07 December 2009

A song, I am wonder

Perahu Retak -- Cracked Boat
Artist : Franky Sahilatua
Creator : Emha Ainun Nadjib

Perahu negeriku, perahu bangsaku, menyusuri gelombang.
My country's boat, my nation's boat, traverses the wave.
Semangat rakyatku, kibar benderaku, menyeruak lautan.
My citizen's spirit, flying my flag, pushed the sea.

Langit membentang cakrawala di depan, melambaikan tantangan.
Sky extends the firmament at the front, waved the challenge.

Di atas tanahku, dari dalam airku, tumbuh kebahagiaan.
On my land, from within my water, happiness arise.
Di sawah kampungku, di jalan kotaku, terbit kesejahteraan.
In paddy-fields of my village, in the streets of my city, welfare arise.

Tapi kuheran di tengah perjalanan, muncullah ketimpangan.
But I'm wonder in the middle of the journey, discrepancies appear.

Aku heran, aku heran, yang salah dipertahankan.
I'm wonder, I'm wonder, which is wrong was maintained.
Aku heran, aku heran, yang benar disingkirkan.
I'm wonder, I'm wonder, which is true was marginalized.

Perahu negeriku, perahu bangsaku, jangan retak dindingmu.
My country's boat, my nation's boat, do not being crack of your wall.
Semangat rakyatku, derap kaki tekadmu, jangan terantuk batu.
My citizen's spirit, footsteps of your determination, do not stumbled by the stone.

Tanah pertiwi anugerah ilahi, jangan ambil sendiri.
Motherland was the divine grace, do not takes it alone.
Tanah pertiwi anugerah ilahi, jangan makan sendiri.
Motherland was the divine grace, do not eats it alone.

Aku heran, aku heran, satu kenyang, seribu kelaparan.
I'm wonder, I'm wonder, one full, one thousand starving.
Aku heran, aku heran, keserakahan diagungkan.
I'm wonder, I'm wonder, the greed is glorified.

05 October 2009

Vote now for the idea that help the most

Last year, Google has started a project called Project 10^100 (pronounced "Project 10 to the 100th"), invited the world to submit ideas to help as many people as possible. During submitting period, they have received more than 150,000 ideas from 170 countries, and now has been narrowed down to (combined into) 16 brilliant ideas that are considered best for you to vote. I have voted for the idea to "Make educational content available online for free", and I quote its description at below:

"Make educational and course materials more accessible online to students worldwide. Lots of educational content is not indexed or accessible on the public web. Various users have proposed finding ways to help content owners put formerly exclusive content online, including offline materials (lectures, textbooks, videotaped workshops) and limited-access materials (scholarly papers, research dissertations); help teachers themselves become more available online (access to online profs, 24/7 homework help, cross-country study groups); and to make all this material and academic help accessible through both computer and mobile platforms."

Your vote will help the advisory board to identify the best ideas for further consideration and choose up to 5 projects to fund. They have committed $10 million to make up to 5 of them become reality by identify (choose) the relevant organization that are in the best position to implement them. If you think that your organization would be a good candidate then you should let them know by filling this form.

Despite the submission deadline has passed but voting to the ideas that you like is still open until 8 October 2009. Now, it's your turn to vote! Hopefully this brilliant ideas will be come true and make a different to our living. That is why I felt "more Google than Gates". Btw, is there any idea to overcome climate change?

24 September 2009

Spiritual vacation and my cousin's engagement

Two weeks before Eid ul-Fitr, I was with my first brother went to Surabaya then to Bali and Tuban. The goal is to attend my cousin's engagement in Surabaya. My congratulations to Erlin and Bernard, wishing you become happy couple.

Then together with my third brother who lived in Surabaya we continued to Bali to see the 10th anniversary of a prayer's place owned by Jro Putu Saya. Based on the reference of my second brother who lived in Bali, Jro Putu Saya is a person who have advantages in the spiritual matter, in other word, he have supernatural power, perhaps can be called a psychic.

When I entered this prayer's place for the first time at night (about 21:00 o'clock), I felt mystical atmosphere around, calm and peace. I saw many people went to this place for worship, some from out of town, with a variety of requests such as fortune, business success, recovery from chronic illness where doctor has raised hand. What impressed me was this prayer's place is open to all religions and beliefs. As I know there are the altar of worship for Lord Shiva, Gautama Buddha, Laughing Buddha, Goddess of Guan Yin (Avalokitesvara), Deities in Balinese society, Lord Guan Yu. After prayers, some visitors approached Jro Putu Saya or his wife for consulting or asking something, similar like go to the doctors. At that night, I watched his wife body was possessed by the power of Lord Shiva and serving visitors by answering their questions or requests and sometimes she also give some directions to be done. While her husband Jro Putu Saya was busy served other visitors at the other room.

When I and brothers have the opportunity face to face with Jro Putu Saya, he advised my third brother and me to cleanse our mind and body by bathing in Tirta Empul. The water at Tirta Empul was directly out from the land, clean and cold. Balinese society believe that the water at Tirta Empul can heal various of diseases. Believe it or not, I tried it together with my brothers. Upfhh... the water is cold.

From Bali, we continued on to the most popular temple in Tuban, that is Kwang Sing Bio temple, the only one temple in Indonesia that using crab symbol on the gateway, not like other Chinese temples which it using dragon as the symbol.

Unfortunately I forgot to bring a camera on this trip. End of words within this post I also want to say Happy Eid ul-Fitr to all Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. May God bless all of us.

02 September 2009

Unbelievable thing

While looking for something on YouTube, I found a collection of unbelievable photographs. Something difficult to be explained with common sense, science or even religious. I guess you will say: this is supernatural, psychic, abnormal, or unbelievable, etc. If so, perhaps, the real truth is still out there and this world still containing many mysterious thing to be explored. Just look at the video below with relax.

I myself ever see a true story from one of my employee who have a chronic disease that can not be cured by modern medical science, then tried religious healing (also failed), but then it can be cured by a shaman/paranormal. I don't know whether this case can be said a miracle or a magic?? So I think, that is why for those who are unable to resolve the world mystery through science and/or religious, will be heading towards the paranormal, or have a tendency to engage to the supernatural thing.

Sorry if this post rather contradictory thinking. That is still interesting to see how science and/or religion can provide a comfortable explanation against this phenomenon. Can you?

25 August 2009

Equalize bachelor's degree with diploma's degree ??

