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Baduy tribe and Presidential Election

I'm glad that the presidential election in Indonesia on 8 July 2009 has run well, not like the presidential election in Iran. Although there were some protests from some parties, but I think that was the dynamics of the life of democracy itself, like the small ripple in the wide ocean. Perhaps cyclone in the middle of ocean can be analogized to what has happened in Iran. So, regardless the winners or losers, the most important is Viva Democracy!

Because I'm not interested in political matters, then this post is more to the interesting story that I read on Jawa Pos newspaper printed-edition dated 9 July 2009 (written in 2 series), that is, all Baduy tribe who was part of inner Baduy community (sub-groups of Baduy tribe) was not gave their vote in the presidential election in order to follow their tradition / custom. In the Ciboleger village, there was provided a voting-booth for 6,325 eligible voters from total 11,170 Baduy people. But, until 13:00 o'clock no one from inner Baduy community gave their vote although the representatives of the election committee has spread the invitation to them. Jero Sami, a figure of indigenous Baduy said "Abdi mah ngiring karu kenging bae" (English: We just follow the winner). Puun Jahadi, supreme leader of indigenous Baduy said "We entrust to all outer Baduy who more close to the outside world"

Such as Aboriginal tribe in Australia and Indian tribe in America, there were Baduy tribe in Indonesia who call themselves as Kanekes people. They are one of the indigenous peoples who living exclusively at Kendeng mountain foothills, Kanekes village, Leuwidamar subdistrict, Lebak district, Banten province. Why I say exclusive is because of their community and original lifestyle was protected by Lebak local regulation: Perda Kabupaten Lebak No.32 Tahun 2001 (Lebak districts regulations Number 32 Year 2001) concerning the protection of the customary rights of indigenous Baduy. Baduy tribe were divided into two sub-groups, that is the Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy) and the Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy). Outer Baduy is more modern and open to the outside world. Inner Baduy tend to close themselves and have a lot of restrictions. They (Inner Baduy) are forbidden to kill, steal, lie, commit adultery, get drunk, smoking, go to school, using modern tools or goods, must walk to go anywhere, always dressed in white, etc.

Following are the life philosophy of indigenous Baduy that has been inherited from generations to generations (translated in English):

Mountains is not allowed to be devastated.
Valley is not allowed to be ruined.
Prohibition is not allowed to be changed.
Length is not allowed to be cut.
Short is not allowed to be connected.
Which is not must be rejected.
Which is don't, must be prohibited.
What is right must be justified.

I feels their life philosophy is simple but meaningful and beautiful. Life as it is, natural and friendly with nature. But I do not know how long they can maintain their traditions from the influence of globalization. Can you predict it?

For more information about Baduy tribe, here is a good resource for you:


  1. In India we had our Parliamentary elections in 5 phases in April/May "09

    The results were good. The coalition govt. is the one I support. Many people did not vote here as the past politicians disappointed them and they were cynical.

    There are thousands of tribal and ethnic groups in India, many of them untouched by growth and education, they live in remote areas depending on forests and natural resources.

    I was interesting to read about the Baduy tribe. The two groups must really trust in each other. The Inner Baduy is in harmony with the Outer Baduy. That is good.

  2. So far election go smooth and without any substantial problems that will threaten the ongoing process.

    Badui, they are part of our indigenous tradition. Hope they still be able to keep their existence.

    Kinda busy..sorry for not visiting your blog a couple of days.

  3. my salute to the Baduy tribe for protecting their traditions. hope the globalization will not influence their traditions.

  4. Fantastic links Tikno. Thanks for introducing me to your indigenous tribe. I am fascinated by them.

  5. Amrita - 5 phases? Hm... I think the big need of funds for that. But... congratulation for the good results there. That was amazed me because India have many ethnics and cultures.
    Presidential election here only 1 phase and the number of people who not vote also become an issue here.

    Mama Hilda - I also hope they will keep of their existence. But at other hand, I'm not agree to the taboo which I think that's less-good such as forbidden to get school and the use of modern tools particularly for health. Are you agree?

    Rossel - I hope the well-causes such as accepting modern medicine, go to school, and using modern tools to increase their rice production.

    Rummuser - my pleasure, Mr. Rummuser.
    Is there in India also have indigenous tribe?

  6. wakh keren nih...tulisannya...tapi kudubuka kamus dulu dech.....

  7. Bedouin tribes have holy motto. The motto has a noble values, maintain the togetherness and not to damage the environment. I think the
    Inner Bedouin do not have interest to participate in president election he.h.e..

  8. Nyegik - Saya buka kamus juga lho...

    Seno - I also impressed on their motto. But they should be more open, especially to go to school.

  9. I am elated to read your post concerning this Baduy People. Yes, they are worth discussing. There must be something that we must do or mustn't. In this ever changing society we are wondering if they can resist. Let us talk about them. Everyone may visit Visit Baduy Village and write something that can be useful for our reader. Keep writing. Good Luck.

  10. They are entitled to be cared especially education for their children and health care.
    I just visited your site and found it very interesting. I suggest my reader to visit:


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