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Human patience threshold

That is the title that need to be ponder together in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic. Do you like that your personal freedom constantly being restricted in the name of health protocols? Sane people will say diplomatically it's not a matter of liking it or not. It is for your goodness, your family and others. So true. But to be honest in our heart, including me, frankly don't like it. Basically, human are social creatures who want to interact with other people.

We all already know how great the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on human life. The economy slumped, many companies went bankrupt, unemployment increased. Even the Covid-19 vaccine has become the best-selling merchandise that is being fought over by many countries.

There are two things I imagine. The first is the group of those who are still viable financially (hopefully still can). Maximum they will reach the limit of psychological patience which is experiencing tremendous boredom, if not called stress. Perhaps a psychologist is more competent to explain this one because it is not my specialty. Is there a formula that can measure the limit of human patience in facing the time length of health protocol restrictions? It's true that everyone's patience is different, but I'm sure there is a limit except you are an angel.

The second is the group of those who are no longer afford for life necessity financially. It could be because of job loss or slumping business. Well, this second group is the most vulnerable, which I focus on in this post. This can become a time bomb because it's  stomach matter. You know that a hungry stomach can have any consequences. What percentage of this second group compared to the first? Indeed, many countries around the world already provide social assistance to this group to prevent unwanted social impacts. The question is: How long the aid will last? Moreover by poor countries. Something that has no time limit will create stress for the aid provider. Indeed, the covid-19 vaccination program has occurred in many countries. But what percentage of population that has been vaccinated in each country. What percentage in poor / developing countries. Herd immunity can only be achieved if most of the population in an area have immunity. Even then must happen at almost the same time. The problem is that there is not yet academic studies that can confirm the effective period of covid-19 vaccine. Six months? One year? Forever? What if the vaccine effectiveness in certain regions (countries) begun to decline, while in other regions (countries) the herd immunity not yet happened. Should continuous lock down happen again in each regions / countries? First lock down, second lock down, and so on. It seems many countries implementing the brake pedal system like in a car. Pressing and releasing brake pedal following the number of Covid-19 cases. Until when it end? I also do not know.

In the end I started to think how long the time limit to reach human's patience threshold in dealing with prolonged restrictions. Meanwhile, stomach affairs cannot be postponed. There are those who are impatient, half patient, perforce to be patient, perforce commit crime. Who among you can be patient indefinitely? Perhaps medical scientist still racing to pursue the human's patience threshold so that the prolong health protocols do not exceed the threshold of patience itself. Hopefully religious leaders actively preach about patience. Please don't consider this post as a threat but a warning because the story will continue with the emergence of new variant of corona virus mutations B117, B1351 and double mutation B1617. Meanwhile you can ponder the Covid-19 teachings. And the most important thing is keep wearing mask, maintain distance, wash your hand often, avoid crowded or closed places, avoid touching your face area, sleep well. Thanks for reading.


  1. That threshold is being reached very soon here. The ordinary citizens who depend on small businesses and trades besides workers who have been laid off are reaching that point soon. It is agonising to hear of very depressing stories and if not for yeoman service rendered by the well off social organisations, death by starvation rather than the chinese virus would have been more. The future can wait. How to pass every day is the most important thing for most people now.

    1. You live in a big country that has abundant resources, also one of the countries that able to produce covid-19 vaccine, even help other countries. Many computer programmers (software engineer) come from your country, even many people say a super power candidate. I believe its potential is capable to overcome this pandemic. I think there must be a strong and good cooperation between the leader and people. A good leader must be resolute and will not gathering people in mass campaign for political interests amid pandemic. Good people obey the direction of good leaders.

      Indonesia as a country with the largest Muslim population in the world even bans homecoming in Eid Al-Fitr holiday. Even a leader of a mass organization who has violated health protocol has been arrested and is currently on trial. The Chinese Ancestor's Day (also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day) was forbidden last year, but allowed for this year with condition only visited by 2 family members per grave, limited time, and take turns to avoid crowd.

      By the way, I'm curious why you use a term like Trump. The digital age is the age of proxy war and alibi games. I myself find it hard to believe which one is correct when reading various conspiracy theory in the following article:

      The funniest thing is the theory about 5G wireless frequency transmitting Covid-19 virus and the theory about a meteor from outer space bringing Covid-19 virus to earth. It's mean virus is immune to meteor's flames while entering atmosphere. Haha...LOL.


    3. Dear Ramana,
      Maybe I believe more to scientific journals than media coverage. At least I ask a honest opinion from my doctor. It is difficult to find independent mass media nowadays whether it is in my own country or in others countries also the same. Some are leaning towards party A or B, because mass media is an effective tool in forming public opinion, moreover if you read my previous post entitled "Understanding political from human nature". I also doubt if the media in your country are willing to tell the truth which in the end is detrimental to the interests of the nation. Many local media adapting news from the world's mainstream media without realizing that they are maybe a tool to form opinions.

      Actually I do not intend to share the link as a counterweight to your link above, because I want to think critically and objectively. But I think it's good to present something to balance and let readers to judge for themselves. For this purpose I don't use Google or Bing search engine (owned by American companies) but I prefer to use (owned by Russian) or (a private search engine).

      Here are some scientific or educational opinions:

      And here are some conspiratorial or subjective opinions:

      I'm NOT in a position to confirm the news above. That is just additional reading. Hopefully you will not blame your friends who are infected with the HIV, Ebola, MERS, Avian Flu / Bird Flu, or Smallpox virus.

  2. The mental devastation will exceed the physical one. Lasting for God knows how long. Yes, now each day must be tackled, the future will build from this.

    1. Thanks for sharing a new thoughts about mental devastation. Will you explain it further? This is something extraordinary. Many children feel pressured by not being able to go to school and play with their friends in person. I feel sad for their childhood.
      By the way, what do you mean about "the future will build from this".
      Is that related to religious matter?

  3. Human beings are adaptable. Human's immunity will form naturally against Covid-19. Vaccination speeds up the process. I am sure in the future that Covid-19 will become the common cold.

    1. It can be. Your comment is reasonable, at least for me.
      Currently, the most powerful weapon to defeat Covid-19 is the immune system in ourselves. It is a gift from God that we must be grateful. Vaccine only train our immune system to recognize the genetic code of virus. Humans body still in the adaptation process to fight covid-19. In the end, when the immune system of most population in the world has been trained to fight corona virus, that's when covid-19 pandemic will become common cold. Take an example of influenza pandemic in 1918 which is now considered as common cold. Perhaps the two following article is interesting to read:

      I think the changes in the disease could be driven by the adaptations of our immune response rather than by changes in the virus itself. It could be the mutations of coronavirus B117, B1351 and double mutation B1617 as a response to human immunity.

    2. That makes sense, Tikno

    3. I'm pretty sure about virus mutation in response to medicine and human immunity. Here are some worth reading articles:

  4. A few minutes ago I commented about intellect and faith/experience but hadn't signed in. It was me! :)


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