At this time many Indonesian students continue the higher education in various universities in Australia to obtain academic degrees such as Bachelor, Master or Doctorate. My three cousin and several other relatives also continue the higher education in Australia after finished Senior High School in Indonesia.

But I was startled after knowing the news from Antara News that the policy of Directorate General of Higher Education (Department of National Education) is to equalize Bachelor degree from several universities in Australia only equal to the Diploma 3 degree (D-3) in Indonesia. This policy was determined on 01 July 2009 within the Peraturan Direktur Jendral Pendidikan Tinggi (regulation of Directorate General of Higher Education) Nomor:82/DIKTI/Kep/2009 concerning the certificate assessment guidelines of foreign college graduate. This regulation was followed up with the surat edaran Direktur Akademik (circularize letter from Academic Director) No: 1850.1/D2.5/2009. At point no.2 of the letter was mentioned the list of the certificate equivalency of foreign college graduate. Click here to download these list from the website of Directorat Jendral Pendidikan Tinggi (Directorate General of Higher Education). Most Bachelor degree which it considered equivalent to the Diploma 3 degree (D-3) in Indonesia are Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Bachelor of Arts.

"Equalize graduated scholar from Australian with graduated Diploma 3 (D-3) in Indonesia is clearly disadvantage and unfair", said Anggraito Danangjoyo, an Indonesian student who studying psychology in University of Queensland. And according to Antara News, this was an injustice form of Indonesian government against thousands of Indonesian students who studying in Australia. Interestingly, this news also republished (but in Indonesian language) in NEWS BULLETIN in the websites of Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Australia, with the title "PEMERINTAH RI TAK ADIL PADA SARJANA LULUSAN AUSTRALIA" (English: Indonesian government is unfair to the Australian graduate scholar / by mean: unfair to the Indonesian scholar who graduated in Australia). When I told this issue to some of my friends who got their Bachelor of Business in Australia, they were also startled and asked whether the quality of education in Australia worse than Indonesia?

== Postscript ==
I noted some interesting readers reactions regarding to this post, namely:

1) From Rummuser, retired Management Professional from India, said:
"I am not qualified enough to comment on this without having more information. Jim perhaps will. What I do know is that there are a number of fly by night institutions in Australia that rip off unsuspecting overseas students by promising a lot, but not delivering. This is a matter of great concern here in India too. Many of our students go to Australia and return with qualifications that do not compare in quality to their literal equivalents in India."

2) From Bayu Dardias, as written on his profile is an Indonesian student who has completed Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (Grad.Dip Pub.Admin) from Australian National University and is pursuing Master of Public Policy (M.P.P) in there, said:
"In PPIA mailing list, this topic has been intensively discussed lately."

3) From Jim Belshaw, a manager and strategic consultant from Australia, within his posting titled "Indonesian Government downgrades certain Australian degrees to diploma status", said:

"The issue appears to have been ignored by both the Australian media and local bloggers. I say this with a little caution since it is based on just my own reading/watching. I find this a little remarkable, given the importance of education as an export sector."

"I will watch the response to Tikno's post with interest. I may make the issue a central point in my next week's column in the Armidale Express."

4) From MiChi, a beautiful teacher from Malaysia, said:
"I agree with Rummuser... Even in Malaysia, this thing do happen. Therefore, I always encourage my students to go to Public Universities, which is a better guarantee... really have to be careful when choosing university."

For other related sources in English click here; in Indonesian language click here.

19 August 2009

Glimpse the spirit of 1945

On 17 August 2009, Indonesia celebrates its 64th Independence Day. I will not write more about the spirit of this proclamation, because I think, the videos below could represent it with well.

I am proud to be Indonesian, Happy Independence Day my country.

16 August 2009

Aware or just a dream

Dear readers, if you are a regular visitor of this blog, perhaps you still remember my post titled "If One Why Different" (posted on 1 September 2008). In that post, I wrote about how I heard badly debate of religions among my friends when we gathered together, that is, each person seeks to maintain his own opinion namely his religion is the most relevant in this century. Within that post you may also read my thoughts as the response to them, as well as readers comment, and I would like to rewrite my thoughts as below:

Human has exist before any religions emerge in this earth. The universe has exist far before human and religions. And... God (only one God) has exist far before the universe, human and religions.
Who the owner of my soul, your soul and the soul of all creatures in this world. Only one or many? If only one, then why we must be different.

Please readers do not feel confused with the question "why we must different" because I mean are "why must feel very special" or resistance against others because of religion, skin color or race. Based on the thoughts above, then with the curious feeling on 19 January 2009 I opened a discussion on Blogcatalog network (please visit this link) to get various wider reactions. My goals for this discussion is trying to raise the awareness of brotherhood among human and attempt to encourage each person for unite as a human race. I am glad that this discussion has got comments and reaction from people with various background of religion / belief. There are Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoism, and even Atheism. As I read from their comment, part of them were able to accept this idea and partly still resistance. Indeed an interesting discussion to know of what in each people mind towards this idea.

I must say nothing is wrong by being different like an analogy of a garden which is not beautiful if there is only one kind of flower. It become uncomfortable (problem) if we deliberately creates differences, or underestimate to others, because a negative behavior will produce another negative behavior as opposite to yours. The more you are consider the differences and feel resistance to others then the more you feel lonely and only live with your own community.

Finally I only know that Almighty God has been called with various names, that is "God" in English, "Tuhan" in Indonesian, "Shangdi" / 上帝 in Chinese, "Allah" in Arabic, "Dio" in Italian, "Dieu" in French, "Бог" in Russian, etc. I think, a lot of name to refer to Almighty God. How with you? How you think to promote fraternity, understanding, peace, and love. I am asking a honest answers from your heart, not from a diplomatic statement when in front of public.

12 August 2009

Noordin M Top is still mysterious

Previously, various media has published the death of Noordin M Top (the most wanted terrorist) in a raid conducted by anti-terror forces Densus 88 in a house in the Beji village, Kedu sub-district, Temanggung district. As promised by the Indonesian police to announce the identity (DNA test result) of the killed terrorist suspect body on Wednesday, 12 August 2009 (mean today), the result revealed that the suspect was not Noordin Mohammad Top (also known as Noordin M Top). It's mean that the existence of Noordin M Top is still mysterious.

Inspector General Nanan Soekarna (head of public relations division of National Police Headquarters) stated in Jakarta today that the body of the suspected terrorist who was killed in in Temanggung, was Ibrohim. Who is Ibrohim? Ibrohim (known as Boim at work) is an employee who worked as a gardener (florist) at Hotel Ritz Carlton and who were immediately disappear after the bombing happened. According to Nanan Soekarna, Ibrohim has played a dominant role in the bombing at JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton. His role is bringing the bomb into the two hotels.

