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The inner voices when I am get old

One day in January 2010, I visited my grandfather (father of my mother) and my grandmother (grandmother of my wife). I can feel how happy they are with my presence, as well as myself. I can see despite their spirit remain alive but I can not deny that their physical ability has decreased naturally. So I start to think how if I'm getting old like them. While thinking of it, suddenly my mind remembered a touching story that was discovered by my family. Whatever I have feel and imagine, I pour it into this post. Hopefully your love to the elderly and your parents will be more.

When I'm get old.

When I spilled vegetable broth on my clothes,
when I no longer remember how to tie a tie,
when I no longer remember how to tie shoelaces,
remember the time how I teach and guide you to do that.

While I am senile and constantly repeating the word that bores you,
please be patient to listen to me, do not interrupt me,
in the days of your childhood, with affection I kept repeating a fairy tale to you,
which I have told you thousands of times until you're lulled into a dream.

When I need you to bathe me,
please don't blame me,
remember the days of your childhood,
I'm in various ways persuading you to take a bath.

While I am confused about new things in modern technology,
do not laugh at me,
please imagine how I was patiently answering every "why",
that you asked in your childhood.

When my leg has been too weak to walk,
please stretch out your strong hand to support me,
like in your childhood,
when I guide you to walk.

While I forget the topic of our conversation,
please give me a little time to remember,
truthfully that topic is not so important to me,
as long as you are by my side,
the most important thing is YOU ! Yes, you are.

When I get old,
I'm no longer like myself before,
don't be sad, please support me with your love,
like me to you when you begin to learn about life.


At my age I just have one question for you my child: "Do you have a plan to send me to a nursing home?". I hope you will find this post when you have grown up.

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  1. Beautiful poem. Thank you!

  2. Moving. And an admirable and enviable example.

  3. Anonymous12/1/10

    I come to see a GOOD Friend, and he greets me with tales of old age and time.
    Time : tells the TRUTH
    People :Call Time a Liar
    TIME : CORRECT People

    Omegetymon/ D'Ellis
    (And you thought that a new year would make me forget !)

  4. Jean (Cheerful Monk), thanks, I'm glad you like it.

    Colson, thank you.

    D'Ellis (Omegetymon), thank you for coming my friend. You bring an excellent puzzle for my readers here.

  5. Tikno, very nice post. Please watch this short clip on youtube

  6. Rummuser, thank you very much for sharing a very touching video. I encourage readers to watch it too.

  7. i think, i've heard this poem before in Indonesian..
    let's pray may GOD give us a loyal child, which will always care when we old, and pray for us after we die.

  8. Chi, yes this poem is from a touching story on a paper which is discovered and shared by Yenny Ang my family. And what I felt and imagined when visiting my grandparents is very represented by this poem.

  9. good poem Tikno,

    i hope in every step of your life, even the old time you always given a happiness and wealth in anything. Stay much learning and enthusiastic.

  10. Niar, thanks a lot. Surprise to see your comments again. Where have you been? May you more success in your career!

  11. Tikno,

    Very touching for me, WOW!

    Sometimes, especially when we are so busy making money, we tend to forget that we will get old sooner or later.
    There are also times when we tried to stay much younger that today, but at the end of the day we will all get old. That's a fact that cannot be denied.

  12. I always think of that: how every old person was once young and setting out on their own road. And that now that their near the end how much they've contributed to the lives of all those around them.

  13. Mr. Tikno,
    A few days back, just after I had my shower I noticed some of the hair that has changed from it's original colour. The new colour is slowly increasing when i take notice every now & then. But then, this is the sign of aging that everyone has to go through.

    When we are young, we can't wait to grow up as an adult. Once we are an adult we wished we were a child again. How often we come through this paradox of life.

    Likewise, when we are young, our body functions well but as we grow old, the system slowly degrades until we pass on.

    I had a very loving parents. I lost my mum on Sept 28th, 2005 and my dad on the 3rd February 2009. It is almost a year now since I lost my dad but I still miss both of them. My mum was 69 yrs old & my dad 79 yrs when they passed on. I was lucky to have them till that age & yet I can't get enough of them.

    We may not be sure if our kids will take care of their parents the way we took care of ours. The values are changing & some corroding with each decade.

    Let's hope that when we are old, there will still be some love left for us despite all the modernisation & the value shift.

