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Someone has stolen my article - plagiarism

A user of with the initials "Pinoy" has stolen my articles titled "Long journey for alcoholic beverage in Indonesia" without my permission nor mentioning the source of original post (my article). I call this plagiarism or cheating. He/She has completely copying (stole) my article into his/her blog and then submit that article to using his/her blog as the source with user name "Pinoy".

Firstly I found my article was published at with the URL:

And below is the captured image from Zimbio page, where my article has been stolen by Pinoy. Click the image to enlarge and look at the red arrow or visit its link to dig more.

You can see that the source of article was written from "" (plagiarist blog). Out of curiosity then I clicked on the link and found my article are also stolen and copied into his / her blog, with the URL =

Below is the image captured from plagiarist blog:

Wooow... the plagiarist was stole my article to makes money online via Google Adsense, ha... ha...
Maybe I would not mind if only quoting part of paragraph (not 100%) and write the original source.
Some people still think that what has been published on the Internet is public property because the Internet is a public space. Is this true? And what should I do for this case? Any suggestions?

This is a good example shown by Social Computing Software website. Their website Admin provides a link to the original source. I give a great respect to the Admin.

 = Update on July 27, 2010 for a good news =
Yesterday morning, July 26, 2010, I sent my report to Zimbio as suggested by Yenni in comment to this post. And today, July 27, 2010 afternoon, I get a reply from Zimbio to informed me that they have reviewed this matter and the article was removed (click on the image of their email to enlarge). A good news and also a rapid reply that makes my salute to them. Ohh ... my efforts were not in vain. Now just waiting for a reaction from Google on my report about his plagiarism post which it using blogger as a platform. Let appreciate other people's work and do not keep silent against plagiarism.


  1. stupid plagiarist.. maybe you can comment to the article or spam him to apologize..

  2. Looks like a marketing type gone crazy. Sometimes a computer is set up to copy articles and post automatically, and this done for a large number of sites. You may not be able to contact the true perpetrator.

  3. Meutia,
    I think he/she is a naughty blogger but clever to makes money online. Right now, I choose to report his/her copy-paste post to Google via "Google's spam report form":

    Ah... that's good so this post also can be read automaticaly by their blog readers and probably by the perpetrator. Just say am sending a message for them via this post, ha... ha....

  4. I always provide a link and credits if I paste an article on my blog an d also ask for permission first, even for a photo.

  5. Though you definitely caught the plagiarist in a flagrant act of foul play, I've no idea what to do about it effectively. Like you said: internet is ( and ought to stay in my opinion) free.

    At least he/she gave you a huge compliment: she/he thinks your article is better than what he/she may ever be able to write on the subject.

  6. first of all I should congratulate you for such a good article you have, and may be this Pinoy also feel the same way.
    2ndly, let's see what will google do after your report on . Let us know the update on this case.

  7. tikno, write to for this plagiarism issue. it's just very rude of her!

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Amrita,
    That's good for you. I respect you!

    Yup, internet is free for everyone to read, for personal use and non-profits, but not for copyright piracy especially for particular interests.
    I felt that was plagiarism not a huge compliment.

    I will add an update in this post or in new post if I see what Google do after receiving my report.
    Would you please to help me by sending a report too?

    I will try it. Thanks for your attention.
    Perhaps they will more care about this case if you also makes a report to them. Will you help me?

    Nikiti Migina,
    I'm sorry to delete your comment. Please do not write your advertisement here.

  10. Anonymous27 July, 2010

    jangan niru deh mending buat karya sendiri

  11. I also have become victims of plagiarism. Setuju! Stop copy-paste!

  12. Julianusginting,
    Setuju !

    Sawali Tuhusetya,
    If so, don't keep silent.

  13. tidak mudah untuk mencari ide menulis, jadi berbanggalah dengan karya sendiri.. :)

  14. sunggu tidak enak dikopas
    apalagi tidak menyebut sumbernya
    kopas dengan menyebutkan sumber sih oke aja

  15. Sukadi,
    Kalau dikopas jadi sedih nih..

    Walaupun menyebut sumber asli tapi bukan berarti boleh copy 100%

  16. I have been victims plagiarist. I sent email for her and i complain for her behaviour. The last, she ask for pardon to me....

