07 September 2008

Thank You So Much

Since began blogging on July 15, 2008, i felt how beautiful it is to share the opinion with each other around the world. I could express my thoughts and also could read various information from the other person. Really beautiful. I posted this for all that gave the warm touch in my life.

I want to say thank you so much to:
1) Someone who buzzes one of my post on BuzzCritic site. BuzzCritic is a buzz aggregation service who's goal is to track what's buzzing around the interweb.
2) Tamora Hatton Tracy, to help voicing one of my post (an issue about the insurance against the orphanage children). Her site is concern to the issues about health care.
3) Faye Wattleton, the President of the Center for the Advancement of Women, for the warm touch by sending an email to me.
4) Gerri, for accepting & listing my blog on "The Best On Blogspot" with the poll for September 2008. If you love me please vote my blog there (at the category for best personal/Diary blog).
5) Jk/Nancy, by giving me the flower of Someone Special Online
6) Rose, by giving me the Awesome Site Award.
7) Pau-Pau, by giving me the Kind Blogger Award 2008.
8) Malou, by giving me the White Rose.
9) Edy Maryanto, by giving "Este Blog investe..." award.

And to all of my valuable reader that has given their comment on my post, also to all visitor. Without all of you, this blog is useless and no meaning and all the awards above also for you. I LOVE YOU ALL


  1. thanks for posting it, you deserve to be awarded! Your blog is one of a kind!

  2. Thank you for thinking of our site... Sorry I have not been blogging much as of late... I have my reasons but i still check up on some friends... I will get back when I feel up to it again... This is a very hard time of year 4 me... I dont expect most of our readers to understand but I do have my reasons... Thank you so much you are a wonderful and gifted person with lots to offer... God Bless you,your family, and all you come in contact with...

  3. Thank you my friend Ckulit & Jk

  4. Congrats to you too Ely....keep writing.

  5. thanks for adding me ely..added you too :-)

  6. Thank you Bingkee and Malou, my friend.

  7. I thank you too for giving me an opportunity to visit you and comment on your blogs. I am also grateful for your encouraging me in my blog.

  8. @ Rummuser
    You welcome. Thank you for sharing your thought which it inspired me.

  9. Congratulations Ely. You deserve this. Just like you I'm new to blogging too. You registered on July 15, 2008 as you said and I first blogged on July 19, 2008.
    Isn't that great?


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