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Give Your Voice For Refugees

Blog Action Day theme about refugee
On November 10th, 2008, thousands of bloggers will write about the various challenges faced by the 11 million people who have no country to call home and the 40 million more who have been displaced because of war, conflict and natural disasters. It's hoped the world of blogosphere will unite to raise their voices on behalf of millions voiceless refugees. To ask the world to face the atrocities to humanity. To increase the awareness of human rights. Participating is easy and for more information please visit Bloggers Unite. There, you will find various badges and even source material for write a post.

By being participating, you also helping Refugees United, a non-profit, independent, non-political, non-religious & non-government organizations, that helps refugees in their search for lost loved ones (family or friends) through the use of the internet, and to end the torture of not knowing where relatives are in this world. Possibly your beloved person who was lost within the war, disaster or conflict, could be found through their database.

Yes, you may be says that these global action cannot ending the refugee problems totally. But you should consider that posting in a blog also same with journalistic, moreover can be read by millions people around the world. Your one post if combined with millions out there will creates an extraordinary lens to be viewed. Your actions will matter, what are you waiting for?

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  1. I agree with you. Our Posts circulates around the world thus giving peple awareness about things like refugee..

    I have a post that's kinda related to this that needs your opinion. Thanks!

  2. Dear Chubskulit,
    Thank you for your attention.

  3. Thank you for bringing this event to my attention. I think we can have a powerful voice and be part of the solution.

  4. Powerful voice can make the world go round. No Place to Call Home "can break your heart”. Homelessness damages children. It tears children from parents, siblings, and pets. Homeless children move so often they cannot keep friends. They witness violence or, worse, suffer abuse. I think We need actions more than voice. Where and how to help?

  5. Thanks for the invitation. I will do my part for this cause and I know people will hear it across the globe. Writing about the issue for global awareness can be strong armor of those people that needs to be heard.

  6. It was good of you to raise this awareness through your blog. REfugees need homes.

  7. Dear Stacey,
    I'm glad if you support their event. Thank you.
    You have a good blog about helping people balance their sense of self, their needs and their passions.
    Dear Iron Woman,
    You give a very interesting question.
    I absolutely agree with you, actions more than voice. About your question "Where and How"?
    If there is refugees around you, help them directly if you have time, if not, donate some fund.
    If no refugees around you, perhaps you kindly donate to Refugees United Organization
    -OR- other organization who have the same mission.

    I ever help an orphan child to find a couple who wanted to adopt a child. Just a simple help to unite the two hope.

    Your have a good blog about disaster. Thank you.
    Dear Whiteshadow,
    Thank you so much. Actually you voices their hope.
    Dear Bingkee,
    Nice words and I hope you will give a little care by posting about these issue.

  8. I think it is a good movement. Let's get done. Regards.

  9. I agree with you...
    This is the good idea and the best article.
    Thank U Mr. Tikno..

  10. yeah, I think this is a nice move, we can make a big difference as bloggers. That's my birthday too!:-)

  11. what can I do for help them?

  12. Dear Seno,
    Thank you for your attention.
    Dear Yopan Prihadi,
    Hopefully you will join too
    Dear Pearl,
    You right, give a little bit care as blogger. Wishing your birthday more meanings.
    Dear Anthony Harman,
    You may see the same answer from me to Iron Woman above. Thank you.

  13. Hi Tikno - thanks for letting us know about this day. Refugees have been quite an issue here in Australia - our governments have not always treated them very well. Unfortunately I will not have time to prepare a post myself,- but hopefully the movement will bring some more awareness.

  14. hi, sir...
    I really like this posting...may be it can be an inspiration for my next posting ^-^
    yes you right, refugee is a vulnerable group who need very much attention..and thank you for give an awarness for us.

  15. Tikno, I have the fullest possible compassion for refugees. In all the emotional outpourings of the people of the world, one main factor never gets the attention that it deserves. The reason for the people becoming refugees.

    Why do I say this? My country, India has been troubled with refugees ever since the country gained its independence in 1947. First it was the Hindus from what is now Pakistan and Bangladesh, then it was the Indians from Myanmar, then it was the Dalai Lama and his followers from Tibet,
    then it was the Tamils from Sri Lanka, then it was East Pakistanis from what is now Bangladesh, now it is again Bangladeshis who along with them are bringing some elements of terrorists with them.

    India is already an overpopulated country. So far it has accepted these refugees and tried to get them to be better off than they were before they left their countries.

    Now, with terrorists being identified from among the so called refugees, a back lash is building up and there are fears that the problems can only get worse.

    If the countries of origin of these people would do something about keeping them in their own countries, it would help!!

  16. What a noble cause Tikno. Maybe with the blogging community keeping this in the public forum, we can get at the source of people becoming refugees. And, possible stopping this madness.

  17. I would love for your blog to be a part of – the world’s first blog-to-film competition. It’s free! All u do is link this blog to for a chance to win 2,000!

    – Kimberly (co-creator)

    p.s. if you also have a video blog, we just launched

  18. all bloggers doin a bit will create a big difference if put together

  19. Dear Tikno,

    Thank you for reminding me!

    These are very worthy causes!


  20. Checking back.. Got something to share to you here

  21. Dear Robin,
    Perhaps you may mail them to give a little care. Thank you for sharing.
    Dear Niar,
    I like to read your post about it. Let me know if you have done.
    Pssst... how about your hope to study in Japan. Are you really go there?
    Dear Rummuser,
    I can feels it. India was one of the kind-hearted countries to accommodate refugees. India also recorded at the list of Countries Hosting Refugees 2006 ).

    Suspect about terrorist among the refugees also one of difficult problems. I agree with your last paragraph, may be one of the solution. Anyway, it's the country responsibility to protect their citizen and bringing them back, except for refugee caused by political problems.
    I hope their origin countries will read your comment here and raise their awareness. That's what blogging and the event of Bloggers Unite for.
    Dear Mckay K,
    Good idea. If we found such people, we can send their data to the organization who cares about it. Possibly their relative out there could find it through the database of that organization.
    Dear Kimberly A. Suta,
    WOW... Your invitation is my honor.
    But... are you serious?
    Okay, I will go there to see you.
    Dear Johnny Ong,
    Yes, you right. Hopefully you joins them too.
    Dear Brennan Kingsland,
    I'm happy if you supports them. Thank you.
    Dear Chubskulit,
    Wow... new design. Your blog looks nice.

  22. Thanks for signing up on am looking forward to following your blog!
    Please don't forget to add the voting link to your site or you can't win. If you need help, check out #12 of our FAQ's:
    or email us at if you have trouble.
    Good luck!


  23. 2 xchange links with my
    funny humor
    blog? I've put ur link in my blog.if u dont mind, can u put "funny humor" as my name in ur blog?Thx

  24. 2 flowerSS to you, plS back 2 flowerSS 4 me...ok...

  25. semoga tercipta keadilan bagi seluruh umat manusia

  26. Hi Tikno, I have a little something for you at my blog!

  27. Dear Kimberly A. Suta,
    Thank you.
    Dear Ivana,
    Okay, I will do it for you.
    Dear Indra Putu Achyar,
    Okay, I will do it for you.
    Dear Nothing,
    Hm... hopefully !
    Dear Lori,
    Wow... thank you so much. I will keep it in my heart FOREVER !

  28. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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