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Mother's Day - A Tribute for Mother

Mother's job is 24 hours job, not paid, no days off, seldom appreciated, and impossible to resign, but still proud be a mother.

Welcoming Mother's Day on these May, DO NOT send your mother to nursing home. Before you want to do that, hold on! read this first!

So... would you like to bring her back to your home-sweet-home for sharing the love, at least for these great moment. It's depend on you.

Post Update 1 :
Below, I quote a part of comments from LaVonda R. Bailey within this post which I think is her call to us:
"... Women and children are always raped, killed and abused as a part of war and history proves this fact to be true. I have a problem with the government dropping bombs on women and children in Pakistan, because those are women who love and care for their children just like I do and it would be wrong for a country to drop bombs on my neighborhood and kill my children and we as women should believe and and work to stop war around the world so another women does not have to suffer the lost of love one or her home or security. WAKE UP AND UNDERSTAND WE ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY WE LIVE IN WE ALL LIVE ON THE PLANET EARTH!!"

I think the sad situation on there for Mother's Day.

Post Update 2 :
I am very impressed to the post on Jeanne's blog entitled : Mother's Day For Infertile Patients. Truly this post give a different senses, as Jeanne said in comment :
" Mother's Day post dedicated to infertile patients and the serious emotional impact of Mother's Day on them..."

In these Mother's Day moment, it could be a few couples who you met was being struggle in some kind of battle and you never know when your sincere words by saying Happy Mother's Day have an impact on their heart. Another challenge for Mother's Day.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to your beautiful wife. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. You are a very special person. Give Ely my love.

  2. selamat hari ibu mas, mari kita tidak melupakan jasanya, dan menjaga hatinya, dan juga seharusnya semua perempuan yang menjadi ibu...

  3. LaVonda R. Bailey13 May, 2009

    I believe that women we need to honor the true reason that Mother’s Day was created. It was created during the Civil War by a woman who had lost her husband and son in the Civil War and she created this holiday so that women would march in the streets and on Government buildings to tell them to stop the war! She did not want another mother or wife to lose their son or husband and she too, like me believed the true victims of war are the women and children left at home or who lose their love ones.

    Everyday many women have sons and husbands who die in Iraq and that means there is yet another women who now has to figure out how she is going to make it financially, because her partner will no longer be there to help pay the bills or raise the kids they created.

    Women and children are always raped, killed and abused as a part of war and history proves this fact to be true. I have a problem with the government dropping bombs on women and children in Pakistan, because those are women who love and care for their children just like I do and it would be wrong for a country to drop bombs on my neighborhood and kill my children and we as women should believe and and work to stop war around the world so another women does not have to suffer the lost of love one or her home or security.


  4. happy mother's day for your wife! =)

  5. Happy Mother's Day to your lucky wife... :)

  6. Nice post and tribute to all mothers in the world.

  7. hi Tikno! thanks for the greetings and happy mother's day to your wifey too!;-)

  8. Ettarose,
    Thank you.
    Ely ask to me about you, and I said you are special woman who concern for humanitarian.
    Happy Mother's Day to you from my wife.

    Agree with you.
    I don't know why Mother's day in our country in December. Could you tells me?

    LaVonda R. Bailey,
    Thanks for the very interesting comments which concern me. I will update this post to add your comment.
    Happy Mother's Day to you (from my wife).

    Yenni Yendoel,
    My wife send her greeting to you.

    She also says: "Happy Mother's Day" to you.

    Thank you. Happy Mother's Day to you from my wife.

    Nice to see you again. Happy Mother's Day to you from my wife.

  9. Jadi ingat ibu, dah lama g jenguk :(


  10. happy mother's day....

    *telat ngga ada denda kan?

  11. tikno,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my Mother's Day post dedicated to infertile patients and the serious emotional impact of Mother's Day on them.

    It was nice of you to talk here about the challenges motherhood can present. Too many people take the role of mothers for granted. Clearly you do not. That's wonderful.



  12. happy mother days to all mother in the world ..

  13. Seno,
    You better to visit her.

    Thank you.

    Thank you. I really interest to your post and I decided to update this post with a link to your post.

    Thank you.

  14. What a good post. Thank you. You're right, while most people are celebrating on Mother's Day there are others who are in tears over the day.

  15. Hello how are you hope all is well... Its been awhile... Your blog is impressive as usual... Hope your weekend is going well... Take care my friend...

