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Were They Covered by Insurance?

Orphanage children
In the 9th anniversary of the company where I worked had create various events. One of the agendas that attracted my attention was the social activity to the "Panti Harapan Anak" (in English: Orphanage of children hope). Various social problems that caused them living there. Unethical if i say their cause, but i think was similar with in your place. The interesting question is whether they were protected by the insurance, especially the insurance for their life and education.

Did you know, what was my wife said when I show the photo above? She said: "About three years we wish to have a child from our marriage, but was granted by The God after the 3rd year. I'm wonder the cheating mate can quickly get a baby, then throw their baby away to orphanage home."

Did you know, when I bought an insurance for my daughter (child education insurance), at that time by joking I asked the insurance agency : "Were you interested insuring orphanage children?. The answer that I received was: "Are you kidding?" (ha..ha..ha.. I laughed to them).

For my readers, please shared the policy from your government or states against the orphan or neglected children. Were they covered by insurance? Place your comment here, not just for me, but give your voice to the world.


  1. Our government tries to make sure all children here have health insurance... The government pays for children... We pay through our taxes to help the poor... But there will always be some who slip through the cracks... As far as school it is mandator every child here goes to school from k through 12... Also the children who cant buy lunches get free lunches... We try to take care of our children as a community... We have several programs set in place and organizations to help... food Banks, Salvation Army, Good Will to assist with food and cloths... People such as myself donate to charities which help them as well... Children that want to go to college and are to poor can get Gov. grants to go...

  2. Hi I tried researching for policy against orphanage in our country but I could't find any. Orphange is very much allowed in our country so I don't think there is a policy against it. I'll try to post one orphanage article though..

  3. No, in our country, India, we do not have insurance cover for children from orphanages. There are insurance covers for children, just like you have taken for your child, but you are right, globally, something needs to be done to protect children in orphanages and I shall take this up in our social group for some sort of local action to start with.

    You have a nice blog. My congratulations to you.

  4. Hi Ely, sorry that I could share about the Orphanage policy in my country because i Have no idea at all.

  5. To : Jk
    Your news made me amazed. Good luck for your children.

  6. To: Chubskulit.
    I have seen your post about orphan children, with title "Oasis Christian Children's Home". I appreciate your sense to bogging with a little care for humanity. Hope your spirit will spread in your country Philippine.

  7. To: Rummuser
    I pray for your good-will will be success on your social group in India.

  8. To: Iis
    Thanks for your comment

  9. As JK said, we have education for all and helth coverage for poor children. It differes a little bit from state to stated. Tehre are not many orphanages. Children in need of care are taken as foster chldren and the foster parents receive funds to help take care of them. Some foster parents are great and some are not. It is not ideal, and sometimes not good at all, but it is what we have come up with.

    I can see that you are a serious blogger who is concerned about issues in your country and the world. Keep up the good work.

  10. One great thing about the USA is that they put great emphasis on children. However, the insurance is not that great yet, but as long as the adoptive parents put their dependents, meaning , their children under their insurance, the insurance company covers them ---even adoptive children.
    However, if the orphans are in an orphanage, the orphanage has privileges to secure low-cost medication, subsidized hospitalization or medical expenses are covered by the government. Of course, the orphanage can't run their business or charity without ensuring the medical or health needs of the orphans. Afterall, these children are under their care.

  11. Tikno, you are awesome! Your blog bring today’s social issues to the blogging public. It is good to learn what is going on in other countries and your blog promotes that.

    In the US, as has already been mentioned, government and community programs take care of our orphans.

    It is the elderly and disabled, suffering with a chronic or critical illness that stands a chance of being dropped by their insurance company. If they have pre existing illnesses, it negates them being insured.

    As with your orphans, I hope that that will be corrected in the near future.

  12. To: Katney
    That is another good news to share with us from United States. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. To: Bingkee
    Good news about the orphanage's privileges in United States. Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. To: Mckay K.
    Thank you for your praise. But i have a question: Did me alone?

  15. I agree with the comment from JK. We provide a lot of services BUT they are not all so easy to come by and there is a pretty much dehumanizing system to go through in order to get them. I just wrote a post about this because I went to get medical coverage for my family.
    Read about it here:

  16. I would like to say there is not governmaen or society thats perfect... We live in a troubled world... Some governments do the best they can do... Other governments take advantage of there people... We are all humans and it does not matter where we come from or where we end up at we are all human... There is no reason for the way so of our species act it is simply unbelieveable... We need more people that look at us as people and simply just want to do the right things... I wake up every day and just try to do the best I can for that day... I never try to hurt others and if they are in need of help I try to help if I can... We are all the same it does not matter who or where we all bleed where we are cut, we all hurt when struck with pain, so why do people have to attack one another... there is no reason I can think that even comes close to justifying it... We should help each other and our children at all cost... Our children means every child in this world because they deserve a decient life.....

  17. Thanks for the nice comment, JK.


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