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Night entertainment business during the fasting month

Starting on (Indonesia time) 7 August until 14 September 2010 the night entertainment venues (such as pubs, bars, cafes, discotheques, karaoke), massage parlors and whorehouses (brothel) must be closed temporarily almost in most regions in Indonesia. The reason of this closure is to respect and to provide serenity for the Muslims during the fasting month (Indonesian: Bulan puasa). Generally each city government use the formula: From H-3 to H+3. Means three days before the first day of fasting until three days after Eid ul-Fitr (Indonesian: Idul Fitri). This is approximately equal to one month plus one week for no activity of such companies. This maybe a consequence because Muslim is majority in this country. The circumstance is definitely different in the countries with majority non-Muslim.

Last year in some cities like Jakarta, Manado and the cities in the province of Bali and Irian Jaya, the night entertainment venue were not closed totally but the city authority limiting their operating hours and asked them to not open the door vulgarly and openly (I do not know how for this year, maybe the rules are still similar to last year). In some cities even the game arena for family like Time Zone and Fun City, sport game like billiard, online game stations, and even cinemas have to limit their operating hours only from 10:00 until 17:00. Restrictions on operating hours may be different in each city. Can you imagine how many firms that affected by this rules throughout Indonesia?

There is no central legislation to regulate this issue so it all depends on the policies of each city government. However, local governments usually tend to follow majority voices to issuing the closure policy for the night entertainment venues, whorehouses and all the things which it considered can influencing this holy month, for instance, restaurants are encouraged to not open the door openly / transparently.

Other problems as a result of this rule is how the fate of the workers. There are companies that do not pays of their employees wage (especially wages based on working days / hours of work), arguing that the closure was not from management but from the willingness of government. So, who's to blame?

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PS: I changed my blog title using my own handwriting. Firstly I wrote it on a paper, then scanned it using a scanner, and then using Photoshop to take my handwriting. How it look ?


  1. Nice handwriting.

    Not sure what to say about the economic disruption, but I know this happens every year. Other countries of the world also have disruptions such as Chinese New Year in China or the European super vacation in August. We have lots of seasonal work here in California due to the winter ski season and the summer holidays. But then again, we don't have many people living on the edge of survival here.

  2. We don 't have such regulation s in India. I can imagine how the people in such businesses suffer because of lack of employment, and perhaps many of them never get their jobs back!

  3. I like your new banner! When you mentioned closing certain businesses because of the month of fasting I wondered why alcohol was even allowed. This business of separation of church and state is a tricky one when the majority of citizens is of one faith. Outlawing alcohol would interfere with tourism I would think. :)

  4. Using your own handwriting certainly gives a more personal flavor/touch to your blog. Good try bro! :)

  5. It's bad to business, it's tough to people earning their living by those businesses, but then it's the price of living in a country where religion is (maybe too) prominent. Even without authorities intervening, in times of fasting 8 or 9 out of ten clients would avoid restaurants and other places of entertainment anyhow.

    I still remember the days way back that in the then overwhelming Christian society I lived, all shops were closed on Sundays - just because the Christian majority wanted the Sundays to be dedicated to Christian religious duties.

    Democracy is the rule of the majority taking into account the interests of minorities. Religion is not democratic however.

    PS; Like I said before: I love your new motto. It is moving.

  6. Looney,
    Thank you!
    Whether on there also happened the strong encouragement from certain religious group to ask for the closure of certain business. Maybe yes for whorehouses, I think.

    Workers certainly will get their job back after such companies reopened. I think they may be having a little financial trouble, and psychologically feel boring just stay at home for 5 weeks.

    Cheerful Monk,
    Thank you!
    You wonder quite reasonable. This is Indonesia that combines the two sides of desire. You can find the answer in the link given above for related posts titled "Long journey for alcoholic beverage in Indonesia".

    TT Tan,
    Thank you. You may try my way Bro!

    Probably your prediction will be true but unfortunately can not be tested.
    You are also right about the Christians in the past also impose Sabbath day.
    Thank you.

  7. so nice and original header! will look great if for the main title, use thicker pen-line.
    in this case, who to blame? no specific regulation, rite?

  8. Your formula for handwriting translation into this post has produced a miracle! Congratulations. Yes, during religious observation periods, some "collateral damage" takes place. This is unavoidable, and sensible employers, make it a point to save on the rest of the eleven months to pay the workers during the lay off. It is normally a contributory saving.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Yenni,
    I agree to the main title should be more thicker but it means I have to repeat the process from start. hhmm...? :(

    Whether "unavoidable" can be categorized as "Force Majeure"? Some employers think that way.
    About contributory saving... I don't think like that economically.

    Pasang Banner Gratis,
    I'm sorry for deleting your comment because you just put the link of your three blog for selling fashion products.
    Greetings to you too.

  11. Yes I understand the hardships faced by some businesses like night entertainments, small restaurants (warung), or even food and beverage vendors etc. from depriving of their incomes.

    For me personally, I don't mind if they still open during Ramadan. For me, the solemnness of this Ramadan rituals do not depend on them. It is a matter of total control over myself, not a total control over them.

  12. salam friend
    thank for information.
    I know night enterteinment business during the fasting month,coz read your article.
    selamat berpuasa.

  13. > Yari NK,
    Unfortunately not as many people thinking like you :)

    > Nura,
    After you knew it what is your opinion ?

  14. hope very night entertain business can hold their ability and be responsible with their duty to respect this Ramadhan
    by the way
    ur header looks more personal :D

  15. @ Ladyulia,
    Thank you.

  16. Thank you for another essential article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a complete way of writing? I have a presentation incoming week, and I am on the lookout for such information.

  17. it is understood that it's a bad news for business. however business frequently go beyond values boundaries. that's why such a policy needs supporting from all parties...

  18. @ News,
    Hopefully your presentation will running well. Btw, way I know what kind of presentation on incoming week?

    @ Edwin,
    Your comment also have its points, but... the good and bad things will always accompany our lives.
    It does not means we should following the bad things, so... Yari's comments also have its points.

  19. This is really nice info.Thanks for such a wonderful post.home business

  20. hi tikno, thanks for visiting my blog.

    I love the way you write and your handwriting is in the banner. It describes your character is assertive, critical thinking and still have love.

  21. @ -H- (Huang),
    Ah... you praise me too much.

  22. Hi Tikno, I like the personal header. I could critique it as that is my day job but I feel it is honest and personal and you have spent a lot of time with it. You are also one of the only people I have met here to use the phrase 'with a scanner' which is cheery.
    As for closing up early, I guess it happens but also drives some more of these places underground and makes it more dangerous/expensive/appealing to those who need to carry on as normal and that in the long run makes things worse. I think rather than closing or shutting things down, correct and full regulations would serve businesses better which are designed to be fair for all and protect the workers.
    I hope that makes some sense...

  23. @ Luke,
    I think its possibility is very narrow :)
    Is there any nightclub in Jakarta that still operate during this fasting month?

  24. From what I have been told and seen most places are still opening but some are closing down earlier, some are not serving alcohol, some are, as normal it is the usual consistent incosistency

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