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Spiritual vacation and my cousin's engagement

Two weeks before Eid ul-Fitr, I was with my first brother went to Surabaya then to Bali and Tuban. The goal is to attend my cousin's engagement in Surabaya. My congratulations to Erlin and Bernard, wishing you become happy couple.

Then together with my third brother who lived in Surabaya we continued to Bali to see the 10th anniversary of a prayer's place owned by Jro Putu Saya. Based on the reference of my second brother who lived in Bali, Jro Putu Saya is a person who have advantages in the spiritual matter, in other word, he have supernatural power, perhaps can be called a psychic.

When I entered this prayer's place for the first time at night (about 21:00 o'clock), I felt mystical atmosphere around, calm and peace. I saw many people went to this place for worship, some from out of town, with a variety of requests such as fortune, business success, recovery from chronic illness where doctor has raised hand. What impressed me was this prayer's place is open to all religions and beliefs. As I know there are the altar of worship for Lord Shiva, Gautama Buddha, Laughing Buddha, Goddess of Guan Yin (Avalokitesvara), Deities in Balinese society, Lord Guan Yu. After worship, some visitors approached Jro Putu Saya or his wife for consulting or asking something, similar like go to the doctors. At that night, I watched his wife body was possessed by the power of Lord Shiva while serving visitors by answering their questions or requests and sometimes she also give some directions of what have to be done. While her husband Jro Putu Saya was busy served other visitors at the other room.

When I and my brothers have the opportunity face to face with Jro Putu Saya, he advised my third brother and me to cleanse our mind and body by bathing in Tirta Empul. The water at Tirta Empul was directly out from the land, clean and cold. Balinese society believe that the water at Tirta Empul can heal various  diseases. Believe it or not, I tried it together with my brothers. Upfhh... the water is cold.

From Bali, we continued on to the most popular temple in Tuban, that is Kwang Sing Bio temple, the only one temple in Indonesia that using crab symbol on the gateway, not like other Chinese temples which it using dragon as the symbol.

Unfortunately I forgot to bring a camera on this trip. End of words within this post I also want to say Happy Eid ul-Fitr to all Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. May God bless all of us.


  1. Nice pictures and description .
    There are lots o festivities going on in India.

    Lovely couple that got engaged.

  2. terimakasih, sambil browsing, membaca, tambah ilmu, tambah pengalaman berbagi yg belum kita ketahui.. salam kenal :) semoga banyak fisikawan tercipta dari cara seperti ini.

  3. Amrita - Unfortunately I forgot to bring camera, so the picture quality is very bad.

    Fisika - Salam kenal dan selamat datang. Sukses buat Jurusan Fisika Universitas Negeri Malang. Saya sih tidak mengharapkan para fisikawan tercipta dari cara seperti ini. Biarlah ilmu pengetahuan berkembang dengan caranya sendiri.

  4. Handsome lot your family. Despite using the mobile phone, the pictures are quite nice and I am glad to now being able to put a full body to your name and face. I too wear a sarong most of the time. Only, we call it a lungi here.

  5. I wouldn't have guessed the pictures were from a cell phone if you hadn't said.

    I usually go find a lonely place on a mountain when I want to pray.

  6. Rummuser - Here I'm with "full-body". Looks sexy right? Ha..ha...
    Visitors should wear sarong while bathing in Tirta Empul while menstruating women are prohibited.

    Looney - A lonely place on a mountain? Seems interesting and could be more solemn. One time I wanted to try your way when want to pray.

  7. Interesting post... Hope things are going well for you its been a while since my last visit... Hope you have a great week ahead... TTYL..

  8. JK - Thank you my friend.

  9. what a nice travel... is good idea to refresh our live and think...

  10. Fascinating trip. At he face of it you made a kind of real spiritual journey - for which I envy you. Bali obviously has a lot more in store than sun, sea and beaches.

  11. Tikno,
    Interesting story & photos. Next time I go to Bali, I ask you for the address of the man.

    It's good to visit you interesting blog once again.
    So you have been very busy traveling
    no wonder you have not been updating for some time.

  12. Suryaden - Thank you.

    Colson - You are right.
    In Indonesia, Bali island was also given the nickname as "pulau dewata". In English: the island of gods.

    Multibrand (Harry) - You can find him in the district of Tabanan, Bali. Thank you.

  13. Yoow bro. You came to Bali unnoticed by me? Why you didn't tell me anything about your visit before, it's nice if we could met after so long.

  14. Dasanrangarajan - My trip to Bali this time was without a plan, because I just wanted to attend my cousin's engagement in Surabaya. Plan to Bali came from my brother and in there is only 2 days just to go to his prayer's place as told by my brother. In Bali I had thought to call you but I do not know how, because of my brother's house there is no internet connection. I am so sorry my friend. I will contact you if I have a plan to Bali next time. Sure!

  15. Wow, what a journey with your brother and other family members...

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  16. That is a very memorable journey of you and your siblings tikno. Congratulations on your cousin's engagement, good luck to them..

    Thank you so much for taking time to vote for our daughter!

  17. hey that was really fun all around, the pics of that event were good and i feel as i have attended that event, i liked the song , though i dont understand the language..

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010

    World Travel Destinations

  18. Tushar - Thank you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  19. It is a nice way to spend your vacation. I am just close in you I will join you in that amazing vacation. Once in a while it is good to have a spiritual time like that. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Baby crip,
    Try it... sure you will feel another unique religious atmosphere while enjoying your vacation. A good combination I think.




  22. Apa kabar Bapak Jro Putu Saya.
    Semoga Pak Jro Putu masih ingat saya.
    Saya kakaknya Asin dan Awi/Yayang yang di Bali.
    Selamat Tahun Baru 2012. Semoga sehat selalu.
    Salam dari saya

  23. Maaf pak tikno saya bukan jro putu cuman saya yang bikin dengan persetujuan beliau. Dengan senang hati kalau pak tikno mau jadi kontributor di jro putu saya. Selamat tahun baru 2012 Semoga sehat selalu dan sukses sekeluarga AMIN

  24. Salam dari saya. Kalau boleh tahu siapa Anda? Apakah Anda anggota keluarga Pak Jro Putu?

    Bagaimana caranya menjadi kontributor?
    Tolong sampaikan salam dari saya buat Pak Jro Putu

  25. Salam kenal juga saya ahong di jakarta asli surabaya. Biasa dipanggil sama jro agung ;) baik pak Tikno nanti saya sampaikan karena bulan depan tgl:5 Bln: 2 saya kesana karena ada sembahyang ke besakih.

    Biasa aja pak Tikno kalau mau jadi kontributor tinggal register aja di blog jro putu saya nanti kalau sudah register saya set nick bapak menjadi kontributor. Pakai bahasa indonesia atau Inggris boleh saja terserah pak Tikno.


  26. Sudah register. Saya tunggu berita selanjutnya. Akan lebih baik kita berkomunikasi via email yang saya gunakan untuk tegister.

  27. Pak tikno Sudah di set menjadi kontributor


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