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Someone has stolen my article - plagiarism

A user of with the initials "Pinoy" has stolen my articles titled " Long journey for alcoholic beverage in Indonesia " without my permission nor mentioning the source of original post (my article). I call this plagiarism or cheating . He/She has completely copying (stole) my article into his/her blog and then submit that article to using his/her blog as the source with user name "Pinoy". Firstly I found my article was published at with the URL: And below is the captured image from Zimbio page, where my article has been stolen by Pinoy. Click the image to enlarge and look at the red arrow or visit its link to dig more. You can see that the source of article was mentioned from "" (plagiarist blog). Out of curiosity then I clicked on the link and found my article are also stol

Good news for transition to clean energy technology

As I have mentioned in previous post titled "Oil spills and its impact - what you think" that we should not only focus on the incident, its causes or its impacts, in association with the use of unfriendly energy to environment. I also mentioned that scientists and the government involvement through regulations and international agreement can play a role and necessary. So, in this post I want to share the good news for those who care about clean energy. Good news on July 19-20, 2010 quoted from the website of Clean Energy Ministerial : The first-ever Clean Energy Ministerial will bring together ministers and stakeholders from more than 20 countries to collaborate on policies and programs that accelerate the world's transition to clean energy technologies. The meeting will provide an opportunity for groups of governments and other participants to announce actions to accelerate deployment of clean energy technologies. The agenda of the Clean Energy Ministerial will focus on

Oil spills and its impact - what you think

Who can ensure that oil spills, like BP oil spill , will not happen again. The oil companies certainly will takes responsibility when oil spills happen and promise to increase safety on production and distribution process. Yeah that's good. But how about its impact to our environment? In the future let's not focus too much to just discuss the causes of the incident, its impact, and how to handle it. Better focus on the use of alternative energy such as solar energy or electrical energy that derived (generated) from geothermal heat, hydro power or sunlight. Maybe I'm just easy to say but that's what I think after watching these video. How with you? Post Update. Comment from Looney to this post has sparked my attention, so I think it's good to copy his comment and my reply to him below: Looney: I am all for alternate energy, but not not if the government picks the technology and then pours billions of taxpayer money into it, or forces people to buy products through re