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A musings about friend and enemy

A story about enemy (an essay).
When the fierce battle between two group of armies has ended, there's someone who still confused and then asking two question to each soldier on the both side: "Did you know anyone who you kill?" Then, each one on the two group answered NO. "Well, did all your victims on this battlefield ever make any mistake on you?" Again the answer is NO. So my question to readers of this blog : Who is your real enemy?

A story about friend (true story).
Long time ago I had a friend who was rich and charitable. I know he had a lot of friends when he still in good condition. But then he was often sickly and most of his wealth has depleted due to medical treatment. One day I met him at his house. I felt like he live lonely. Along with our talk, I suggest him to call his friends to gather together with the hope he will feel good after that. Did you know of his answer to me? He said: "I feels most of my friends just like stay in my memory. They leave me one by one". So my question to readers of this blog : Who is your true friend?

A story about friend and enemy from a senile old man (an essay).
One day a senile old man being asked by someone with a question like this: "Do you still remember all of your friends?". His answer: "I do not remember most of them". And the second question to him: "If so, do you still remember of your enemy?". His answer: "I have no feelings like this anymore, probably because my memory continue to decrease along with my age. Slowly day by day maybe I will unable to remember them one by one". So I think he is slowly goes to emptiness. A circumstance where the feelings of friend and enemy become relative. At this point my question to readers of this blog : Is this the life cycle? From emptiness goes to emptiness? From baby - adult - then back like a baby? Relativity of alpha and omega?

A political anecdote about friend and enemy.
There is no eternal enemies or eternal friends. There is only the eternal interests which in our mind.

So... who is your true friend and eternal enemy when you become a senile old man? Nobody.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, Tikno. Very well put. Thanks for sharing this to us. :)

  2. thank you for sharing Tikno! :)

  3. friends or enemies come and go in our life. i think true friends will stay in our heart.

  4. This post tells an awkward truth ( slightly hyperbolic though, I hope. There are quite a number of shining examples of the contrary).

    Yet at moments of a cynical mood I may join and say:" You can't rely on friends to be friends at times you really need them, but you can confidently trust enemies will always be enemies".

  5. Hi ru? i find this entry quite true..I dislike making enemies..I hope I have none..
    "All my friends was in my memory.."...sad isn't it? He must be a broken person. Maybe many of us sooner or later will know, who is with us and who is against us..when we are but a nobody.

    Only my 2cents...*sigh*

  6. Hello Grace, TT Tan, and Yenny, thanks for your comment.

    Colson, this just a musings based on the teaching of Taoism. :) Perhaps a part of eastern people will be more easy to understand a verse like this: "Existence is emptiness, and emptiness is existence"

    HoneyBuzz, As the time goes by.... it will prove it.

  7. Tikno, this is brilliant. Very well thought out and conveyed. Congratulations.

  8. Rummuser, thank you.

  9. enemies and friends are two things we must face. But we must be smart and wise in this life journey. Hopefully we do not have any enemies

  10. Nadine, thank you.

    Bunga, hopefully.

  11. I hope my blog will provide new information and I hope we can exchange links thank you for pushing our friendship

  12. hi ! follow my blog ya.. thanks :D


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