  14. This is a beautiful and touching poem.

    This is an important reminder to all of us how our elderly loved ones should be acknowledged and respected.

    Thank you for sharing.

  15. The poem and video are very meaningful, specially to me as I take care of the aged.

    Thank you

  16. H. Nizam, Yes that's a fact that cannot be denied. Yet, this post is more to the love message.

    Nothingprofound, that's good that you always think like that. And now, it's the younger turn to give the love sense.

    Mystique Earth, you are right, this is a paradox of life. Is it true about a saying said : like the sun's light shining to the earth, and not expected to return?

    Lola, thank you!

    Amrita, I salute to you.

  17. A beautiful poem. May we all look at our elderly like this poem, and once, if we are that lucky, may this poem also become true to us.
    From Felisol

  18. Hi Tikno:)

    Very interesting and heart touching poem.

    What ever written in this poem is absolutely true.

    Young people don't take care of their elderly parents and relatives. No wonder old age homes are mushrooming all over the world. Upto to a certain age we can take care of ourselves but after that we definitely need the help of near and dear ones to help us through the remaining part of our lives.

    Have a nice day:)

  19. Felisol, hopefully....?

    Joseph Pulikotil, old people's homes has become a kind of bussiness now.

  20. Terimakasih telah berkunjung di kedai kopi, salah satu blog saya. Sekaarng saya numpang baca-baca sekalian belajar bahasa Inggris dari weblog ini.

  21. Your posting and your video reminded me of my future and It also reminded me of my parents. Thanks for remind me.

  22. Ivan Kavalera, selamat datang dan terimakasih atas komentar Anda.

    Seno, you are welcome.

  23. artikel yang menarik, menyentuh hati...sukses untuk anda...

  24. Devianty, terimakasih. Blog Anda juga menarik.

  25. nice poem...
    im happy to visit yours...

  26. Anonymous23/1/10

    Great FRIEND,
    Here is a link to your post of aging, only it is at the young one's "plea":
    (Ascent : The Children)
    Om/ D'Ellis

  27. Anonymous23/1/10
    You, now, have "two offices".

  28. getting old is a must, but i want to get happines when face it :P

  29. Omegetymon (D'Ellis), thanks to expand the reflection of this post. I have add an update to link to yours.

    Mocca_Chi, well... I pray for you.

  30. How are you my brother?

  31. Honey, I'm fine, just a little busy on new project. That was my challenge.

  32. Thanks for sharing the poem and the clip tikno! Its very meaningful.

  33. Hi Tikno,

    Here I am again, looking for some updates.
    Enjoy life with your loved ones.

  34. Very touching and lovely verse. And how true that all is.


  35. TT Tan, H.Nizam, and Mike,

    Thank for coming and commenting.

  36. So much truth in your words. Very touching and heartfelt. It really reaches into my soul because of the difficulties my sister and I both have in taking care of a parent with vascular dementia.

  37. Kelly,
    Thank you. I am glad that this post inspires you.

  38. bohzo (hello)

    I like your words.

  39. Pokagon, thank you.

  40. Anonymous31/1/10

    Seorang teman sudah datang mengambil saya untuk membicarakan waktu dan orang, dia mengetahui banyak hal.
    OM, friend, there is a new thought on omegetymon for you and your audience.
    (And Niar, you are more beautiful than what the world calls so.)

  41. Anonymous31/1/10

    Be ready for the new update. You have begun a flood of thought.
    Om/ D'Ellis

  42. Anonymous1/2/10

    I hope that what I have just done helps you get to MORE people. There's a new "wiki-zine" that I'm building on My email is, I'll give you the password to put articles, that you feel are right,in it. It's called: 'AROUND THE WORLD ON A THOUGHT'.
    D'Ellis/ Kebaikan dan kebebasan Mei mengatasi ketamakan dan kebodohan.

  43. The elderly deserves more love, affection and attention---and that also means more respect. Because as they age, they gained wisdom that they are willing to impart to us.
    Very beautiful poem Ely.

  44. D'Ellis, thank you so much for your attention. I will email you.

    Bingkee, thank you.

  45. Beautiful poem... I enjoyed it and was inspired by it. My husband's elderly parents are still trying to be independent and in their own home --even though both of them are legally blind. It's hard --as the siblings-- to know how to help them and yet still allow them to have their independence.

