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STOP the hatred war in the social networking site

Lately, I feel very worried by unscrupulous users of Facebook who already out of the spirit of Facebook motto namely "Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life". Some of Facebook users who use this site only for uploading pornographic images and shared it using private setting to certain people (not shared to everyone) and the other using it for spreading the hatred feelings, like a Facebook Group calling for Obama's death.

Although a very controversial Pages on Facebook namely "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" which it created by Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris has been closed by Facebook after receiving protests from various parties including protests from the Indonesian government, the most recent controversy is the two opposing group on Facebook who mocked each other namely: "Everybody Draw Mohammed day (Indonesian version)" and the other one is "Everybody Draw Jesus day (Indonesian version)". As I observed on its language it seemed the both pages was created by Indonesian users. I saw it was clear that the hatred feelings on both pages still raging and releasing fracas on Facebook. Below is the images of both pages that I captured yesterday and all the harsh words has been crossed out in red before I use it in this post.

I'm aware that Facebook's administrator also difficult to control all of its user one-by-one so through this post I called out to all readers to make an effort to stop each page containing the hatred and insulting on other religions. Report it to Facebook or post this calls on your own blog and encourage your reader to do the same effort. Very hopefully in the future you cannot access the both pages above. It's meant has been closed by Facebook. Yes, that's my goal.

As a response to a controversial group on Facebook entitled "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day", then on May 2010, a Muslim-oriented social networking website called MillatFacebook has been launched by IT expert from Lahore, Pakistan (read here). As I visited their website, I can feel their strong aura to compete with Facebook (created by Mark Zukerberg). To dig more deeply, it's interesting to read an interview between a writer of Hindustan Times's blog and Omer Zaheer Meer (CEO of Global IT Vision Ltd, the company that launched Millatfacebook). On the first paragraph the writer said: "....But even after more than a dozen telephone calls, emails and one story later, I can’t say with confidence whether I’ve understood the man or his motives". Click here to read their interview. Seems he get the right moment for launching.

It's very sad if the spirit of "connect and share with the people in your life" turned into a virtual battlefield. How according to you?

== Post Update ==
Thanks to Neil by showing this post to his blog's reader. I strongly agree with what Jim said in his post that "we don't have absolute freedom of speech".

There is still a part of our society are not well educated at the same level to understand and filtering the things with the same way. I believe that still many people, especially in developing countries, are easily provoked. That's why I encourage readers to help by reporting such pages to Facebook. Login to your Facebook account, then visit the both URL that written right below the two images above.  Just click a link "Report page" at the bottom left of the page, chose the reason and click submit. Thank you !


  1. As you see virtual world is full of morons and cowards as if had they posted hostile materials they would feel that they had guts already. In fact hatred and hostility do not solve anything. Social networkings on the net should establish positive connections amongst people worldwide and on it cooperation and understanding should be the core of the spirit of social networking. But we also realise that it is not a perfect world out there and of course social networking is also open to misuse by the morons and cowards trying to sow the seeds of hatred on anonymous posts. What a shame! :(

  2. It is a shame to see peole slinging mud ar each other 's religions.

    Hatred does not acomplish anything. Istead of bridging gaps they are creating divisions.

  3. Though I think the ongoing development of new technology and new means for communication is a blessing, unfortunately it always can be used in a positive and a negative sense. Irrespective of the way it would be used the general idea of internet is it should be a free and free accessible medium.

    There are, as I see it, two other handicaps to solve this particular problem of hatred on internet- which I agree is a serious one.

    First it isn't all that clear that agreement can be reached on where satire turns into insult. What is sacred to some, isn't to others. But to these others other issues are sacred etc. To protect everybody against unwelcome information,hate or insult may ultimately result in almost closing down internet altogether.

    Secondly I'm afraid any attempt to filter unwelcome information, pornography or blasphemy is deemed to be futile in the end. Some smart ass ICT nerds will always be able to bypass the obstacles - and pass on this escape to the rest of us.

    Nevertheless I of course second your pledge to abstain from any verbal battlefield in the blogosphere and social networks on internet.

