05 October 2009

Vote now for the idea that help the most

Last year, Google has started a project called Project 10^100 (pronounced "Project 10 to the 100th"), invited the world to submit ideas to help as many people as possible. During submitting period, they have received more than 150,000 ideas from 170 countries, and now has been narrowed down to (combined into) 16 brilliant ideas that are considered best for you to vote. I have voted for the idea to "Make educational content available online for free", and I quote its description at below:

"Make educational and course materials more accessible online to students worldwide. Lots of educational content is not indexed or accessible on the public web. Various users have proposed finding ways to help content owners put formerly exclusive content online, including offline materials (lectures, textbooks, videotaped workshops) and limited-access materials (scholarly papers, research dissertations); help teachers themselves become more available online (access to online profs, 24/7 homework help, cross-country study groups); and to make all this material and academic help accessible through both computer and mobile platforms."

Your vote will help the advisory board to identify the best ideas for further consideration and choose up to 5 projects to fund. They have committed $10 million to make up to 5 of them become reality by identify (choose) the relevant organization that are in the best position to implement them. If you think that your organization would be a good candidate then you should let them know by filling this form.

Despite the submission deadline has passed but voting to the ideas that you like is still open until 8 October 2009. Now, it's your turn to vote! Hopefully this brilliant ideas will be come true and make a different to our living. That is why I felt "more Google than Gates". Btw, is there any idea to overcome climate change?


  1. thanks, i'll go and read there...

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  2. Great suggestion. Have done.

  3. A very good idea! Thank you for the information.

  4. Thanks for the link. You persuaded me to vote, thouhg I voted different from you: "Work toward socially conscious tax policies".

  5. A very great and innovative idea.

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    Thanks for the share.

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  10. Thanks for sharing the information, will check it out!

    Thank you so much for casting your vote which led to Rylie's Victorious Smile.

  11. First of all I want to apologize to you all my valuable readers for a very late response. I am very busy lately.

    Rummuser - Thank you. Hopefully this project can make a difference. :)

    Colson - All these ideas are brilliant, including the one you choose. :)

    JK - Thank you so much. I've kept it in my heart.

    Amrita - I am very busy lately. My baby's is good and healthy. Thank you so much for your attention.

    Mr Einstein - Thank you!

    Wacky5 - I've visited your blog and find something good in there.

    Joops - you're welcome.

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  14. H. Nizam - I am very busy lately because the company where I work opened a new club, so I had to focus my mind, time and energy for this new business to run well.

    I miss you all and will come back to blogging world.

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