Below is CCTV documentation from police which it showed the movement of Ibrohim in Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott. As we see in first scenes, Ibrohim taken a survey firstly. In the next scenes, Ibrohim carried the goods suspected as bomb using a car. According to the car driver, he refused to be assisted and want to carried the goods by himself.

Although Noordin M Top has not been caught, I am proud of the hard effort and good progress achieved by the anti-terror forces Densus 88. I support you with prayer.

05 August 2009

Good wish

Brother Dasanrangarajan has very kind sharing a good contemplation, through our discussion on Blogcatalog. I feel good after reading it many times. I think, it's good if I share it here. I do not intend to bring you referring to a particular religion / belief, but only want to share the good things. Hopefully you will also feel good with the contemplation below:

I asked Lord Krishna to do away with my vices.
Krishna said: They are not there for me to take them away. They are there for you to resist them.

I asked Lord Krishna to complete my body.
Krishna said: Your spirit is complete, your body is only temporary.

I asked Lord Krishna to give me patience.
Krishna said: Patience is a byproduct (side products) of difficulties. It is not given but learned.

I asked Lord Krishna to give me happiness.
Krishna said: I give blessings. Happiness depends upon you.

I asked Lord Krishna to free me of pain.
Krishna said: Suffering makes you go far away from this world and brings you nearer to me.

I asked Lord Krishna to make my spirit grow.
Krishna said: You have to grow by yourself! But I will prune you to make you bear fruit.

I asked Lord Krishna for the things that would make me like life.
Krishna said: I will give you life, so you can enjoy all those things.

I asked Lord Krishna to help me LOVE others, like He loves me.
Krishna said: Ohhh..., finally... you got the idea!

And brother Haver also shared the love message image below:

So, let's get together and feel alright.
Note: I will post our discussion in Blogcatalog on next post.

29 July 2009

Fatwa against terrorist

Dear readers, I create this post because I heard many terrorism issues that tend to be associated with Islam as religion. But through this post I want to say that it is NOT TRUE. If you say that it is personal responsibility, then I'll say yes. I know some of you may be asking within the heart "Why you say that?"

Well, here is my explanation:
1) I'm strongly believe that there are still a lot of good Muslim, even far more than you imagine. I live in Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, and I have many Muslim friends here. They (my Muslim friends) are also condemns terrorism action.

2) Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, namely Indonesia, also condemns terrorism action and has been gave his command to the police and law enforcement to investigate, arrest, and judge all the perpetrators who were involved in the bombing cases at Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton, with firmly and without hesitation.

3) I have been looking for the reaction of Muslim scholars in the two countries which has the largest Muslim population namely Indonesia and India, where the terrorist attacks also happened in both countries. What I want to looking for is whether the Fatwa against terrorist was existed. To know more about "Fatwa" please click here and here. This is the interesting things for me and perhaps also for you who still doubt. Below is what I has found:

Through searching on internet, I have found a Fatwa decision against terrorism at the website of Majelis Ulama Indonesia (Indonesian Ulama Council), namely: KEPUTUSAN FATWA MAJELIS ULAMA INDONEISA Nomor 3 Tahun 2004 Tentang TERORISME (Fatwa decision of the Indonesian Ulama Council Number 3 Year 2004 about terrorism). As we know that Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) is the highest Muslim authority in Indonesia who have the rights of issuing Fatwa.

This Fatwa has explain the differences between terrorism and Jihad, that is:
Original quote in Indonesian language:
"Terorisme adalah tindakan kejahatan terhadap kemanusiaan dan peradaban yang menimbulkan ancaman serius terhadap kedaulatan negara, bahaya terhadap keamanan, perdamaian dunia serta merugikan kesejahteraan masyarakat. Terorisme adalah salah satu bentuk kejahatan yang diorganisasi dengan baik (well organized), bersifat trans-nasional dan digolongkan sebagai kejahatan luar biasa (extra-ordinary crime) yang tidak membeda-bedakan sasaran (indiskrimatif)."
Translated in English:
Terrorism is the criminal act against humanity and civilization that cause serious threat to the sovereignty of the country, the danger to security, world peace and harm the welfare of the society. Terrorism is one of the forms of crime which it well organized, a trans-national crime and is classified as extraordinary crime that does not differentiate the target.
And the law if do the terror is:
Original quote in Indonesian language:
"Hukum melakukan teror adalah haram, baik dilakukan oleh per-orangan, kelompok, maupun negara."
Translated in English:
The law if do the terror is forbidden / Haram, whether is done by individual, group, and the country.
If refers to this Fatwa, it is clear that the terrorists did not carry out the improvement, also did not uphold Allah's religion, and the victims are people who do not know anything, and the deeds of terror is forbidden.

The Times of India wrote: "For the first time ever, Islamic seminary Darul-Uloom Deoband issued a fatwa against terrorism on Saturday, stating Islam had come to wipe out all kinds of terrorism and to spread the message of global peace". And according to Reuters India, Darool-Uloom Deoband is a 150-year-old institute, controlling thousands of smaller Islamic seminaries in India.

The Fatwa signed by Darul-Uloom's grand mufti Habibur Rehman, asserts that: "Islam rejects all kinds of unjust violence, breach of peace, bloodshed, murder and plunder and does not allow it in any form". The Fatwa, still according to The Times Of India, went on to say: "It is proved from clear guidelines provided in the Holy Quran that allegations of terrorism against a religion which preaches and guarantees world peace is nothing but a lie. The religion of Islam has come to wipe out all kinds of terrorism and to spread the message of global peace. Allah knows the best".

Mahmood Asad Madani, leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, has stated that: "Killing of innocent people is not compatible with Islam. The biggest challenge faced by us today is terrorism (which) threatens to strike at the very root of the secular structure of our society besides causing irreparable loss."

As additional, in Saudi Arabia The Kingdom's highest Islamic authority also denounce the terror attacks in the Kingdom and describing them as "serious criminal acts" (Source: Arab News).
And the Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama also said "It was wrong to tag all Muslims as terrorists". His statement comes a day after the leading Muslims anti-terrorism organization issuing "Fatwa against terrorism" (please read more at MeriNews website).

