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Message during COVID-19 pandemic

STOP blaming and taunting each other. Any negative response will trigger another negative responses as opposed to you. The virus does not recognize national borders, race, ethnicity, rich / poor. It can appear from anywhere, anytime. History has recorded the bird flu virus, MERS, Ebola, HIV, originating from various parts of the world that we shared. So what are you fuss about?

Both side playing "the blame game". Who care? So what is the REAL game now? Governments that are sensitive and take rapid action to overcome the corona epidemic. Who is succeeded in reducing the spread of the virus and the death rate is the real winner. Who is the golden winner of people's heart? People who come at your side and giving help when you are in a difficult situation, sick helpless, no matter what is his political view, race or ethnic even a stranger. This is the human's basic instinct that will rise up anywhere against all cynical comments on humanitarian assistance.

Words like sanctions, military aid, allies, military pacts, were favorite in colonialism era. Now all of that has become bland in the hearts of people in digital century. Words like : help each other, humanity aid, affection, care, will lasting forever.

The contents of this post are taken from my own comments on Youtube, where many people are cynical toward Chinese humanitarian aid to various countries to fight the corona virus pandemic COVID-19.

This post is intended for those of you who continue to play "blame games" and conspiracy theories without proof. Let it be our homework later to prove it. Not now.


  1. Now Trump is accusing WHO amid corona pandemic and plans delaying financial aid. How do you think about it?

    1. Firstly pointing fingers to blame China, then to WHO. That's like a blame game. Regarding stoping funds for WHO, I think it is not appropriate to be carried out when the world, especially poor and developing countries are struggling to overcome coronavirus. That's not an action that makes people sympathize.


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COVID-19 teachings.

Motherland Angry

I made powerful weapon helpless.
I made superpower speechless.
I changed the war news to humanity.
I show you wealth and power is useless.

I am Motherland already tired.
Let fresh air blow.
Let clear water flow.
Let earth be pure again.

Allow me a short break.
Let humans in a cage for a while.
Air, earth, water, sky, just fine without you.
If I am Motherland have recovered, remember !
You are guest here, not my lord.

Don't forget COVID-19 teachings.

Signs of COVID-19

Humans panic. Handshake, hug, cheek kissing now replaced with shoe or elbow touch. Be suspicious of each other, maintain a distance. Economy collapse. Stock market fall out. Marriage & death ceremony abolished. Mother give birth in trouble. Hospital & medical overwhelmed. Worried, afraid, sad, hit humans. The cause?? Gosh... just a weak micro creature, a virus, which is pressed by finger surely dead but its strength is incredible.

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Maybe God is getting bored seeing our behavior, which is always wrong and proud of sin. Or nature began to be reluctant to befriend us. Hopefully in this quarantine period, human can aware and apologize to Him.

Thank you …