25 August 2009

Equalize bachelor's degree with diploma's degree ??

At this time many Indonesian students continue the higher education in various universities in Australia to obtain academic degrees such as Bachelor, Master or Doctorate. My three cousin and several other relatives also continue the higher education in Australia after finished Senior High School in Indonesia.

But I was startled after knowing the news from Antara News that the policy of Directorate General of Higher Education (Department of National Education) is to equalize Bachelor degree from several universities in Australia only equal to the Diploma 3 degree (D-3) in Indonesia. This policy was determined on 01 July 2009 within the Peraturan Direktur Jendral Pendidikan Tinggi (regulation of Directorate General of Higher Education) Nomor:82/DIKTI/Kep/2009 concerning the certificate assessment guidelines of foreign college graduate. This regulation was followed up with the surat edaran Direktur Akademik (circularize letter from Academic Director) No: 1850.1/D2.5/2009. At point no.2 of the letter was mentioned the list of the certificate equivalency of foreign college graduate. Click here to download these list from the website of Directorat Jendral Pendidikan Tinggi (Directorate General of Higher Education). Most Bachelor degree which it considered equivalent to the Diploma 3 degree (D-3) in Indonesia are Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Bachelor of Arts.

"Equalize graduated scholar from Australian with graduated Diploma 3 (D-3) in Indonesia is clearly disadvantage and unfair", said Anggraito Danangjoyo, an Indonesian student who studying psychology in University of Queensland. And according to Antara News, this was an injustice form of Indonesian government against thousands of Indonesian students who studying in Australia. Interestingly, this news also republished (but in Indonesian language) in NEWS BULLETIN in the websites of Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Australia, with the title "PEMERINTAH RI TAK ADIL PADA SARJANA LULUSAN AUSTRALIA" (English: Indonesian government is unfair to the Australian graduate scholar / by mean: unfair to the Indonesian scholar who graduated in Australia). When I told this issue to some of my friends who got their Bachelor of Business in Australia, they were also startled and asked whether the quality of education in Australia worse than Indonesia?

== Postscript ==
I noted some interesting readers reactions regarding to this post, namely:

1) From Rummuser, retired Management Professional from India, said:
"I am not qualified enough to comment on this without having more information. Jim perhaps will. What I do know is that there are a number of fly by night institutions in Australia that rip off unsuspecting overseas students by promising a lot, but not delivering. This is a matter of great concern here in India too. Many of our students go to Australia and return with qualifications that do not compare in quality to their literal equivalents in India."

2) From Bayu Dardias, as written on his profile is an Indonesian student who has completed Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (Grad.Dip Pub.Admin) from Australian National University and is pursuing Master of Public Policy (M.P.P) in there, said:
"In PPIA mailing list, this topic has been intensively discussed lately."

3) From Jim Belshaw, a manager and strategic consultant from Australia, within his posting titled "Indonesian Government downgrades certain Australian degrees to diploma status", said:

"The issue appears to have been ignored by both the Australian media and local bloggers. I say this with a little caution since it is based on just my own reading/watching. I find this a little remarkable, given the importance of education as an export sector."

"I will watch the response to Tikno's post with interest. I may make the issue a central point in my next week's column in the Armidale Express."

4) From MiChi, a beautiful teacher from Malaysia, said:
"I agree with Rummuser... Even in Malaysia, this thing do happen. Therefore, I always encourage my students to go to Public Universities, which is a better guarantee... really have to be careful when choosing university."

For other related sources in English click here; in Indonesian language click here.

19 August 2009

Glimpse the spirit of 1945

On 17 August 2009, Indonesia celebrates its 64th Independence Day. I will not write more about the spirit of this proclamation, because I think, the videos below could represent it with well.

I am proud to be Indonesian, Happy Independence Day my country.

16 August 2009

Aware or just a dream

Dear readers, if you are a regular visitor of this blog, perhaps you still remember my post titled "If One Why Different" (posted on 1 September 2008). In that post, I wrote about how I heard badly debate of religions among my friends when we gathered together, that is, each person seeks to maintain his own opinion namely his religion is the most relevant in this century. Within that post you may also read my thoughts as the response to them, as well as readers comment, and I would like to rewrite my thoughts as below:

Human has exist before any religions emerge in this earth. The universe has exist far before human and religions. And... God (only one God) has exist far before the universe, human and religions.
Who the owner of my soul, your soul and the soul of all creatures in this world. Only one or many? If only one, then why we must be different.