Therefore, it's clear that terrorist is the problem of terrorist itself, the responsibility of personal or their organization itself, and has NO relevance with religion. Among you may want to say "Why not using national legal system?" For this one I agree with you, but at least all the good Muslim people has sending the message for world peace through the Fatwa against terrorist. Always remember! outside there are still many good Muslim people, even more than that which you imagine. Will you generalize them also? Hopefully NO.

Although I'm not Muslim, I want to defend my Muslim friends (my best friends here) who understood their religion properly. Finally, I'm confused why I rarely heard the publication or discussion for this Fatwa on media like TV, newspaper or internet? Oh... I can understand! But... if you have a blog, hopefully you want to help me to spread this news.

I had ask Jim Belshaw, a blogger from Australia, about the question at the last paragraph, that is, why this important Fatwa rarely get attention from the media? And you may find his interesting answer within his post titled: For Tikno - selection, perception, bias and the MUI Fatwa.
And again from Neil, also a blogger from Australia said: "It is as well - again - to remind ourselves that it is not all of Islam we are looking at here, but a perversion".

It is interesting to see the opinion from the western people towards the Islamic world, and at this time I refers to Jim and Neil.

19 July 2009

Bombing victims at JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton

This post is a continuation of previous post about the bomb explosion at Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton namely about the victims. From some newspapers that I read here, then the following is the update data of the victim names.

Injured victims = 55 people (18 foreign citizens), treated at four hospitals in Jakarta, namely RS Medistra, RS MMC (Metropolitan Medical Center), RS Pusat Pertamina, and RS Jakarta.

Victims died = 9 peoples, namely:
1. Timothy D. Mackay, New Zealand (President Director PT Holchim Indonesia).
2. Verity Nathan John, Australia.
3. Mcevoy Garth Rupert John, Australia.
4. Arnold, Singapore.
5. Darmanto, Indonesia.
6. Evert Mocodompis, Indonesia, employee of JW Marriott.
7. Senger Craig Andrew, Australia.
8 & 9. A Dutch couple, identified as Peter Burer and EJC Keaning.

In this opportunity I want to say my condolence to all family of the victim. Really, I cannot say anything more except for this sentence: "Terrorist, whatever its reason, is more cruel than all devils. Even devil not kills human"

Update post 26 July 2009: Names of the victims died above has been updated based on the data that I found at Communication and Informatics Department of the Republic of Indonesia website. Thanks to Seno and Colson for let me know in the comment-box.

17 July 2009

Bomb explosions at Hotel Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott

Today, Friday 17 July 2009, bomb explosion occurred at two luxury hotel Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott in Jakarta, Indonesia, at approximately 07:40 o'clock (Jakarta time) with the interval time is about 15 minutes. Both bombing was killed nine people and wound 52 others including foreign people (whilst report). At the same day also occurred an explosion from a car along the toll road in Jakarta, but I cannot find further details because the breaking news on all TV more focuses to Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott.

Indonesian stock price index fell down 0.7 percent after these case. Meanwhile, the Manchester United football team which has the plan ahead to visit Jakarta and stay at Ritz-Carlton hotel for an exhibition game with local team was threatened canceled. Security officials has move quickly making investigations in the two hotels. Strict inspection is also done at the airport especially against the box-car.

Right at 14:00 o'clock today (Jakarta time), President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono met the press and provide his statements in relation to this bombardment. I'm watching it on TV and noted the important points of his statements as follows:
1) Curse with hard to the terrorist who do bombardment.
2) President give command to the police and law enforcement to investigate, arrest, and judge all terrorist who do the bombardment with firmly and without hesitation.
3) Expressed deep sorrow to all the victims.
4) President said that he got some input that this bombardment have relations to the election, but he does not want to speculate before the evidence has been reveal.
5) President said that based on intelligence reports, there are terrorist groups that are doing the shoot exercise with the target to shoot himself. He said this statement with showing intelligence photographs as evidence. One photo shows the target in the shoot exercise has using his photograph as the object with a hole right on his cheek. "This is not rumor or issues, this was intelligence reports" he said with firmly.

== post update ==
The two video below I get from TV One website :

This is only the part when showing the photographs.

Video from a CCTV device shortly before the explosion occurred.

As I read through the ANTARA News website, Hasyim Muzadi, chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama (largest Islamic organization in Indonesia) said "Terrorism is not a religion and so it is not correct to say Moslems were the mastermind of the bombings". Yes, I agree with him that this is NOT related to particular religion. This is the responsibility of individual actors who has done these terror. Some people said that applying the death sentence is the best solution for reducing terrorist act. But I think they are not afraid for death. Right?

16 July 2009

Baduy tribe and Presidential Election

I'm glad that the presidential election in Indonesia on 8 July 2009 has run well, not like the presidential election in Iran. Although there were some protests from some party, but I think that was the dynamics of the life of democracy itself, like the small ripple in the wide ocean. Perhaps cyclone storm in the middle of ocean can be analogized with what has happened in Iran. So, regardless the winners or losers, the most important is Viva Democracy!

Because I'm not interested in political matters, then this post is more to the interesting story that I read on Jawa Pos newspaper edition dated 9 July 2009 (written in 2 series), that is, all Baduy tribe who was part of Inner Baduy community (sub-groups of Baduy tribe) was not gave their vote in the presidential election in order to their tradition / custom. In the Ciboleger village, there is provided a place to vote for the 6,325 eligible voters from the total of 11,170 Baduy people. But, until 13:00 o'clock no one from Inner Baduy gave their vote although the representatives of the election committee has spread the invitation to them. Jero Sami, a figure of indigenous Baduy said "Abdi mah ngiring karu kenging bae" (we follow the winner). Puun Jahadi, supreme leader of indigenous Baduy said "We entrust to all Outer Baduy who more close to the outside world".

Such as Aboriginal tribe in Australia and Indian tribe in America, there were Baduy tribe in Indonesia. Baduy tribe (who call themselves as Kanekes people) is one of the indigenous peoples who living exclusively at Kendeng mountain foothills, Kanekes village, Leuwidamar subdistrict, Lebak district, Banten province. Why I say exclusive is because of their community and original lifestyle was protected by the regulations of the Perda Kabupaten Lebak No.32 Tahun 2001 (Lebak districts regulations Number 32 Year 2001) concerning protection of the custom rights of indigenous Baduy. Baduy tribe were divided into two sub-groups, that is the Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy) and the Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy). Outer Baduy is more modern and open to the outside world. Inner Baduy tend to close themselves and have a lot of restrictions. They (Inner Baduy) are forbidden to kill, steal, lie, commit adultery, get drunk, smoking, go to school, using modern tools or goods, must walk for go anywhere, always dressed in white, etc.

