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I do not know who create this song. I do not understand its lyric. I just know that this song really touched my heart. I listened to it over and over. Eventually I tried to find out the meaning of the first 3 characters of the lyrics, and found its meaning:
为什么 = WHY.

My friend told me that the question was answered in the lyrics:

Why there are many Christian denominations

Let me go through this post begging you fellow Christian brother please return to the beginning of Christianity, let's back to the Bible. My religious consciousness told me that Jesus did NOT teach you to create many denominations of Christianity. If Christianity begun from one person, that is Jesus, then why I see many denominations to this day. Let this world only know one Christianity, one faith, one communion, one congregation. I am begging you, please!

Post update 24 March 2021:

The greatness of God (infinite) is beyond human knowledge (finite). Please remember the story about St. Augustine and a child by seaside whose want to pour the entire ocean into a small hole. Doctrinal differences is the result of the finite human knowledge, plus their "EGO" that tends to defend their own truth. Therefore I'm begging you please forgive the human limitation.

A good tree will bear good fruit. Do not cut down a bad tree, but please fertilize the tree to bear good fruit. I am sure God will not see man-made doctrine but will see the fruit that you bear. A true messenger (evangelist / missionary) will makes you get closer to God and makes you a better person in love and affection. End of word, I would like to say that the Great Commandment (supreme Divine doctrine) should be placed above our differences.

I realize that people will be reluctant to comment. Whether they are agree with my call or have another argument in mind. This requires honesty, humility, love, affection and longing for one Christianity. Please ask yourself, your heart. Meanwhile, when Christmas has come, please ponder when you are hear the echo of a bell.


  1. I too do not understand the lyrics. The melody is catchy and nice.

    1. Thank you Ramana. I know you avoid to comment further. I salute to your country India has become one of the production center for covid-19 vaccine.


  2. Is it possible?

    1. That's a biggest question, Ross. It's possible if we put the first Great Commandment above the ego. The greatness of God (infinite) is beyond human logic. But the human nature that tends to defend their own position (EGO) by using our finite logical understanding is the root of all differences.

      My love to my wife is much greater than our differences in views. If contrariwise, we would probably end up in divorce.

    2. Isn't the reference to your marriage relationship, and how it remains unified and survives, a link to an answer for your question and your hope for unity?
      Jesus sent 12 Disciples, almost certainly with differing ways of sharing the Gospel; the story of Christ is shared in 4 Gospels, providing different perspectives; is it possible that where unity exists is in pursuit of the greatest commandment (a vision for Christians) of above all else loving (agape)
      Jesus & loving Others as Yourself... Maybe unity isn't necessarily in achieving one denomination, but rather one God, one Love, one vision?
      In business one vision has many means of delivery to reach the end goal. You and your wife's 'differences' are realigned by a higher level commitment, a commitment to love. Your commitments to love are how & why your marriage endures. Love provides the bridge to unity for you as a couple to remain one... Perhaps Christians remain one, regardless of the number of denominations or opinions, as long as we unify to and within His (agape) love. Humility allows
      us to forgive others and submit ourselves to the 'greatest of these' commands, love. Love never fails, either we believe that or we don't. I love you brother.

    3. Hello Anonymous, thank you for your insightful comments. Hopefully it can be useful for readers. Nevertheless, the longing is still there.
      Btw, you caught my answer perfectly. Love you too, brother.


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