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Good news for transition to clean energy technology

As I have mentioned in previous post titled "Oil spills and its impact - what you think" that we should not only focus on the incident, its causes or its impacts, in association with the use of unfriendly energy to environment. I also mentioned that scientists and the government involvement through regulations and international agreement can play a role and necessary. So, in this post I want to share the good news for those who care about clean energy.

Good news on July 19-20, 2010 quoted from the website of Clean Energy Ministerial :
The first-ever Clean Energy Ministerial will bring together ministers and stakeholders from more than 20 countries to collaborate on policies and programs that accelerate the world's transition to clean energy technologies. The meeting will provide an opportunity for groups of governments and other participants to announce actions to accelerate deployment of clean energy technologies. The agenda of the Clean Energy Ministerial will focus on concrete steps forward to promote clean energy.

Yet, barriers to the adoption of clean energy technologies abound. Traditional patterns and practices limit acceptance. Regulatory barriers persist. Costs of some technologies remain high. Coordinated action and information-sharing among leading nations can help overcome these barriers.
Good news on July 21, 2010 quoted from The White House Blog :
Yesterday, more than 120 leaders in the commercial building community came together with Federal officials at a White House Clean Energy Economy Forum to discuss the role of Federal leadership in sustainable building. White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, General Services Administration Administrator Martha Johnson, and Housing and Urban Development Deputy Secretary Ron Sims got a conversation started that focused on three key topics: leveraging the scale, financing, and innovation.
For complete reading please visit the both sites above. I think this is a strong starting point for the transition to clean energy technologies because the stronger government support can accelerate the transition.


  1. It's not just good news, these are necessary developments in the first place. And let's hope this time words will be succeeded by action and it will not be too late,too little.

  2. Colson,
    The more human realized that fossil oil is dwindled year by year, the more human will try hard to explore alternate energy. This process will run naturally :)

  3. Changing technologies is all very well and good, but I don't see how we won't run out of resources if the world population keeps growing exponentially. Not many people are talking about that. I just read that Iran is rewarding people for having more children.

    I also think that water will be a more precious resource than fuel.

  4. There's also the problem of the increasing standard of living, which takes more energy and other resources. China is concerned about global warming and was trying to reduce its greenhouse gases. But its people are coming out of poverty and consuming more. That's great for the people, and for the Chinese economy, but it's hard on the environment. As I understand it Chinese companies are in the forefront of developing new technologies for alternative energsy, but China is still highly dependent on the use of coal for its own energy needs.

    I know China is actively looking for new sources of energy and other resources all over the world. Do you think that will cause problems for other countries? Do you think there will enough for everyone? Do you hear any talk of there ultimately being a food and water shortage?

  5. Cheerful Monk,

    A thought provoking comments, and good for discussion.

    China had inherited what I called it as their historical impact. In the old Chinese culture, there was a popular known term: "More child, more fortune". This stigma has causes a big problem for China to be faced today. As a result, China implemented one child policy.

    The pride on a slogan of the awakening dragon from east has also spurring the spirit of Chinese people to become a developed country. Many of my Chinese friends said that China have an ambition to become a leader in Asia for the first step and then emerge as the balancing power in the world. As the result of economic booming now China has became the second big producer of greenhouse gasses in this world, after the United States.

    Yes, China must develop ways to utilize coal more efficiently and more cleanly. The good news is China also actively developing clean energy technology. One of them is energy produced from wind power.

    That all is a problem on the global scope, and not as easy as turning our palm. It need strong political will and long term.

    What is equally important is whether we are as consumer and individual also supporting environmental friendly products. A little example: don't buy refrigerant that using Freon; buy solar energy water heater for shower.

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