Below is the life philosophy of indigenous Baduy that has been inherited from generations to generations, that is:
"The mountains may not be destroyed, the valleys may not be damaged. What is long may not be cut short, what is short may not be lengthened. The ancestral injunctions may not be changed. We must remain faithful to the ways of our ancestors"

I think that verse was articulated beautifully. I do not know how long they can maintain their traditions from the influence of globalization. Can you predict it?

For more information about Baduy tribe, here are some good resource for you:

11 July 2009

New Paper Currency Rp 2.000

Temporarily Officials (Pejabat sementara/Pjs.) of the Governor of Bank Indonesia, Miranda S. Goeltom, accompanied by Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, S. Budi Rochadi, Governor of South Kalimantan province, Rudy Ariffin, and the Governor of Central Kalimantan province, Agustin Teras Narang, was officially launched the new paper currency for Rp 2.000 emissions year 2009 as a means of legitimate payment in Indonesia on Thursday 9 July 2009, in Banjarmasin city. These new paper currency valid as means of payment starting from 10 July 2009.

In her speech Miranda S. Goeltom said (translated in English by me):
"Publishing the new paper currency is the implementation of Bank Indonesia policy in the field of money circulation that is to satisfy the requirement for rupiah money in the community within enough nominal number, kinds of currency which it appropriate, on time and in feasible conditions for circulate."

At the front side there is the image Pangeran Antasari (a national heroes origin from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan province) and at the back side there is the image of Tarian Adat Dayak (traditional dance origin Kalimantan). Using national heroes as the themes for currency design also applied for previously currencies that has been published.

Front side image (click its image to enlarge).

Back side image.

Hmm... I confused why the design of United States dollar rarely changed. Just my question! (Source:

04 July 2009

The Three Malady Of A Man

On Saturday ago, when I accompany and entertaining best customers at a night club, I met my two best friends there. Then we gathered together at the bar, ordering beers and then... Cheers! Ha..ha... very enjoyable to drink together with friends, especially with the atmosphere full of music, lots of beautiful night worker ladies. Maybe just theatrical smile from the sadness heart, I think. My wife knows it so I don't have to worry ha..ha...(Psst... I said this is bussines interests).

While chat together, one of friends asking me an interesting question, and our chat are as below (translated in English):
Friend: "Tikno, did you know the three malady of a man? For no.1 & 2 I will pay it for you but for no.3 I will resign."
Me: "Ha..ha... another temptations. Why you are ready paying for no.1 & 2 but not to no.3? what's that?", I shouted.
Friend: "No.1 is drunkard. Money still safe until sprawl". Immediately other friend shouted "Agree! Let us drunk, we get a sponsor now", ha..ha...
Me: "What is no.2, hope sponsorship again"
Friend: (shouted with loud) "No.2 is playboy! The rest of money still safe because certainly you'll tired". Then we appoint to one another and shouted "You are playboy!" and everyone laugh with loud ha..ha...
Me: "and what is no.3, which it makes you resign?"
Friend: "No.3 is gambler! All money finished until grass root and the rest only a pants". Then all roar with laughter.

Hmm... just a light story of the madness male group for the night. After midnight we went home and all illusion was ended. Just temporary pleasure, because the real pleasure was when I arrived at home I saw my wife waiting for me.

Hi readers, what is the next malady from a man? Surely from you there is amazing replies especially from ladies. So, be careful man! Ha..ha....

22 June 2009

Five things I am proud of

I am typing this post while accompanying my baby sleeping at night. Jim Belshaw from Personal Reflections site, as I read on his short profile is a manager, strategic consultant, freelance researcher and social commentator, has asked me to write about 5 things I am proud of. And below is my duty for Jim.

1) Become a father. I do not have a child during the first three-year marriage. Problem? maybe not in western but few bother here. In a relax chat people often ask "You have how much child?". While joke my best friend ever said "You not yet being a real father until you have a child". Hmm... an uncomfortable habit. But now I have Ely and Alexander. Maybe Jim or readers will be laughing at me for this one, ha... ha...
For fairness to Ely, I should takes her photos here like her brother Alexander at previous post, so that she does not jealous one day.

2) Not an unemployment. I will low-self if it happened.

3) Harmonious with my siblings. Care each other when in trouble. Of course I need harmony with other people but with own siblings is the fundamental thing.

4) My parents live with me. Yes, the Confucius philosophy has influencing my family.

5) My child successful in life. It is pride for me when seeing my child have an achievement at school and live more successful than their parents. Moreover if I can see my grandchild.

I also would like to say thank you to Ramana Rajgopaul from Ramana's Musings site for given me "One Lovely Blog Award". Lately I'm lack of sleep since Alexander was born but I'm happy that my duty for Jim and Ramana has been completed.

13 June 2009

Alexander, New Born and The Miracle In The Womb

With happiness and cheerful I'm create this post because on Thursday 11 June 2009 at 10:20 pm, I have a male baby Alex. Born with weight of 3 Kg & length 50 Cm. There are no words that can describe how happy I am with the whole family. Hopefully, the photos below able to describe of my beautiful moment.

My brother's wife, Lidya, tells me a site "Baby Names" to find out what is the meaning of the name "Alexander" and I find its meaning is: Defender Of The People.

Do you know of what I think when I see the birth of my baby? Have you ever imagine when you are in the womb? In there, a miracle was happened from an embryo become a perfect baby and LIVE. Yes, the life itself. TRUTHFULLY IN A MOTHER'S WOMB... GOD HAS SHOWED HIS GREATNESS TO HUMAN. AMEN!

12 May 2009

Mother's Day - A Tribute for Mother

About Mother's job:
It's 24 hours job, NO pay, NO day off, SELDOM appreciated and IMPOSSIBLE to resign, but still proud be a mother.

Welcoming Mother's Day on these May, DO NOT put your mother to the Old people's home. Before you want to do that, HOLD ON! read this first!

So..., would you like to bring her back to her home-sweet-home for sharing the love, at least for these great moment. It's depend on you.

== Post Update 1 ==
Below, I quoted a part of comments from LaVonda R. Bailey in this post which I think is her call to us:

"... Women and children are always raped, killed and abused as a part of war and history proves this fact to be true. I have a problem with the government dropping bombs on women and children in Pakistan, because those are women who love and care for their children just like I do and it would be wrong for a country to drop bombs on my neighborhood and kill my children and we as women should believe and and work to stop war around the world so another women does not have to suffer the lost of love one or her home or security. WAKE UP AND UNDERSTAND WE ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY WE LIVE IN WE ALL LIVE ON THE PLANET EARTH!!"

