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Global warming and smoking

The effect of global warming is like the effect of smoking. Both of them has no immediately impact. The impact of smoking will slowly but sure will reduce of your quota to live. Maybe the impact of global warming / climate change will not immediately or directly affecting the present generation but I believe it will inherit a huge disaster (like time-bomb) for the next generations, that is our own descendants.

Partly of human habit is likely not concerned to the matter that has no fatal impact immediately, like discard old batteries in the gutter, the use of bombs or potassium cyanide to catch fish, as well as drunk and smoking habits.

I'm aware that this post is only a very very small contribution to raise the awareness of global warming issue. I have inspired by Neil who already create a special sub-page on his blog with the title "Climate change is real, real, real…". Three times for "real" as you see.


  1. Hi Tikno,
    It's been a very long time.
    Good to see you updating you blog again.
    You are very right my friend, global warming and smoking is quite similar, both of the will cause damages to humans slowly but surely.

  2. hope we all could practice 3R, reduce, reuse, recycle. when have time, i often create toys with and for my kids; made of boxes, newspaper, plastic bottles, etc.

  3. because i really hate smoke. hope i also can contribute something to earth at least using blog.

  4. Thanks, Tikno. Your new page has some great stuff on it too.

  5. hope each one of us do our share as to stop this global warming. an easy way to start with is using eco bags and totally ban the plastics.

    Topics on Earth
    Mom’s Ups and Downs

  6. Hear! Hear!

    As governments and multinationals have huge responsibility for pollution ( land, sea and air), so have we, individual citizens of the world.

    Each and every contribution to change our bad habits is worthwhile. Yours as well. Three cheers to you.

  7. Tikno, nice to see you back.

    Just wondering what you think of the second half of global warming theory: "The only way to save planet earth is to eliminate the private sector and institute a new, global communist world order."

  8. Nice to see you blogging again Tikno. And what a subject to choose. Good analogy too!

  9. H. Nizam, thank you.

    Yenni, a very good slogan. I promise you to save the "3R" in my brain.

    Meutia Halida Khairani, I'm waiting for your post.

    Neil, thank you.

    Rosel, I agree with you that an easy way to start is using eco bags. But the problem is how many people can "SAY NO" if a supermarket putting in your groceries into plastic bags. I think the use of plastic has crept in various fields. It was difficult to reject products with plastic packaging when we need the products such as food, soft-drink, bottled water, etc.
    Perhaps the little thing that we can do personally to help is not throw plastic garbage anywhere because plastic is difficult to disentangle by soil.

    Colson, thank you.

    Looney, I think this theory can change the political and social order. Moreover if its goal is just for changing the ownership. I'm not sure it could save the planet earth, moreover in environmental matter.
    Btw, it's interesting to know what is the relationship between "global communist world order" and "preventing global warming". Have any idea?

    Rummuser, thank you.

  10. very true Tikno, smoking is lethal in many cases.

  11. I agree with you Tikno. Every little thing contributes to the big picture. I still find it hard to kick this habit, but I will not quit quitting. Hopefully 1 day, I will be successful.

  12. Amrita, global warming is also a "lethal weapon" for our future.

    TT Tan, I pray for you will be successful.

  13. Saya dukung program penghijauan untuk mengurangi global warming dari diri sendiri. Misal mengurangi pemakaian plastik. Sukses, ya mas Tikno.

  14. How about Gov of Indonesia being supported about this issue?

  15. Alris, terimakasih. Ide yang bagus.

    at the government level, I noted the following points:
    1) Through Undang-Undang Nomor 17/2004 Indonesia has been ratified the Kyoto Protocol.

    2) The government has banned illegal logging.

    3) climate change developments in Indonesia.

    But I think the equally important is the awareness on individual level towards this issue.

  16. Yes indeed the effets of Global Warming are very serious matters for both us and generations to follow. We have to get rid of 75% of cars, 75% airplanes, 75%trains and trucks. We must reduce manufact.75% and clean our agriculture 75% less chemical fertalizer etc.We must stop greedy people from causing war and turn our weapons of mass destruction into ploughshares to feed our starving world. All these things must happen before the Lord comes. If not He will change for us. Praise be to Jesus!

  17. Allan and Marisela, I think, the application of environmentally friendly technology is the best solution as well as the awareness of each individual.

  18. Qodam, because I had a baby, I will try to participate for the campaign of "Earth Hour" tonight.


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