  16. Thanks for visiting my website. Talking about mothers.

    You should read about Julia Johnson. What she did to improve her life. She is a mother with motivation.

  17. tikno,

    Thank you for linking back to my Mother's Day post from yours. I really appreciate your support of the infertile couples that are devastated by Mother's Day and Father's Day as reminders to them of the struggle they endure to become parents.

    Thank you very much for sending supportive wishes to my friend Alisha too.


  18. Hi was here dropping by and to thanks for your visit on my blog..

  19. Yaya,
    Thank you. I impressed to you.

    I'm fine, thank you. I see the pictures of your family holiday fun in your blog. Great moment you have.

    Steinar Arason,
    The link is for making money online and really NOT give the essence of Mother's Day.

    Your post has give a different color for Mother's Day. Thank you.

    Thank you.

  20. Its uplifting to wish Happy Mother's Day to everyone, even if someone is not a mother. Sending positive energy benefits everyone. Wish everyone Happy Father's day and happy 'any other occasion' too.

  21. Hello how are you thank you for stopping by... Hope your having a great day... TTYL

  22. I read the news online about the plane crashes, at Jakarta, Indonesia at least 69 dead. I feel sorry about those people who died with this tragedy.

  23. It is always a nice feeling to be on your blog. And you know why ? because your posts are very thoughtful and touching.

    Yes Tikno, Mother is everything.. to be honest. It is pity that we are forgetting our roots. This should not happen actually. People need to realize it and realize it fast before its too late.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post. Keep writing. We all appreciate your thoughts. And yes, belated mother's day to you too :)

  24. Liara Covert,
    Sometime what we think is not in line with others.

    I'm fine. Thanks for your attention and Happy Mother's Day to your wife Nancy.

    You are right. That is a Hercules plane owned by military. Happy Mother's Day to you.

    I'm glad to know that you like this post. I'm just write of what I think of.
    Thank you so much and hopefully you like to spreading this post in your community, at least for a tribute to our mother.

    I'm glad when knows your mother has recovered and back home again.
    May God always bless your family.

  25. Hey Tikno, thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog. It's always great to meet new people!

    I am enjoying your writing too. I'll see you around again - your blog or mine. God bless and happy blogging!

  26. Matt,
    Thank you. I'm also enjoy read your blog.

  27. Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog.

  28. Helen,
    You are welcome.

    Thank you.

  29. tanpa jasa seorang ibu ga kebayang kita jadi apa,
    thanks 4 visiting my blog...

  30. Hi there hope all is well with you... Been a while... take care...

  31. Hi Tikno - thanks for this post about Mother's Day. I do think that in many cases, elderly people cannot be cared for in the family home, because the care requires more staff, with more expertise, than famililes can provide, no matter how willing they are to do so. My father had Alzheimer's, and we got to the stage eventually where he was unmanageable at home. There are great services these days for enabling elderly people to stay in their own homes as long as possible, thankfully. - R

  32. Rachmat,
    You are welcome.

    I'm OK my friend.

    What you say has give a different touch, and I think a very special condition. Hopefully everything is OK.

  33. Hi,

    Your site is one of my favorites seen around blog explosion. Keep up the good work.
    I enjoy reading your blog. It is great to find someone who can find the fun things in life!
    I wish you all the best in all years. I look forward to developing a friendship and networking with you.
    Take a look at my websites Aries Network in Europe.

    With Regards,
    Karoly Domonyi

  34. Domonyi Karoly,
    Welcome from Hungary.
    I had visited your site and find many interesting stuff there. You are my blogging friend now. How should I do to develop networking with you?

  35. hi! visiting you again.

  36. Hi Tikno, maybe as an update number 3, you can quote some sentences from one nicely written op-ed in thejakartapost couple of days ago. It was about a discrimination against mother, how, in case of divorce, they are often the ones who have to be separated from their children.

  37. Hi Tikno... just checking on your. :)

  38. I am just too too late to wish here. It is all because of my busy days and slow internet connection :(. Anyways better late than never .. Happy belated mothers day to everyone .
    So how have you been doing lately ? Hope everything is running well with you tikno :D

  39. Rossel,
    Thank you very much.

    Bung Tobing,
    It's usually happened in eastern culture where the women position seems a little inferior towards men. I think the norms that applying in the community also play an important role.
    Thank you very much for sharing a very interesting story.

    Thank you very much.

    I also quite busy lately. The good news is I have a male baby three days ago.

  40. Tebinfea - Thank you, and welcome.


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