I think the sad situation on there for Mother's Day.

== Post Update 2 ==
I am very impressed to the post on Jeanne blog entitled: Mother's Day For Infertile Patients. Truly this post gives a different sense, as said by Jeanne in comment:
" Mother's Day post dedicated to infertile patients and the serious emotional impact of Mother's Day on them..."

In these Mother's Day moment, it could be a few couples who you met was being struggle in some kind of battle and you never know when your sincere words by saying Happy Mother's Day have an impact on their heart. Another challenge for Mother's Day.

05 May 2009

Reflection From Hunger For Us

I found a video through Mel Avila Alarilla's blog. This video is truly very very touching and with humility I want to share with you, a tragedy for humanity.
See this film about the hunger and poverty brought by globalization: Chicken A La Carte, written, photographed and directed by Ferdinand Dimadura.

During life, do you ever felt hungry? How it feel? Did you stomach ache? A simple question for reflection! Maybe in your heart will say that I can only make this post and doubting to the real act. Well, I want to say that in the blogging world, here's what I can do and differ from what I have done in the real world, especially because I ever had experience where I only could eat once a day when young and living in a city far from family. Felt hungry and ashamed to request from parent because I have grown. That is my UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES and never forget. So, now I am truly grateful to God with what I have, even God gives more to me, especially a loving wife and a cute baby.

Do not feel low-self with what you have now because there's still a lot of people under you. Conversely, there is still the sky above the sky. If you feel touched by this post, with humility please spread this video on your blog by your own writing.

30 April 2009

Swine Influenza - Watch Out!

I am surprised when reading Kaltim Post newspaper (Monday, 27 April 2009) about the outbreak of Swine Influenza virus (Swine Flu). Immediately I browse the internet to find more information about these outbreak, and here of what I found for sharing.

What is Swine Influenza ?
According to World Health Organization (WHO), Swine influenza, or “swine flu”, is a highly contagious acute respiratory disease of pigs, caused by one of several swine influenza A viruses. Morbidity tends to be high and mortality low (1-4%). The virus is spread among pigs by aerosols, direct and indirect contact, and asymptomatic carrier pigs. Outbreaks in pigs occur year round, with an increased incidence in the fall and winter in temperate zones. Many countries routinely vaccinate swine populations against swine influenza.

Apprehensive Outbreak
On April 25th 2009, upon the advice of the Emergency Committee called under the rules of the International Health Regulations, the Director-General declared this event as Public Health Emergency of International Concern.

On April 26th 2009, the Government of United States has reported 20 laboratory confirmed human cases of swine influenza A/H1N1 (8 in New York, 7 in California, 2 in Texas, 2 in Kansas and 1 in Ohio). All 20 cases have had mild Influenza-Like Illness with only one requiring brief hospitalization. No deaths have been reported. Also as of 26 April, the Government of Mexico has reported 18 laboratory confirmed cases of swine influenza A/H1N1. Investigation is continuing to clarify the spread and severity of the disease in Mexico. Suspect clinical cases have been reported in 19 of the country's 32 states.

On April 27th 2009, on second meeting of The Emergency Committee, considered available data on confirmed outbreaks of A/H1N1 swine influenza in the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada. The Committee also considered reports of possible spread to additional countries. On the advice of the Committee, the WHO Director-General decided to raised the level of influenza pandemic alert from the current phase 3 to phase 4. The change to a higher phase of pandemic alert indicates that the likelihood of a pandemic has increased, but not that a pandemic is inevitable.

On April 28th 2009, seven countries have officially reported cases of swine influenza A/H1N1 infection. The United States Government has reported 64 laboratory confirmed human cases, with no deaths. Mexico has reported 26 confirmed human cases of infection including seven deaths. The following countries have reported laboratory confirmed cases with no deaths - Canada (6), New Zealand (3), United Kingdom (2), Israel (2) and Spain (2).

On April 29th 2009, the situation continues to evolve rapidly. Nine countries have officially reported 148 cases of swine influenza A/H1N1 infection. The United States Government has reported 91 laboratory confirmed human cases, with one death. Mexico has reported 26 confirmed human cases of infection including seven deaths. The following countries have reported laboratory confirmed cases with no deaths - Austria (1), Canada (13), Germany (3), Israel (2), New Zealand (3), Spain (4) and the United Kingdom (5).

Click here for daily updates from WHO about Swine Influenza and Click here to read frequently asked questions about Swine Influenza.

Meanwhile according to Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. dr. Siti Fadilah Supari, Sp.JP(K) to the journalist in the press conference about Swine Influenza (Tuesday, April 28th 2009, in Jakarta), this virus usually only live in cold areas that have four seasons. Possibility, H1N1 virus will not be able to live in the tropics such as Indonesia. However, the Ministry of Health has undertaken vigilance steps and prevention in order not to spread to Indonesia.

17 April 2009

Why Vote for Nuances Religious Party Go Down

In Legislative Election 2009 in Indonesia, happened the trend of decreasing vote for party with religious nuance, both the nuances of Islam or Christian. This phenomena was attract me in making this post.

I see party in Indonesia can be divided into two parts that is, nuances religious and nuances moderate / nationalist. In the history of national scale election in Indonesia, party nuances Christian has not been able to show significant vote. This could be happened, perhaps because the percentage of Christians population is very small. Which is the interesting matter is, there was decreasing trend of vote for party nuances of Islam in Indonesia (the world's most populous Moslem), except PKS party. The success of PKS party to maintain their vote is because they have an effort to divert the issue of religious sentiment into general issue.

According to a researcher from The Indonesian Survey Institute (Lembaga Survei Indonesia / LSI), Burhanuddin Muhtadi (Jawa Pos newspaper, Saturday, April 11th 2009), analyze that the defeat is because among Islamic political party snatch the same base voters, so the vote obtained is decrease. "I call this cannibalism among Islamic political party. Mutually eat each other" said Burhanuddin. Still according to Burhanuddin, Islamic political party can not yet reach the market of voters with nationalist background, who generally to be object by majority of the party. "That because of selling the wrong issue. They are still selling religious issues, such as pornography, Jakarta Charter (Piagam Jakarta), or Syariat Islam. Whereas voters society no longer consider to the religious dimension, but more to the real problems", said him. It seems "rift of market" from the voter for Islamic political party has seized by moderate parties.

