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Unbelievable thing

While looking for something on YouTube, I found a collection of unbelievable photographs. Something difficult to be explained with common sense, science or even religious. I guess you will say: this is supernatural, psychic, abnormal, or unbelievable, etc. If so, perhaps, the real truth is still out there and this world still containing many mysterious thing to be explored. Just look at the video below with relax.

I myself ever see a true story from one of my employee who have a chronic disease that can not be cured by modern medical science, then tried religious healing (also failed), but then it can be cured by a shaman/paranormal. I don't know whether this case can be said a miracle or a magic?? So I think, that is why for those who are unable to resolve the world mystery through science and/or religious, will be heading towards the paranormal, or have a tendency to engage to the supernatural thing.

Sorry if this post rather contradictory thinking. That is still interesting to see how science and/or religion can provide a comfortable explanation against this phenomenon. Can you?


  1. Most of the freakish objects/subjects are probable quite common genetic accidents - cats with two heads,dogs with eight legs etc. And others, which are not that obvious and which can not be explained right away, may still be enigmatic, but in due time the puzzle will be scientifically solved I'm sure.

    As for the exceptions: let's just be happy there are still some challenges for the human brain left.

    Of course it's okay with me if people looks for metaphysical and supernatural answers. Though I should prefer to live a life in which some question-marks will remain.

  2. i think those with two heads and multiple limbs are genetic. they were supposed to be twins or triplets but didn't separate fully just like the human conjoined and parasitic twins. i believe in paranormal though. my late grandmother is a psychic.

  3. Colson - How with human-crocodile? Can we guessed that was a result of someone having sex with crocodile.

    Rossel - But the story of my employee above is not a genetic case.

  4. Tikno my friend,
    The freakish phenomenon shows that God is Great! Anything can happen.
    Re: healing by dukun/shaman, is still popular in our society, not just for people in rural are but also in the cities.
    It reminds me of a song by Stevie Wonder "Superstitious".

  5. Believe it or not, the unseen world really exists. It can be explained and proven by science. If we do not believe in the unseen nature, meaning not believe god.

    I've written about it on my other site. Alam Ghaib dan Ilmu Pengetahuan

    About paranormal I think the suggestion that cure your friend.

  6. its not simple to believe, but if it can see by my eyes...

  7. There are alot of things we can't explain but as you know god has the answers we are looking for...
    Have a wonderful day tinko...

  8. hi Ely, visiting u again to read your updates... is that really real? gross...

  9. The cure that you talk about is not an unusual phenomenon. Many such cases abound and medical science has no answer for them. We simply have to accept that there are things that happen beyond our understanding and get on with life.

  10. H. Nizam - Hm... I guess shamanism or superstitious also happened in other places. The question is, what is the major cause that force people engage in supernatural thing. Poverty? Culture? Frustration? or...?

    Seno - Here in comment you said: "It can be explained and proven by science"
    In your article you said: "This is only an opinion, do not believe it and do not take it raw."
    So, which one correct?

    Suryaden - Yes, not a simple thing.

    JK - Could you share some of the answers here?

    Reanaclaire - I'm not sure, just share it here to show how our world is mysterious.

    Rummuser - Hmm... an impartial answers and wise.

    Coff - guess what.

  11. As you learn to trust your gut, then you no longer question or doubt. You listen to he wisdom and insight of soul. This is only ever motivated by love.

  12. Your report is very interesting indeed.
    I invite You to see my Italian-Estonian site
    You'll find a rich collection of photos of political borders from all the world.
    Best wishes!

  13. Liara Covert - Maybe because your comment is too deep, so I could not catch the point of your idea.

    Pilland - Yes, that was an interesting collection. But your collections should be added to make it more interesting.

  14. I myself am a MD, grew in scientific world (certainly). But in my practice, sometime I had encounter with weird illness or cured cases unexplainable by my medical knowledge.
    In medical term any disease has cause (etiology), pathophysiology, natural history, etc. All of them will help us to make diagnose and manage treatments for the patient. Then what do you think if we, doctors, got a case unexplainable by all medical instruments we have?
    Thanks for my background of spirituality. The Vedic science classify all etiologies of illness to 3 groups. The adi-bhautics, adi-atmics, and adi-daivics.
    Adi-bhautics are entities-caused diseases i.e. viral, bacterial, animal bite, or even negative energy emanates from certain people or beings.
    Adi-atmics are self-caused diseases like depression, hypogastric syndromes, and psycho-somatic disorders.
    Adi-daivics are celestial-caused, such as curse of angelic beings, etc.

    Illness or disease is unnatural imbalance of our bodies' energetic-field. The threefold etiologies were the cause of this problem. But in bonafide traditional healing approach, a health problem took holistically as disorder of mind-body complex. In modern medicine, we just take the body only.

    So, actually to properly administer treatment for patient, we have to get exact diagnose. And certainly the diagnose also connected with etiology of the disease. So if you got Adi-bhautics, then the treatment should be bhautic means such as antiviral for viruses, antibiotic for bacterias, etc.

    In spiritual approach we can consider the energy imbalance of gross and subtle bodies of an ill person. The subtle body of ego, intelligent, and mind interrelated and influences the gross physical body. Meditation, vibration of mantra chanting, prayer, religious activities, etc. affects this energy field. In adi-atmic and adi-daivic cases, repairing natural equilibrium of energy is a must. But even for adi-bhautic cases, the spiritual methods has significant impact for healing process.

    So, miraculous healing? I think it is not so wonderful. It is so natural. I think that's why these traditional healing methods are working nicely for some person with certain diseases.

  15. Dasanrangarajan - Your comment has enrich my insight. Thank you very much my friend.

  16. many things in the world that can not be explained by science..

  17. Ceuceusovi - It means the mysterious things still there.
    Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog.

  18. Chubskulit - Thank you and my apology for delayed respond because I just back home from vacation.
    Wow... you have 5 blogs now.

  19. I was recently travelling in Oregon and stopped in a town where the "alligator man" was supposed to have lived. I saw pictures of the skeleton. I don't believe in magic, but I do believe that there can be "freaks of nature". I also am not sure I believe that the skeleton was real. People can make fake things that appear very real.

  20. Delirious - The video from YouTube above is just an illustration for "believe it or not". My focus is on the second paragraph. Could these case can be said as the "freaks of nature"?

    Some people said that they were healed through divine healing, while others claimed that they were healed by a shaman. Some (mostly) cured by the doctor. A believer once told me that God will help you through the others's hand. Maybe all the negative and positive things in this mysterious world were under controls by Him. Believe it or not.

    Wishing your mission as a missionary in the Taiwan will more success and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will grows continuously. Amen!

  21. I can't say anything. It look amazing, also terrible...

  22. i don't know whether i can believe it or not...
    but there are mystery in this world...

  23. Anthony Harman, it look amazing in my eye. ;)

    Aliong, yes there are mystery.


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