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Noordin M Top is still mysterious

Previously, various media has published the death of Noordin M Top (the most wanted terrorist) in a raid conducted by anti-terror forces Densus 88 in a house in the Beji village, Kedu sub-district, Temanggung district. As promised by the Indonesian police to announce the identity (DNA test result) of the killed terrorist suspect body on Wednesday, 12 August 2009 (mean today), the result revealed that the suspect was not Noordin Mohammad Top (also known as Noordin M Top). It's mean that the existence of Noordin M Top is still mysterious.

Inspector General Nanan Soekarna, head of public relations division of National Police Headquarters, stated in Jakarta today that the body of the suspected terrorist who was killed in in Temanggung, was Ibrohim. Who is Ibrohim? Ibrohim (known as Boim at work) is an employee who worked as a gardener (florist) at Hotel Ritz Carlton and who were immediately disappear after the bombing happened. According to Nanan Soekarna, Ibrohim has played a dominant role in the bombing at JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton. His role is bringing the bomb into the two hotels.

As I watch the CCTV documentation aired by local TV stations, it showed the movement of Ibrohim in Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott. In first scenes, Ibrohim taken a survey firstly. In the next scenes, Ibrohim carried the goods suspected as bomb using a car. According to the car driver, he refused to be assisted and want to carried the goods by himself.

Although Noordin M Top has not been caught, I am proud of the hard effort and good progress achieved by the anti-terror forces Densus 88. I support you with prayer.


  1. I hope Noordin will be caught as soon as possible.

  2. All these cold blooded beasts have to be caught and brought to justice as soon as possible.

    Glad to hear the Taliban leader in Pakistan - Behtullah Mehsud was exterminated.

    If not on earth , in the next life they will get the full recompense of their deeds.

  3. A few days ago when the police said noordin was killed, I was skeptical. Then, it turned out that the dead body wasn't him.
    That means we still have to be alert to any possible danger ahead.

  4. Thanks for the good, factual, account.

    I do agree that, in spite of the awkward mistake about the identity of the corpse, anti-terror units have, generally speaking, done a good job. And no doubt Noordin Mohamed Top will be caught, sooner or later. And let's hope he will be caught alive - because it would be best if he could be interrogated and stand trial.

    Even more important is that sympathy with religious terrorism at the grassroots, will be dealt with.

    In this connection I heard about a hopeful example in the city-kampung Sidotopo of Surabaya. According to the story I was told since 2006 the control over it's Al Ihsan Sibililah mosque has been in the hands of Islamists of the Abu Bakar Baashir kind. Secret meeting took place and refuge was given to suspected strangers on a regular basis. But now mainstream believers of the neighbourhood took over. The Islamist Umar Ibrahim has been replaced by imam K.H. Misbach Baidowi.

    I guess that's the best way to wipe out terrorism: by the grassroots at the grassroots.

  5. Seno - That was everyone hope.

    Amrita - Indeed terrorism could be happened anywhere.

    Eha - I think the movement is more narrow.

    Colson - I'm glad that you realizes this matter (the good progress).

  6. So do I brother, so do I. I hope that they catch the low life and deny him his promised enjoyment in the afterlife.

  7. so sad its not noordin...

  8. Rummuser - Thanks for your support. The most dangerous is brain washing.

    Suryaden - Not so sad, I think an a good progress.

  9. Dear Noordin, please tell me where you are so they can get you sooner. I'm sick of reading your name everywhere everyday. You make headlines much more than me, and I'm jealous.

  10. We should be aware that there are still possibilities of terror in this country, praying that everything will be according to God's will

  11. thanks for the visit...yes, I like taekwondo...though I stop doing it...due to hectic!

  12. Teşekkürler selamlar bende Türkiyeden Assalamu alaikum.

  13. Vicky Laurentina - Ha... ha... first time I heard someone jealous to terrorist.
    Yunie - This possibilities is also owned by others countries, not only Indonesia.
    Dhemz - All the best for you, I like it... lol.
    Ademoglu - Thank you for follow this blog and welcome from Turkey. My regards to you.
    Turkiye - Thank you. Welcome to my blog.

  14. Yes he's such mystery, i wonder if he's really exist..

  15. Mama Hilda - Yes, I also wonder whether it is only a false name to trick. What's your analysis so you think like that.

  16. Good morning, my dear friend, Thanks 4 the visit, sorry i'm late, regarding my blog, i will fixed it, one by one i hope i can do the best as i can, thanks for your attention my friend, wish me luck...have a great weekend dear ....:thumbsup:"

  17. 秘密崇拜者 - You are welcome. How are you in China?. Hope you will success there.

  18. The most famous hated and searched terrorist, a man but not human, have no heart and no love.
    We are the peace moslem hate him very much, wish densus 88 will work hard to catch him asap.

  19. Bizril - Thank you for the interesting comment and welcome to my blog

  20. Tikno...

    I am not sure that Top is all that mysterious. He is certainly elusive. However, I am pretty sure that he won't stay elusive forever. Some where, some time, some one will betray him and he will be caught.

  21. Rob Baiton - I really hope someone in his network will be aware. I think, the key is education to the next generation and promoting the good insight towards religious understanding from the grass root.


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