From all of that, my mind come to some conclusion below:
  1. In political matter, modern society more thinking (interested) to the real issue such as education, health, housing, economy, social guarantee, employment availability, corruption or clean government, tax policy, national stability, environment, etc.
  2. The higher the average education level of society, then they will be more critical in determining their choice. They no longer choosing based on "individual charm" but more seeing the vision, mission, and policy from a party. Maybe more interested to what has they done.
Are you have another conclusion? or seeing the differ cases with the same topic on other country? or maybe in your own country? Feel free to add it in comment.
If you interested to view the number of obtained vote for each participant party, on Indonesia Legislative Election 2009, please visit Pusat Tabulasi Pemilu Nasional 2009 (National Election Tabulation Center 2009) which managed by Komisi Pemilihan Umum / KPU (General Election Commission).

Pssst... there is some proverb in political world, that is: There is no eternal opponent or fellow, there is only eternal interests. -or- Politic is who gets what. Believes it or not.

02 April 2009

Dam Burst Tragedi and Three Important Notes

On Friday, March 27, 2009, Situ Gintung dam at Cirendeu, Tangerang, southeast of Jakarta, has broken-down and the water flooded like a small tsunami, washing away cars, houses and settlement area. Ninety nine people were killed and 102 others were missing (update the number of victims from on Tuesday, March 31, 2009)

From all of that, I am interested with the three important notes that I find on a blog of Jusuf Kalla, who at this time as Vice President of Indonesia.

First, it is indeed the embankment that broken-down was caused by excessive water debit. Situ Gintung levee was originally built on Dutch colonial authorities era, only able to accommodate 1 million cubic of water, while the debit of water before the incident has reached 2 million cubic of water debit. There should be early warning for residents who live around the embankment when felt there was something that threatens the safety of citizens. In Situ Gintung actually already there, but work less well.

Second, allotment of land around the flood plains has been infringe the rules. If refer to the rules then there can be no building within 30 meters distance from flood plains, in order to become water absorption area if overflow occur unexpectedly. But, housing has been built in flood plains at Situ Gintung region, so there is no water absorption area and at the time the embankment (dam) broken then the water immediately flooding in settlement residents. Therefore he request that allotment of land around the flood plains all over Indonesia should be re-standardization, for the sake of safety for all of us.

Third, for people who live in areas prone to disaster, need to prepare emergency response system independently, which can be used when something happens while waiting for help from the authorities. In that way, the number of victim could be minimized.

I hope to re-standardization of flood plains can be done immediately. End of word, this is another "natural process" from God which can not be avoided, even though I feel very sad to know these disaster. All that we can do is using technology for early warning, prepare ourselves and give rapid-help to minimize the victim. What is your opinion about this?

25 March 2009

Children of WAR!!! Kurdistan, Iraq, Iran

First, I apologize to you all because no update for a long time. I'm very busy lately because I have to give time and thought to the company, for the life of many people involved in it, and to achieves our big goal.

In this post I want to share a video clip that I found on YouTube. This video clip has touched my heart even though I do NOT understand its language, a proof that the art (song) is universal. Many people said that a picture can reveal a thousand words, moreover a video. And I use this video as a MISSILE to shoot your heart. So, DO NOT close your eyes and hopefully can reach your HEART.

27 January 2009

Chinese New Year 2560 - Gong Xi Fa Cai

On January 26th 2009 (Indonesian time) the Chinese people around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year 2560th (old enough I think). It's sometimes called the Lunar New Year. Following tradition, at the night (one day before the first day new year) all family members gather together for dinner and usually the chosen venue will be near or at the home of the most senior member of the family. After dinner, usually followed by giving the red envelop (Hong Bao in Mandarin; Angpau in Indonesian) from married couples or the elderly to unmarried juniors, and the juniors give respect by saying the hope for health, happiness, and long-aged to the elderly. Prayer at the temples and visiting the other elderly relatives is the next schedules.

In Indonesia, I noted that since the era of President Abdurrahman Wahid (also known as Gus Dur), the Chinese culture such as Barongsai performance, the use of Chinese characters, and the use of Chinese red lantern as decorations has been getting wider space in front of public. This made possible since President Abdurrahman Wahid has removed Instruksi Presiden (Inpres) No.14 Tahun 1967 (Presidential Instruction No.14 Year 1967), and replaced with Keppres No.6 Tahun 2000 (Presidential Decree No.6 Year 2000). Further-more, the Chinese New Year (in Indonesian called Imlek) has officially become a national holiday, not a tentatively holiday anymore. You will see that this holiday has marked with RED COLOR within Indonesian calendar.

Happy Chinese New Year 2560 - Gong Xi Fa Cai

24 January 2009

HIV / AIDS and Social Contact FAQs

Illustration of social contact.
This post aims to help and provide some proportional information about social activities or contact with people having HIV / AIDS, because in society there is still negative social stigma. Sufferer tend to be excommunicated in association community. Have you ever imagine about handshake, kissing, sharing toilet, live together with sufferer? You may be interested in some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) below:

Is deep kissing a route of HIV transmission?
Deep or open-mouthed kissing is a very low risk activity in terms of HIV transmission. HIV is only present in saliva in very minute amounts, insufficient to cause infection with HIV. There has been only one documented case of someone becoming infected with HIV through kissing; a result of exposure to infected blood during open-mouthed kissing. If you or your partner have blood in your mouth, you should avoid kissing until the bleeding stops.

Can I become infected with HIV through normal social contact / activities such as shaking hands, toilet seats, swimming pools, sharing cutlery, kissing, sneezes and coughs?
No. HIV is not an airborne, water-borne or food-borne virus, and does not survive for very long outside the human body. Therefore ordinary social contact such as kissing, shaking hands, coughing and sharing cutlery does not result in the virus being passed from one person to another.

Can I become infected with HIV from needles on movie/cinema seats?
There have been a number of stories circulating via the Internet and e-mail, about people becoming infected from needles left on cinema seats and in coin return slots. These rumours appear to have no factual basis. For HIV infection to take place in this way the needle would need to contain infected blood with a high level of infectious virus. If a person was then pricked with an infected needle, they could become infected, but there is still only a 0.4% chance of this happening. Although discarded needles can transfer blood and blood-borne illnesses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV, the risk of infection taking place in this way is extremely low.

