli dan berupaya mengajarkan agama dan menanamkan nilai nilai moral kepada anak anaknya, maka akan menjadi benteng terbaik menjaga bangsa ini dari kerusakan moral

  22. Dear Rummuser,
    You are more realistic. An interesting information from your comment, that is India have a "morality brigade". Are they have the right to do that subjectively or under the law?
    Dear Yopan Prihadi,
    Absolutely I agree that pornography cannot be opened in front of public. I also agree with you, that there are a lot of the more important things that should be arranged by law. You give an interesting question: "Whether the human's moral should be arranged by law?
    Dear Erik,
    I agree with you, the most fundamental is the education from family.

  23. Hi there!

    thanks for visiting my page!
    I hope you come back for more read :)

    You have a lovely space here... :)
    happy blogging!

  24. Dear Tikno,

    This is a touchy subject because what is art to one person is pornography to another.

    I agree with Petrea that there is a fine line between pornography and free speech in the USA.

    If only everyone could have high moral standards but, sadly, the situation is getting worse instead of better. And laws are mostly ineffective.

    Within the last couple of years we had an exhibit in Washington, DC (funded by a government agency) that allowed the showing of a crucifix in a jar of human urine.
    To me, that is obscene and pornographic, but the exhibit was protected by our Free Speech laws.

    What a waste of taxpayer dollars!

    Oh, well, all we can do is try to instill good standards in the children we have responsibility for - and try to protect them as well.

    Topical post!

    Your friend,

  25. Yes Tikno - I agree with you - an educational or cultural approach would be better - R

  26. Dear WarmSunshine,
    Thanks, and welcome from Pakistan. I will visit your blog regularly.
    Dear Brennan Kingsland,
    Showing of a crucifix in a jar of human urine is an insult. How could an insult be protected by Free Speech law. I think that was an obscene exhibit.
    Dear Robin,
    Yes, you are right.

  27. I share my award to you. Check it out...

  28. This legalization of pornography law is causing much debate.
    I am really concerned about the form of implementation, later.

    There may be many misunderstanding

  29. No Tikno, unfortunately, they do not have the sanction of the law. They however have the sanction of muscle!

  30. Dear White Shadow,
    Thank you so much. I really appreciate it and will add its link in the next post.
    Dear Anthony Harman,
    Each person possibly have their own interpretation. These regulations must be understood wisely.
    Dear Rummuser,
    Thank you for your information. It's interesting about the sanction of muscle.

  31. Sampe sekarang belum terlihat dampak positif dari UU tsb. Padahal milyaran uang yang sudah dikeluarkan buat UU tsb.

  32. Pak Tikno,
    this is all about politic. Politic wants power and the power is a legitimation of supremacy. What happen in our country is a matter of who the majority is.

    I should agree with you, there were no story that a law can eliminate pornography. I couldn't agree more if only the law wants to protecting the child from pornography material and from sex abuse. But the law is too much when it rules the culture and the traditional arts.

    It is also funny when the law was not excepted explicitly by some provinces. The law is supposed to be for everybody, for every province within this country jurisdiction. So the law has lost its legitimation.

  33. Dear Senno, you are right.
    Dear Prihandoko, your comment was very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    Dear Yendoel, thanks for sharing your opinion.

  34. Porn should be outlawed. But not everything is porn, and some societies like the one you are mentioning is extreme. Does this mean a gynecologist is being pornographic? And why must art be deemed pornographic, when science, and natural procreation is not? It is natural for humans to be attracted to one another, like eating, drinking, sleeping. It is not natural for us to be crude or obscene like what porn is.

  35. I see that the legislation was signed into law, Tikno.

  36. Dear Nuke, science and art are not considered in violation of these law. I agree with you that not everything is porn. I think the real pornography exist in our minds, what we thought and done. That is the source of where the pornography material could appear.
    Dear Jim Belshaw, as a good citizen I will obey. Although personally I still thinking that the way of establishing human moral will more effective through the education from family, school, and religion. Whether they has been fail?

    From all comments above, I can make one conclusion, that is:
    1) Each people have different views on what called as pornography, so I fear there are many debate in court.

    2) Social paradigm (social stigma) that applies in a community also affect the way in viewing pornography.

    Interesting to read comments from Prihandoko and Nuke above. I like to know whether in Australia also have the same or similar law like these.

  37. terus lihat sekarang apa UU itu sudah berjalan? sama aja kan?

  38. Hi do not miss to see / if not possible join community

  39. Dear Jkool, until now same than before.
    Dear Sweet Baby, thanks.

  40. its hard to have laws that permits sexual related stuff on certain aspect and on other aspect, its fully unrestricted ...... people will be taking of it when there's a small opening

  41. Dear Johnny Ong, I do not believe this law will be effective.

  42. Dear Baka Kelana, thank you

  43. Good posting.Well done...Tikno

  44. Dear Olenx, thank you.


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