  46. A very beautiful poem and a video with an important message. Our elderly deserve much respect and above all we should listen to what they have to say, as many feel so ignored. The wealth of knowledge they have is priceless. I enjoy listening to my husband's father, our only surviving parent now, to the stories he has of his childhood growing up on a farm. Those stories are an invaluable part of my husband's family history which we enjoy learning about.

  47. Betsy from Tennessee,

    Maybe your affection is the most important thing for them.
    My Grandfather (father of my Mother) and my Grandmother (grandmother of my wife) also still trying to be independent.

    My Grandfather lived in his own home, alone. He always trying to do the basic things for living, such as: bathe, boiling the water, making tea, buying food at the stores around the house although he walks a bit slow and using a stick.

    My grandmother always wanted to wash his own clothes, washing her own glass and plate after eating.

    I respect their desire to be independent. What can I do is always try to give my attention and affection by visiting them regularly, chatting with them and then we laugh together, and sometimes bring their favorite food.
    Maybe what I have done is just a small thing, yet I felt it was a mean for them.

    I believe that your presence is more important than the story.

  48. Such a sad yet beautiful poem. As an independant person, I dread the day but know it shall come. Your poem shall be my prayer.

  49. Arkansas Patti, thank you.

  50. We are all going there, anyway. All I can say is that, just enjoy your every day and do what you want to do without thinking we are getting old. :)
    Years added to our age are a blessing from God.

  51. Hi my friend it has been a while since I have been by, I am sorry just working lots and so busy with life, well I wanted to say have a great weekend and I hope you and your family doing well you all take care...

  52. Stefanie Holim14/2/10

    We will getting old soon. should be happy :D

    この 言葉 は 本当  に 凄い です ね、 おじいさん。。。 :D

  53. Hello from the USA!

    I so appreciate your kind and insightful comment regarding my valentine tribute .... Your poem says so much about providing care for our loved ones. Thank you for sharing with us.

  54. Grace, of course I enjoyed my daily life. This post is more to a musings.

    Jk, take care your health my friend. May God bless you and your family, and thanks for your comment.

    Stefanie Holim, now I'm happy with my lovely wife and my children. This post is more to a musings for releasing my mind.

    Hellen, hello from Indonesia! I like of your post about Valentine's Day which it presenting a different contrast.

  55. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  56. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  57. Very touching and thank you for sharing the video and lesson.

  58. Fibro Viv, thank you for your comment.

  59. Thanks Tikno!

    === When I'm get old {En|Tr} Ben yaşlanınca ===

    When I spilled vegetable's gravy on my clothes,
    when I no longer remember how to tie a tie,
    when I no longer remember how to tie shoelaces,
    remember the time how I teach and guide you to do that.

    Yemeğin suyunu üstüme damlatırsam ben
    düğmeleri sırasına göre iliklemeyi...
    ayakkabı bağcıklarını doğru bağlamayı unutursam ben
    bunları öğrenesin diye, ne çok uğraşıp didinmiştim ben
    sen... o günleri unutma.


    When I'm old, I'm no longer like myself before!
    Don't be sad, please support me with your love,
    like me to you when you begin to learn about life.

    Artık olamam eskisi gibi, yaşlanınca bak!
    Destek ol lütfen sevginle bana, üzülmeyi bırak,
    yaşamı öğrenmenin daha başındayken sen,
    benim sana yaptıklarımı, sen de bana yap.

    [En: English | Tr: Turkish]

  60. Thank you, CndFlix.

  61. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  62. Very, very good writing. I wish that you had a way to link this to WordPress so that your work could be could be read by more folks.

    1. Thank you Ted. You may share this post within WordPress by referring to the source link, or share it in your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  63. Anonymous25/7/23

    When the days gets old
    And your hair is white
    The moment I take my turn
    To hold your hand when you once held my hand
    To feed you food when you once fed me
    To tell you stories and bring you your favorites when it was once my joy
    Please be healthy and stay safe and let me be your child you wish I am to be
    I want you to witness every step of my journey, either it ups or downs
    And promise me you'll be there alongside as I walk through life
    I love you more than words, pa <3

    1. Your comment has touched my heart.

  64. I feel that while the body may not function as before, the elderly still have a soul in development. And that soul is just as much them as they ever have been. So many write off the elderly. It's really their loss. There's so much beauty and wisdom if only we take time to see and appreciate it.


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