Is there a risk of HIV transmission when having a tattoo, body piercing or visiting the barber?
If instruments contaminated with blood are not sterilised between clients then there is a risk of HIV transmission. However, people who carry out body piercing or tattooing should follow procedures called 'universal precautions', which are designed to prevent the transmission of blood borne infections such as HIV and Hepatitis B. When visiting the barbers there is no risk of infection unless the skin is cut and infected blood gets into the wound. Traditional 'cut-throat' razors used by barbers now have disposable blades, which should only be used once, thus eliminating the risk from blood-borne infections such as Hepatitis and HIV.

Am I at risk of becoming infected with HIV when visiting the doctor or dentist?
Transmission of HIV in a healthcare setting is extremely rare. All health professionals are required to follow infection control procedures when caring for any patient. These procedures are called universal precautions for infection control. They are designed to protect both patients and healthcare professionals from the transmission of blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis B and HIV.

Can I become infected with HIV through biting?
Infection with HIV in this way is unusual. There have only been a couple of documented cases of HIV transmission resulting from biting. In these particular cases, severe tissue tearing and damage were reported in addition to the presence of blood.

Can I be infected with HIV through contact with animals such as dogs and cats?
No. HIV is a Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It only affects humans. There are some other types of immunodeficiency viruses that specifically affect cats and other primates, namely the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV). These viruses are of no risk to humans. Some people have expressed concern that they could become infected if scratched by an animal that has previously scratched an HIV positive person. This is exceptionally unlikely, and there are no documented cases of transmission occurring in this way.

Can I get HIV from a mosquito?
No, it is not possible to get HIV from mosquitoes. When taking blood from someone, mosquitoes do not inject blood from any previous person. The only thing that a mosquito injects is saliva, which acts as a lubricant and enables it to feed more efficiently.

Can I transmit HIV to my baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
An HIV-infected pregnant woman can pass the virus on to her unborn baby either before or during birth. HIV can also be passed on during breastfeeding. If a woman knows that she is infected with HIV, there are drugs she can take to greatly reduce the chances of her child becoming infected. Other ways to lower the risk include choosing to have a caesarean section delivery and not breastfeeding.

Does donating blood or having a blood transfusion mean that I am putting myself at risk from HIV?
Some people have been infected through a transfusion of infected blood. In most countries, however, all the blood used for transfusions is now tested for HIV. In those countries where the blood has been tested, HIV infection through blood transfusions is now extremely rare. Blood products, such as those used by people with haemophilia, are now heat-treated to make them safe. Donating blood at an approved donation centre should carry no risk, as all equipment should be sterile and blood collection needles are not reused.

Does circumcision protect against HIV?
There is very strong evidence showing that circumcised men are about half as likely as uncircumcised men to acquire HIV through heterosexual sex. However, circumcision does not make a man immune to HIV infection, it just means that it's less likely to happen. Male circumcision probably has little or no preventive benefit for women.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) above was re-published in this blog after I got permission from "" through email sent by Matthew Leake. For more information please visit This post only a general knowledge, please contact your doctor for more detail. Stay away from the disease not from the person who got HIV / AIDS.
Related Post : HIV / AIDS - Shame Or Disease

10 January 2009


In this post I only quotes the things associated with the two words above. Please use your sense and read carefully to find and feel the fundamental differences from it.

== VETO ==
According to Wikipedia: "A veto, Latin for "I FORBID" is used to denote that a certain party has the right to stop unilaterally a certain piece of legislation. In practice, the veto can be ABSOLUTE (as in the U.N. Security Council, whose permanent members can block any resolution). In the United Nations Security Council, the five permanent members (the United States, Russia, the People's Republic of China, France and the United Kingdom) have veto power in substantive matters, though NOT in procedural ones. If any of these countries votes against a proposal, it is REJECTED, even if all of the other member countries vote in FAVOUR."

According to Global Policy Forum: "The five permanent members of the Security Council (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States) ENJOY the privilege of veto power. This power has been intensely controversial since the drafting of the UN Charter in 1945. The United States and Russia would probably NOT ACCEPTED the creation of the United Nations WITHOUT the veto privilege. Fifty years later, the debate on the existence and use of the veto continues, reinvigorated by many cases of veto-threat as well as actual veto use."

According to Democracy Building, the key elements of democracy are:
  • Guarantee of basic HUMAN RIGHTS to EVERY INDIVIDUAL person vis-à-vis the state and its authorities as well as vis-à-vis any social groups (especially religious institutions) and vis-à-vis other persons
  • Separation of Powers between the institutions of the state
  • Freedom of opinion, speech, press and massmedia
  • Religious liberty
  • General and EQUAL RIGHT to vote (one person, one vote)
  • Good Governance (focus on public interest and absence of corruption)
U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) defined democracy as: "Government of the people, by the people, for the people."
Could you find the basic differences between the two words above? Whether the veto right still relevance in present era and future? Whatever your answer, yes or no, please give your opinion with the polite words. Personally I will answer "no", how with you?

05 January 2009

NEW YEAR 2009 - Just Sharing

Within this post I just write my random thought and hope you don't mind and enjoy to read it.

Although 2008 has passed, it does not mean that all problems has been passed, such as war, hunger, refugees, and the most dangerous is climate change which will destroy our earth slowly like a cancer. Yes, slowly but sure! Let take action to more slowest its change.

At the other hand, maybe young people will be happy, perhaps they feels has become adult and proudly says "I am not a child anymore". Feels like holding "VISA" for access to all things labeled "For 17 years above". But I say you will facing more burden and responsibility in future. It same like me when became adult and got marriage. Older people maybe says "Soon I will be seated pension and enjoy the life because all my children has been marriage". But the life problems always belong to you as long as you are in this world. At least you will feel sad if your children fail in their life.

During my life, I ever met people who follow atheism and said "I do NOT believe the existence of God. Life is 100% of what we have done, the result of success or failure". You know what my answer to him? I said "If so, if, when you facing the last minutes condition of your life, whether you still do not ask, or at least mentioning the name of God? At that time, apparently he was confused with my answer, ha... ha...

Come to my family, I am impressed when my wife suggest me to do a general check-up for health this year. She said "If you love your family especially to our little daughter, please do it". Oh my God... maybe she want to make sure to our health and physically ready for facing this year. Thank you so much my wife, I realize that she still depends on us.

New year, new hope, new problems and new challenge. Be prepared and facing with confidence, because each turn of the year actually reduce the quota of our life to stay in this world. Believe it or not, the time cannot be reset. That's what I think, a random thoughts.

For 2009, I want to repeat my hope which was written in 2008 (please visit the link of my reflection for this world at the top part of this blog). You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Happy New Year to you all.