11 January 2010

The inner voices when I am get old

A few days ago, I have visited my Grandfather (father of my Mother) and my Grandmother (grandmother of my wife). I could feel how happy they are with my presence, as well as myself. I can see despite their spirit remains alive but I can not deny that their physical abilities has decreased naturally. So I start to think how if I'm getting old like them. While thinking of it, suddenly my mind remembered a touching story that was discovered by my family, Yenny Ang. Whatever I had felt and imagined, I pour it into this post. Hopefully your love to the elderly and your parents will be more.

=== When I'm get old ===

When I spilled vegetable's gravy on my clothes,
when I no longer remember how to tie a tie,
when I no longer remember how to tie shoelaces,
remember the time how I teach and guide you to do that.

While I am senile and constantly repeating the word that bores you,
please be patient to listen to me, do not interrupt me.
At the days of your childhood, with affection I kept repeating a fairy tale for you, which I have told thousands of times until you lulled in a dream.

When I need you to bathe me,
please not to blame me.
Remember the days of your childhood,
I'm in many ways try to persuade you to take a shower.

While I'm puzzled to face the new things in modern technology,
do not laugh at me.
Please reflect on how I was patiently answering every "why",
that you asked in your childhood.

When my leg has been too weak to walk,
please stretch out your young and strong hand to support me,
like in your childhood, when I guide you stepping your leg to learn to walk.

While I'm forget the topic of our conversation,
please give me a little time to remember.
Truthfully that topic is not so important to me,
as long as you were by my side,
the most important things is YOU! Yes, you are.

When I'm old, I'm no longer like myself before !
Don't be sad, please support me with your love,
like me to you when you begin to learn about life.

== Post Update ==

1) Thanks to Rummuser for sharing a very touching video-clip on YouTube within the comment of this post. So I encourage readers to watch because it was very related to this post.

2) Thanks to D'Ellis to expand the reflections of this post with "Ascent: The Children". As in "Polarities: Two Views From Around The World", D'Ellis said : "Please enjoy this example of just how close we really are. And just how IMPORTANT each of us is to one another"

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01 January 2010

Gus Dur, I love you

Former President Abdurrahman Wahid (known as Gus Dur) has died on December 30, 2009 at 18:45 in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) Jakarta, because of illness. This is the most shocking news in Indonesia. Why? Because, Gus Dur is a teacher of the nation, guardian of democracy and justice, always emphasize the importance of togetherness between the majority and minority, inter-ethnics and inter-religious, so that Indonesia become a great nation. If you have more time, please also read this.

I am a Chinese who lived and has became an Indonesian citizen since my Grandfather, and what I said about him is NOT because he has gone, but truthfully from the deepest of my heart. Mr. Gus Dur, the leader of my heart, I pray your soul rest in peace. My tear is for you and I love you full.

Remember...! Charisma of a leader is a gift from God. Unlike the leaders who want to look "authoritative" because that is something that can be conditioned, so impressed (look like) authoritative person.