17 September 2008

Cause and effect - an musing

Why i write this post...?? Because i see a lot of enmity actions, ugly debate, until the human tragedy that is the attack on the twin tower of World Trade Center (often referred to as WTC 9/11). Also flood disaster in China, India, United States, Indonesia and other countries. There were many horrifying incidents throughout the history of human life until today. What the wrong? Okay... okaaay, you can says that is the foolish question, but...

Here, i write several happening which i worry about. According to you whether it is true the cause and effect below:
  1. Global warming -- Gas emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). I ever heard a joke: Too many human cause human body also produces warm. Feel in a room (3x4 M) with 1 person and 10 person ( only a joke).
  2. Flood & landslide -- Random dig of the forest.
  3. Conflict, war, terrorism -- egoism, claim on the truth. Pssst... I rarely heard the claim on the mistake (he..he..).
  4. Racialism -- Superior feelings and under estimate to others.
  5. hmm... please help me for the next & for sharing.
The Old Testament that i like very much:
A mother who afraid to swim will immediately jump into the pond in order to rescue her child who be under water
A dog that already pushed in a corner, if continuing to be pressed will turn to oppose you
Body could be controlled but NOT to the heart

End of words, anything that will be made, think first about its result, whether will disrupt an equilibrium or not. For example: equilibrium of politic (equality), equilibrium of spiritual, equilibrium of nature (etc. help me for the next, please). I know my post here was imperfect because i only the ordinary man. Feel free to review and correction. -- LOVE YOU --

Inspired source: Global Warming - International Archives of 9/11 - Union of Concerned Scientists - Federal Emergency Management Agency - Global Warming International Center - Carbon dioxide, global warming and you


  1. Hi Ely, thanks for the comment.. I'm afraid that equilibrium or balance of politics, economy, people and environment could not be met because the policy makers are bias...and our wish to live a happy and balance environemnt also oppose to the interest of the few people in power (governance)

  2. Dear Iis
    The "cause" is on the policy makers and personal interest of the few people. I know it's not simple to raise our hope. I think... global warming is our responsible to our next generation. Please hand-in-hand together. There are many simple things that we can do to get involved and helping their programs. Please search with the keyword "global warming"
    Thank you very much for commenting here.

  3. The reality of cause and effect is undeniable. In fact that is the only truth in the phenomenal world. Good begets good and bad begets bad. As Easterners, this is something that all of us learn from childhood.

    Take your last blog. You overestimate lady's capability, which is a cause and she bangs into you, which is an effect. You are a big shot in a car, which is a cause, and the bystanders take her side, which is an effect! It just goes on and on like that.

  4. best aeticle about enviromental policy and human needs

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  6. Dear Rummuser
    By reading your comment, I think you have capability of deep thinking. A good review from you, my friend. Thank you.

    Dear Gus
    Welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting. Hope we can share each other in the future.

    Dear Daniela
    Thank you for commenting here. I also happy to build a new friendship and sharing each other. I will waiting for the next visit from you.

  7. wow.. good the article, my opinion is about global warmingi think everybody must care about this to say in world that WE CARE

  8. Dear Papapam Traffic
    Thank you for caring against global warming. Hope you help me to spread this issue in your community.
    Wishing you the best!

  9. wah, makasih udah ke rumah bunda ya.. nih testamen yang bunda suka juga

    A mother who afraid to swim will immediately jump into the pond in order to rescue her child who be under water

    semua ibu pasti setuju ituu

  10. crude oil crisis in US and China has enforced them to generate a biochemical energy by maize. When the government announce the program, the food farmer in that two countries move from the rice to maize. And the food crisis has came since the food scarcity make the price rise.

    Is it CAUSE -- EFFECT?

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  12. Dear Bunda Rierie
    Wow... anda suka peptah itu juga. Terimakasih untuk bergabung di sini dan salam buat keluarga di kota Balikpapan.
    In English: Wow... you also like those testament. Thank you for join here and greetings for the family in the Balikpapan city.

    Dear Fajar Indra
    Thank you for the interesting question. Yes, crude oil crisis was "the cause" which make both countries to looking for another source of energy (the effect). The government announcement was "the cause" to races the farmers to move from rice to maize (the effect). Possibly they were interested by the maize price. And the race of the farmers to plant maize was "the cause" of the food/rice crisis (the effect).
    Finally, the race of farmers for plant maize has disrupted the EQUILIBRIUM of food (between maize and rice). The point was on the characteristics of human.

    NOTE: Maybe the case of the "Badan Penyangga dan Pemasaran Cengkeh" (BPPC) in Indonesia could be the lesson.
    Pssst....! when the rice crisis happened and its price has bounced then it was the luck day for the rice farmer.

    Dear Anneberly
    Thank you for the visit. Wish you enjoy to read here.

  13. Hi Ely thank you for your vist... You take care and thank you for the warm welcome to Thea... You have a great day/night and weekend... God Bless you....

  14. sometimes,what the world needs is some little people like you and me to make it a better place

  15. Dear Jk
    Welcome to my blog. Have a great day with your family.

    Dear Eugene
    BUT... it's not enough if only you and me or some people. We need many people hand-in-hand together to make a better place. Greetings for your family.

  16. Dear Love Ely,

    Once again your blog has inspired me. It is reassuring to know that people around the world are concerned about our planet.

    Here in America, we need more emphasis on "cause and effect".

    Until people EVERYWHERE learn that greed and hurting others will eventually "bite back", we will continue to have people who cheat and steal and waste resources.

    The USA is facing financial problems for the entire nation, because of the greed of a few.

    Hopefully, in the future, we can work together for a better world.

    This is one reason I love blogging - I would possibly have never met you, or several other of my readers from around the world - if it were not for the internet and blogging.

    Keep inspiring us to think and become better people.

    Your friend,

  17. Dear Brennan Kingsland,
    Thank you very much. I beg you please... to spread these thought.

  18. i agree with rummuser, he's absolutely right with his example.. This is a very good post Tikno!

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  20. @ Dear Ckulit
    Thank you.

    @ Dear Kunthanrajan
    Thank you & i like too

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  22. I appreciate your request and have done for you, my friend

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  24. Hi Ely, every casue has an effect and every effect has a cause. Your article encourages people to realize every situation has lessons for each of us. HUman beings can always evolve to love and be grateful for what they learn in every situation.

  25. Dear Liara Covert,
    Thank you. You have a nice blog too. I read some of your articles which it inspired me.

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