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  5. Don't forget that One mans meat is another mans poison. But please don't think I support these views of people sharing their unwelcome opinions on the world because I don't.
    Sadly we are not all educated to the same level and understand and accept things the same way.
    The sites are childish and immature and for me only serve as a reason to support cross cultural faith and tolerance and help people understand the impact these sites have on people.
    I see little difference in these sites than seeing a child here with a T-Shirt that says 'you are a ****' on it. Once pointed out to the parents, it is obvious that the meaning and message was never understood in the first place. The parents more often or not did not know what the words meant.
    As for the Facebook sites, I reported them as well to facebook.

  6. Yari NK,

    Yes it is not a perfect world out there on the internet.
    But ... should we let something that we have encountered very racist or offensive? Just click the button "report this page" to support the clean internet, and the next duty is for the website administrator to delete it. Have you already do it?


    Agree with you. Do something by report it to the web administrator.


    Don't abstain or just waiting until religions blasphemy is deemed to be futile in the end.
    As Luke have say above: "Sadly we are not all educated to the same level and understand and accept things the same way".
    Just doing a little help by clicking "Report this page" and you have done it for supporting clean internet.


    Like you said: "Sadly we are not all educated to the same level and understand and accept things the same way".

    I still believe that in the developing countries still has many people who easily baited. For that reason I thank to you reported this blasphemy pages to Facebook.

  7. Anonymous29 June, 2010

    So far, I haven't been influenced by hatred war at FB. Any people who wanna make friends with me via FB are gonna be investigated, and each time I find signs of participations about hatred alliance to group, race, or even just a person, I will reject them from being friends. To me, FB is for finding friends. If some friends misabuse FB for hatred, I can't assume them as my friends anymore.

  8. Vicky,
    a part of our society is still easily provoked.
    Although I haven't been influenced by hatred war on FB, but since I have discovered the religion blasphemy pages on FB then I take an initiative to encourage readers to report it.
    I'm sure you'll be surprised after exploring both pages which I have mentioned above. Please visit the URL that I have wrote right at the bottom of each image above.

  9. Tikno, I personally think that all the social networking sites are silly. Both of us are friends in FB, but how often do you see me initiating there? I respond and withdraw. Email, groups like yahoogroups, blogs etc are more than enough to develop social networks without having to share everything with the whole world. If you have such open networks, it will be misused by those so inclined. Best solution is not to use them.

  10. Rummuser,
    What are you think about social networking probably not same as others think. Silly or not is depend on each user why he/she upload everything on the internet including on blog. Social networking site or blog is just a tool. Just make a report to its web admin if we have discovered blasphemy pages on the net. It's simple.

  11. Hemmm...bingun mo komen apa
    jujur kalo menyangkut masalah sara aku sama sekali gak mendukung

    bisa minta tolong komen di postinganku yang ini ya?
    thanks sebelumnya

  12. Itik,
    Jangan bingung, karena posting ini bertujuan mengajak pembaca untuk melaporkan halaman di FB yang isinya penghinaan agama orang lain.

  13. I agree with you. Facebook should not allow this!

  14. wow...apakah seharusnya orang yang menghina dibalas dengan hinaan juga?

  15. Delirious, thank you.
    In addition we should have a little care by reporting this kind of pages to Facebook.

    Tidak perlu. Tapi jika Anda memiliki sedikit kepedulian... maka laporkan halaman tersebut ke Facebook agar semakin banyak yang melapor maka harapannya akan semakin cepat dihapus.

  16. Good post. Agree with you. Social networking site or blog is just a tool. Just make a report to its web admin if we have discovered blasphemy pages on the net. It's simple. In the fact, I prefer to delete/remove those peoples from my lists. More simple.

  17. Elly (Newsoul),
    I wish you have a little care by reporting the both pages above to Facebook.
    As I mentioned above and you may already know that a part of our society are not well educated at the same level to understand and filtering the things with the same way with you, so they are easily provoked.

  18. Salam kenal, kawan. Kunjungan pertama. Salut, blognya bagus, keren.

  19. hahaha aku ga mengikuti berita yang ini nihh

  20. nice post, tq 4 share :)

  21. There is no room for hater in any society. Life is too short to waste on such things. They shall smart up quick. I hope that the Facebook people will notice that and remove those who spreading dirt all over the Social Networking site as Facebook. I do not like any remarks toward people faith or Religions. It is in my opinion a very delicate subject and and not for harassment by others.

    Thank you and best of luck!

  22. Alrisblog,
    Terimakasih. Salam kenal juga.

    Terimakasih sudah mampir.

    Aulawi Ahmad,
    Thanks too.