  17. Meliana,
    You have done what should be done to fight plagiarism. I'm stand with you. :)

  18. Hi Tikno,

    Good job. I'm glad you fought plagiarism and got good results.

    I think if you want your readers to see an article you shouldn't copy it but link to it. Google loves links, and when you use them you raise your site and the other person's site in Google's page rankings. Copying the article does nothing for you or for the other person, even if you give credit to the other person.

    If you use links, you're not plagiarizing, and everybody's happy.

  19. Hi Petrea,
    Welcome back and thanks for your comment.

  20. Plagiarism is a form of flattery Tikno! Congratulations for having been copied and also so effectively resolving the issue.

  21. Rummuser,
    You said flattery? I don't even think like that. I was peeved with what has happened.

  22. Good for you for speaking up! I try to be very careful about giving credit for anything I refer to. I also notice a lot of people use other people's pictures without getting permission or giving credit. I stick to pictures that have a Creative Commons license or else write for permission.

    About being flattered. Having someone refer to your post and giving you credit would have been flattery. Stealing is not!

  23. Hello Tikno how have you been?? Been a while since I have stopped here, Hope your doing well and your family is doing well... You all have a wonderful weekend...

  24. Cheerful Monk,
    Yeah I feel good after speaking and got a good news, moreover after got email reply from you :)

    I'm fine. Just doing my daily job even for weekend. My job does not give me an opportunity for weekend :(

  25. Dear Tikno,
    It's really a shame that people would take advantage of such a nice person. I'm glad that:
    1) You discovered the plagiarism, whether it was intentional or not,
    2) Took action to resolve it.

    As an author, I often have my words quoted back to me - which is really a complement - but I have never bothered to check whether people are stealing my stuff or not.

    As for your case, if this was one of those automatic posting softwares, I understood that they always include the credits for the author. If they don't, they should be made illegal.
    Worth checking out, huh?

    I'm glad you followed up and got good results. You deserve it.

    Your friend,

  26. Dear Brennan,

    Actually I accidentally found my article was plagiarized when I just testing a plagiarism checker at

    I heard that plagiarism also happened on educational world where student wrote a papers by copying from internet sources.

  27. Tikno: Your new motto (Love Elly & Alex) moves me! Beautiful!

  28. Salam kenal Mas, pertanyaan anda sudah saya jawab sebisa saya.. mohon petunjuknya...

  29. Colson,
    Thank you. That's my own handwriting.

    Salam kenal juga. Saya sudah membacanya dan terimakasih sudah dijawab.

  30. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often. I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

  31. @ News,
    As an author, I'm so excited if my writings were considered valuable. It's push my spirit to write better. Thank you!

  32. I'm VERY glad you took care of this and the article was removed. Have you written a letter of protest to the plagiarist?

    Sorry you had to experience this, but I guess it was a good lesson for all of us...BEWARE the greedy folks who steal art and writing!

  33. @ Lynda Lehmann,
    Yes, first I asked the perpetrator to remove my article on his/her blog by writing a comment. Because there is no response, then I published this post and write a protest email to Zimbio and Google.
    Beware to your art works. Since you published it on the internet, there is always a risk.

  34. That is so scary Tikno----That's why I registered my site with Creative Commons and MyCopyrights --to protect my site.
    I have read about other blogger's writings being plagiarized by others. There are so many of them ---those cheaters.
    You did a good job reporting it to Zimbio and Google.

  35. waduh ko bahasanya bule..ane jadi bingung salam kenal kawan..jalan2 disiang hari menawarkan produk kami..kami adalah supplier spare part komputer..di jamin murah banget..di lihat ya kawan

  36. ada ga versi indonesianay bro..kayanya menarik nih artikel..banyak yang komentar


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