Please readers do not feel confused with the question "why we must different" because I mean are "why must feel very special" or resistance against others because of religion, skin color or race. Based on the thoughts above, then with the curious feeling on 19 January 2009 I opened a discussion on Blogcatalog network (please visit this link) to get various wider reactions. My goals for this discussion is trying to raise the awareness of brotherhood among human and attempt to encourage each person for unite as a human race. I am glad that this discussion has got comments and reaction from people with various background of religion / belief. There are Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoism, and even Atheism. As I read from their comment, part of them were able to accept this idea and partly still resistance. Indeed an interesting discussion to know of what in each people mind towards this idea.

I must say nothing is wrong by being different like an analogy of a garden which is not beautiful if there is only one kind of flower. It become uncomfortable (problem) if we deliberately creates differences, or underestimate to others, because a negative behavior will produce another negative behavior as opposite to yours. The more you are consider the differences and feel resistance to others then the more you feel lonely and only live with your own community.

Finally I only know that Almighty God has been called with various names, that is "God" in English, "Tuhan" in Indonesian, "Shangdi" / 上帝 in Chinese, "Allah" in Arabic, "Dio" in Italian, "Dieu" in French, "Бог" in Russian, etc. I think, a lot of name to refer to Almighty God. How with you? How you think to promote fraternity, understanding, peace, and love. I am asking a honest answers from your heart, not from a diplomatic statement when in front of public.

12 August 2009

Noordin M Top is still mysterious

Previously, various media has published the death of Noordin M Top (the most wanted terrorist) in a raid conducted by anti-terror forces Densus 88 in a house in the Beji village, Kedu sub-district, Temanggung district. As promised by the Indonesian police to announce the identity (DNA test result) of the killed terrorist suspect body on Wednesday, 12 August 2009 (mean today), the result revealed that the suspect was not Noordin Mohammad Top (also known as Noordin M Top). It's mean that the existence of Noordin M Top is still mysterious.

Inspector General Nanan Soekarna (head of public relations division of National Police Headquarters) stated in Jakarta today that the body of the suspected terrorist who was killed in in Temanggung, was Ibrohim. Who is Ibrohim? Ibrohim (known as Boim at work) is an employee who worked as a gardener (florist) at Hotel Ritz Carlton and who were immediately disappear after the bombing happened. According to Nanan Soekarna, Ibrohim has played a dominant role in the bombing at JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton. His role is bringing the bomb into the two hotels.

Below is CCTV documentation from police which it showed the movement of Ibrohim in Ritz Carlton and JW Marriott. As we see in first scenes, Ibrohim taken a survey firstly. In the next scenes, Ibrohim carried the goods suspected as bomb using a car. According to the car driver, he refused to be assisted and want to carried the goods by himself.

Although Noordin M Top has not been caught, I am proud of the hard effort and good progress achieved by the anti-terror forces Densus 88. I support you with prayer.

05 August 2009

Good wish

Brother Dasanrangarajan has very kind sharing a good contemplation, through our discussion on Blogcatalog. I feel good after reading it many times. I think, it's good if I share it here. I do not intend to bring you referring to a particular religion / belief, but only want to share the good things. Hopefully you will also feel good with the contemplation below:

I asked Lord Krishna to do away with my vices.
Krishna said: They are not there for me to take them away. They are there for you to resist them.

I asked Lord Krishna to complete my body.
Krishna said: Your spirit is complete, your body is only temporary.

I asked Lord Krishna to give me patience.
Krishna said: Patience is a byproduct (side products) of difficulties. It is not given but learned.

I asked Lord Krishna to give me happiness.
Krishna said: I give blessings. Happiness depends upon you.

I asked Lord Krishna to free me of pain.
Krishna said: Suffering makes you go far away from this world and brings you nearer to me.

I asked Lord Krishna to make my spirit grow.
Krishna said: You have to grow by yourself! But I will prune you to make you bear fruit.

I asked Lord Krishna for the things that would make me like life.
Krishna said: I will give you life, so you can enjoy all those things.

I asked Lord Krishna to help me LOVE others, like He loves me.
Krishna said: Ohhh..., finally... you got the idea!

And brother Haver also shared the love message image below:

So, let's get together and feel alright.
Note: I will post our discussion in Blogcatalog on next post.