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Glimpse the spirit of 1945

On 17 August 2009, Indonesia celebrates its 64th Independence Day. I will not write more about the spirit of this proclamation, because I think, the videos below could represent it with well.

I am proud to be Indonesian, Happy Independence Day my country.


  1. Happy Independence Day - all the way from Norway!

    The videos were great - thanks for sharing.

  2. RennyBA's Terella - Thank you.

  3. Happy Independance Day. Good videos.

    India celebrated her Independence Day on August 15th

  4. My belated congratulations.

    (Well, my congratulations were in time, but I happened not to be in time here...)

    PS: I share your admiration for Sukarno.

  5. Amrita - Thank you. Happy independence day to all the people of India.

    Colson - Thank you.

  6. ...hello blogbrother!thanks for visit and comment in my page!i hate anything violence around the world!peace 4 all nations!Happy independence day!God bless you and your family!!!

  7. Big Santos - You're welcome. Thank you.

  8. Congratulations and belated happy independence day.

  9. Happy independent day for Indonesia semoga makin jaya

    Thanks for sharing this video.

  10. hello
    thank you for visiting :)
    nice blog!

  11. bro....hebat banget blognya. TERUS MENULIS..


  12. Thank you to Rummuser, Silly, Gogo, Akhyari, News Blog, for commenting this post.

  13. Yes my friend, I am the Pilot to 27years, thank you very much for the visit, good weekend with happiness and successes. Valter.

  14. Hi love, thank you very much for your nice visit.:) Near tag board, there is a google traslation,on Indonesian language.Greeting from Italy, see you soon.:)

  15. Valter - Thank you.

    Caribu - Thank for let me know. I've tried, but the result of translation is rather confusing.

  16. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog some days ago, as well as for the comments left.Come back anytime, you're welcome. Wish you & family a very nice week!

  17. Ana Cristina Toledo - Thank you, and welcome to my blog

  18. keep on spirit Indonesia....the red and white is never die

  19. Dedy Rahmat - Salam Merdeka!


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