05 August 2008

Fuel Price Rising = Spring Rolls Cake

On May 24, 2008, the Indonesian government announces the rise of fuel selling price. This caused the demonstration and protest in most places. The price of goods and cost of living increased.

This made my wife, Feli, increasingly determined to sell spring rolls cakes (hmm.. this was his expertise). The main reason was that he wanted to increase family income, for the future. Beforehand, i ever denied her wishes by saying: "Our baby still need your perfect care". But this time, i supported him only with one thought, that is we have to prepare the best future for Ely, our next generation. The reality that could not be ignored that; the best food nutrient and best education are expensive.

Then, what do we want from Ely, our next generation? We only hope she will always remember her parents, for the rest of his life. Only that!!

How about you? Please share your view to me and others.


  1. hello, i got here from the link that u left on my shoutbox on my blog. thank you for visiting.

    seems like ur beautiul baby has the exact same name as me. wow...

    what do i want from my kids (16 yr old, 14 yr old and 19 mth old)? for them to stay loyal to me for the rest of their lives.

    we all have the same goal.

  2. Hey Tikno! Salam. Selamat for visiting my site. Your baby is adorable. I know exactly how you feel about the hardships in life. I still have siblings living in the Philippines and the economy is just as bad! We do wish there was a way we can change this but we can in our own little ways. When we become parents, its our kids that matters most. btw,I also have a good friend who now lives back in Indonesia. Hope to see you back in my site. feel free to visit often. Thanks...


  3. Hello, Wonderful blog and refreshing as well. It's so interesting to read the different stories and experiences that people have. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. Fuel is sometimes powerful that it changes the way we live, especially when the price gets higher. It is not a bad idea to sell springrolls as I'm sure it would help the flow of income. So go for it.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate it a lot.

  5. Hi Tikno,

    After reading all the blogs I discovered your blog touched me the most. Allow me to give some comments here.

    When the petrol increased by the Malaysian government recently we also suffered enormously just like what happened to Indonesia. We need to be careful in spending because overspending can cause us to be broke. So most of the times I seldom eat outside and always cook at home because it is cheaper.

    Having a child is not easy now as everything is expensive. For myself I prefer to be single at the moment and maybe will be single forever. The reason? Marriage is supposed to be a blissful event but I see many couple after get married having big quarrels at home.
    Some end up in divorce, some have affair outside. About 70% divorce cases in Malaysia is related to financial problem.

    From your photo you are Indonesian Chinese right? Me too is a Chinese but Malaysian Chinese. There is this old Chinese mentality thinking: boy is always preferred more than girl. Since you have girl now do you want to try to get a boy next time? Over here many young couple does not care if it is boy or girl, both sexes are the same. And the maximum child they want to have is 1 or 2 child. Unlike before they will keep trying for a girl; at the end some end up with 5 to 8 girls in the family without any boy. The more child they have the more they need to suffer, that’s for sure.

    I ever asked my 60 year old mum about the younger generation, which one is bad now, boy or girl? She said both are same ‘bad’ (jahat) because they receive same benefits: equal education and employment. Although the guy earn more money than the ladies both are considered equal nowadays. Ok what does ‘bad’ means? It means they do not respect and listen to the elders now. Most think they are smart and better than their parents. Some daughter-in-law also quarrel with their parents-in-law. More and more children are sending their parents to the old age home and will stay there until they died.

    What does the young people care the most now? Money, fashion, entertainment, technology such as handphone and internet. And of course most get involved in drugs, smoking, alcohol, casual sex, etc. When I said this I think we all need to face the reality of our future lives. I am not saying this will happen to your future generation but this is my personal opinion and knowledge what is happening in the Malaysian society currently. The more advanced the economy people are getting more individualistic of themselves; this is also the fact happening all over the world.

    For the wife to earn extra income is a noble action to do. For whom? For the future generation and to provide the best education for him and her. I will also do the same thing as what your wife will do now. She can use her personal skills to make money. If got customers buy the spring roll she can continue on and sell. If got few buyers better stop and maybe concentrate the baby. This is based on supply and demand factor. Business must always make sense and must aim for profit. With profit only then one can make money. No point to make money if very few people want to buy your products.

    Sometimes I tell myself there is no one to be trusted except myself. But since your blog have touched me I thought to share my comments and opinions here. Life is a personal struggle for everyone; everybody have their own purpose in their lives. I agree that what matters is still your family. And as for your young child it is still too early to tell whether she can be a good child in the future. No parents want to be abandoned at their old age; but the fact that it is already happening now; in our Asian culture.

  6. To : Ely, Zen Ventures, Njppa, Marlene, Filmasia.
    Thank you for your comments here. I thought, rising the fuel's price was the hard decision for the government. Definitely they had consideration for the country's future. For what i do the anarchist/demonstration, if here's still many roads. Depending we as parents, how to look for the way out for our descendant future. If you had any suggestion please shared with other here. It is hoped the reader who experienced the same thing could get significant input from all of you.

  7. Me and hubby agreed that I wont work until our two children starts going to school but I convinced him that I should work even as part time that way even just a little could add to our kids savings.. He really don't like the idea before but now he sees what I am trying to explain to him.. Preparing your children's future is very important so they will have a good life someday..

  8. I have been a father for over 19years and it is a long hard struggle to give your children what they diserve in life let alone what we want to... I know as a parent I wanted to give my children so much... I am still raising my 15 year old son by myself... I look at prices and they have gone out of control... Al least our feul came down a bit over the past week I was shocked... It is so expensive everywhere... Take care ttyl

  9. To: Chubskulit
    Wow... we have the same goal to prepare our children's future. Thanks your sharing to all of us.

  10. To: Jk
    Thanks your sharing with us.

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