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New Paper Currency Rp 2000

Temporary official (Pejabat sementara/Pjs.) of the Governor of Bank Indonesia, Miranda S. Goeltom, accompanied by Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, S. Budi Rochadi, Governor of South Kalimantan province, Rudy Ariffin, and the Governor of Central Kalimantan province, Agustin Teras Narang, was officially launched the new paper currency Rp 2,000, emission of year 2009 , as a means of legitimate payment in Indonesia on Thursday 9 July 2009 in Banjarmasin city. These new paper currency valid as means of payment starting from 10 July 2009.

In her speech Miranda S. Goeltom said (translated in English by me):
"Publishing the new paper currency is the implementation of Bank Indonesia policy in the field of money circulation that is to satisfy the requirement of rupiah's currency in the society with enough nominal, kinds of currency which it appropriate, on time and in feasible conditions to circulate."

At the front side there is the image Pangeran Antasari (a national heroe origin from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan province) and at the back side there is the image Tarian Adat Dayak (traditional dance origin Kalimantan). Using national heroes as the themes for currency design also applied for previously currencies that has been published.

Indonesia' paper currency Rp. 2000 at front side

Rp 2000 front and back side. Click to enlarge. Source:

I'm curious why the design of United States dollar rarely changed. Just my question. Does anyone know?


  1. "Hmm... I confused why the design of United States dollar rarely changed"..

    Let's speculate. Maybe it's because the US has run short on heroes, while Indonesian heroes and heroines are still abundant?

  2. ha ha ... what a clever comment from our friend colson.
    Btw, I've just found out about the new paper currency from a blogger about an hour ago. Can't wait to see it myself.

  3. currency?
    dont patient to wait it

  4. Colson - You're very clever, like our friend Eha said. ha..ha...ha... :D

    Eha - Really an unpredictable comment from Colson, ha..ha...
    Plainly, partly of our society still does not treat their money properly, such as folded it until tangly, arranged it with staples. Right?

    TopNews - Same with me.

  5. aha.ha.. I like Colson comment.

    Bener juga ya, mungkin karena terlalu banyak pahlawan di Indonesia he..he..

  6. Hi tikno,
    thanks for visiting my blog.
    why change dollar design? there is no need, changing it will only confused a lot of people. It is nice that Indonesian government is honoring their heroes by putting their faces on new currency. US on the other hand honor their heroes in different ways.
    Have a nice day!

  7. Seno - mungkin juga karena banyak pemalsuan.

    Nance - During my life, I have seen several times that the design of Indonesian currency has changed (re-design), while on the other hand I have never seen design changes for U.S. dollar.

  8. either they are just too damn proud of their current design, or they are just too lazy LOL!!

    Nah, I have no idea either!

    But seriously, designs in currency don't change much often dont they? The last time Singapore revamped its currency design was 10 years ago, before they do changes of the material use from paper to plasticky texture.

  9. Common Singaporean - You right! changing the design indeed does not make it more valuable. Previously, Indonesia also have currency using plastic materials, but was changed with paper material. I don't knows why.

  10. The father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi on most of our currency and our national emblem too.

    Nice to see a change though.Keeps the fake currency makers confused I suppose.

    How 's the baby doing?

  11. Amrita - Maybe, one of the efforts to prevent forgery.
    Baby often cry for requesting milk, ha.. ha...

  12. cukup bersedih karena duit indonesia makin kecil aja huhuhu

  13. Ferry Prima - Siapa bilang makin kecil, justru makin besar. Coba aja hitung jml angka nol pecahan terbesar 100.000. Banyak bukan? ha.. ha...

  14. Why bother if someone changes or not? If your country does, enjoy it! Ours does quite often.

  15. Rummuser - Perhaps, lots of money experts !

  16. Indonesia lebih kreatif mungkin *hahahaha*

  17. Ade - Apa yang Anda masud dengan "kreatif" ?

  18. I hope govt. not eliminate 1000 IDR and PERURI still produce it :D

  19. Rachmat - If inflation is under control.


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