    Zuzanna Musial,
    I do hope like you. Have you report such page to Facebook?

  23. Wah kayanya kopQ ga patut ya Sob....menghina dibales pake hinaan juga........tapi namanya juga di dunia maya ya silahkan aja deh..... maaf nie pake b.ind...aku lagi kerja ga sempet mikirin b. ing'y hhe... semangat N happy blogging!!

  24. Great job...Tikno. I really appreciate your effort. This is absolute nonsense to me. Sites like facebook and twitter are meant to spread happiness not hate. Its pity that some people do not understand this basic thing and are just making use of places like facebook for religious blasphemy. Such activities should be banned at any cost. Better late than never, facebook took the right step by removing those hate pages. Such pages cannot be justified by any means and people who create such hate pages should be penalized for the same. Anyways, I will check out those pages and report it. Thanks for sharing such though provoking post.

  25. Thank you for letting us know about these incidents, I plan on reporting them.

    I don't want to post about them on my site because I believe mentioning them gives them more power and media. It is unfortunate that social networks are abused and used for negative thoughts and emotions.

  26. Thank you Aswani and Fibro Viv

  27. it's a shock! i can't believe it still exist!
    what a shame with this people. what can they achieved by hurting each other? it's too much!

  28. I believe what Fibro says let us not give power to such forces. They thrive on attention. Let us focus more on the positive aspects. If positive becomes powerful, negative will automatically loose its hold. That said I still empathize with your concern for using a media in such a way.

  29. Fzikuz,
    Yes, it's a shock! Report them to FB.

    I can understand you and Fibro. My goal for this post is... very hopefully in the future people cannot access the both pages above.
    Fibo have said that she plan on reporting them.
    How with you?

  30. I draw the line on cursing, or using foul language. Or calling people racist words. I however don't draw the line when someone is expressing their freedom in art. America is a free country and some things found offensive in some countries are not offensive here. I know Muslims are extremely sesitive about their prophet. Jesus would say that people have free choice. Killing people in the name of their religion, now that is offensive in any culture.

  31. Hassan,
    Differences in viewpoint and different way of seeing an issue in a particular society (take an example in the USA) does not mean other society also think the same way.

    I still hold a simple principle like this:
    "Use your human rights freely as long as not interfere to the prevailing norms in other societies"

    On the other hand, in the name of humanity, I absolutely agree with you that killing people in the name of religion can not be justified for whatever reasons.

    End of words, this is the matter of how the ability of every individual in translating and understanding their own holy book. Some of them maybe just understand it literally, while others able to translate it using a deep understanding.

    Nice to read your comment although it sounds like a criticism.

  32. Tikno: I didn't mean to belittle what you are saying. In fact, in Christianity and Islam, there are radicals; they actually help each other. If you want to know more about that, I can refer you to a great book. As far as notifying the site--I flagged a youtuber, named Jews Destroy the World, with videos from Hitler, etc. I flagged each and every one of his comments. So If you aren't getting a response, draw up a petition, and let me know, because I'll sign it in a flash. Sweet tides, Linda

  33. Scribadiva,
    Let me know to that book or its link. It sound interesting.
    And about a youtuber that you mentioned, I searched it on youtube but couldn't find it.

  34. As you probably already know, one of my main goals in life is to make my little corner of the world friendlier. I don't understand people who love to hate and try to get other people to hate more too. A friend once objected to some of the hate aimed at old people, so I wrote to Facebook about it. As far as I know it didn't do any good.

  35. Cheerful Monk,

    If it didn't do any good, then I saw it like this:

    First, for the Facebook owners, Facebook has become an "engine" to produce billions money through advertising. Marketing people love most to the things that containing controversy issue because this is the most powerful path to gain rapid popularity. This technique is also adopted by some beginner artists.

    Second, there are differences in values between the western and eastern cultures to deal with this issue. This also includes how the two values deal with the issue of Human Rights and Freedom of Speech. As we see in many media that the biggest protests mostly come from the eastern world.

    As far as I know until now, the pages on Facebook that insulting Mohammed has been removed (both of international version and Indonesian version) after got many protest, while the pages that insulting Jesus still exists. I don't understand whether FB using double standard.

    Again, FB still cling to the freedom of speech in addressing this matter as told by its founder.
    On contrary I myself still following the principle that states: "We do NOT have absolute freedom of speech".

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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