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What was in my mind regarding same-sex marriage

The escalation of same-sex marriage sometimes intrigued me to think about this phenomena. Often I think of an analogy of a micro-organism that mutating for resistant against antibiotics, so I'm imagining whether human gene is also mutating for resistant against the complexity of love in order to find alternative way. Along with the development of this phenomenon, scientists which I think stand in neutral position need to do a "laboratory research" to find a new formula like this :

Chromosome X + X = resulting a baby.
Chromosome Y + Y = resulting a baby.

Usually supporters of same-sex marriage always using a key-word "human rights" to get their right. Hmm... human itself creates "Human Rights" and then this "Human Rights" is being used to get the another "unusual right".

In this opportunity let me share my own statistic forecast which was in my imagination, that is:
1) If the trend of gay marriage is go up then the trend of plastic surgery by women will go down.
2) If the trend of lesbian marriage is go up then the trend of macho men will go down.
3) If we tend to let both statistic trend above to grow then the trend of human populations will go down.

Could this be interpreted as no baby any longer ??? Aha..., this is more dangerous than the issue of climate change, but... wait a minute, or otherwise it will help to reduce global warming. Which one you chose? If you say more dangerous then the international concern needs to be appealed because this is a warning for the next human history. If not, then the scientists need to test the formula above as soon as possible.

Pssst... I'm just releasing my mind within this post while still let you to disagree with me. Just say this is my mad post.


  1. very smart analysis! =)
    sorry, i'm not an expert in chromosome =)

  2. Okay, maybe it is a mad post, but it is a funny one. And I for one love it.

    The good news of course is that the remaining heterosexuals will probably meet the challenge by going as wild as rabbits. I have no doubt the human species will manage to hit 10 billion inhabitants worldwide halfway this century.

    Anyhow, I think same sex marriage is okay. Just like marriage between heterosexual couples, it is not about human rights in the first place, but about love.

    Btw: actually some recent scientific information warned about the ongoing deteriotation of the "Y" chromosome. In due time it will probably disappear alltogether and from then on procreation will be the exclusisive activity of woman.

    And an other established fact: irrespective of other ethnic differences, about 7% of the population is homosexual by birth. So, lesbians and gays will not beat that number now or in the foreseeable future.

  3. Yenni, thank you for your comment.

    Colson, I agree with you that love takes the first place. Just a post for joke and refresh.

  4. Tikno, just imagine, when men stop chasing women there is less heat produced and so global warming comes down!

  5. Rummuser, but... if men really stop chasing women, then the trend of IVF (In Vitro fertilization) will increases, lol.

  6. Hello Tikno how are you I hope your doing well. I believe in live and let live, I don't know why god made man and woman if it was supposed to be same sex relationships, how ever it is only God who knows for sure. I don't condemn anyone they can live as they feel. Each person has a right to live as they do on this planet. I believe in live and let live and be the best I can daily... Have a wonderful day... you may visit ant time you wish...

  7. JK, I'm fine and thank you so much for coming. Yes, only God knows.

  8. If the trend of lesbian marriage is go up and If the trend of gay marriage is go up, it means the end of the word.

  9. Interesting analogy, though..
    Still there are resisting factor towards this same-sex marriage thing and perhaps an almost equal balance as the world we live in is getting crazier that it was before.. let's pray that not all of us turn our back on sustaining our existence..

  10. i don't find the post "mad" as you term fact i love the awareness it provides.

    actually i disagree with gay marriages...for one simple reason:

    GOD CREATED MAN AND WOMAN ALONE and nothing in between.

    life round meNyou


  11. Seno, Ksatrio, and Jenie, thank you for your comment.

  12. I think people are making a big deal out of nothing. So a few gay people want to marry and be with each other; who really cares? It's certainly not like heterosexual marriages have been all that perfect; the divorce rate in America is more than 50%. And here, we have a ratio of more women than men, and in the black community the ratio is 7 black men to every 10 black women.

    Of course, the other side of that is that, as couples, then invariably all want to have children. Truthfully, since there are so many children waiting to be adopted, I don't have many problems there either. Children can't be taught to be gay, so they'll choose whomever they're eventually attracted to. Natural selection is a powerful thing.

    Heck, a Blogspot blog; means I won't see your response. Oh well...

  13. Hi Mitch, if gay marriage continues to grow then the imbalance ratio will more slant. How the destiny of the remaining ladies ?

    btw, you may click "subscribe by email" at the bottom of comment-box to see my response as well as other comments.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. I share the same concern about this. Some country have legalised a same sex marriage, which is opening an alternative for human to choose their couple. Just imagine halft of human turn into gay and lesbian and it already feels more than scary. :P

  16. Ferry Prima, I better not imagine the scary things.

  17. The same-sex marriage in social term is an anomaly, but it is naturally present in science because now scientists believe that homosexuality to some extent is controlled by genetic factors... I don't want to analyse it from the religious points of view because I'm not an expert at it...

  18. Yari NK,
    Same with me using statistical imagination and science fiction in this post.

  19. tikno, I like this post. I think gay people should be able to live together in privacy, but this should not be called marriage. Marriage should be kept special, just for male plus female. It is for having children and teaching them morals.

    Actually gay and lesbian couples can adopt children in the U.S. and they often make wonderful parents. I personally know one such couple and the two children are very responsible and will no doubt make good citizens.

    Sorry, Rummuser, but from what I hear a homosexual male or female chasing someone of the same sex generates as much heat as a man chasing a woman. It was a nice idea though. :)

  21. Cheerful Monk

    Yes, some would be loving parents, but you have to compare good gay couples with good straight couples (apples and apples). Children need both sexes to model. Also, there's no time in history when anyone has ever tried this. In the U.S., some judges are trying to force us to change our society against the wishes of the majority. If you want to read more of what I think, you can check out my logic here:

    If you disagree, write a comment!


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